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Posted: 17 Feb 2008
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My only day off!

Category: Growing Yard | Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 11:39 am

I can't tell you how much I needed Saturday off. I have been working two stores instead of my normal one. I have been pushed to the limit several times this past week. That is okay. Yesterday I got to spend the day on my knees working the soil, smelling the Mother Earth and praying like I love doing. I had a variety of Daylilies to plant, I pruned several of the transplants, cleared a piece of ground to build the greenhouse which we have 3/4 of! We got it from the house that was torn down and it cost me a whooping hundred and fifty dollars. It is in need of one wall where it was attached to the house...Mr Man has to step up to the plate on this one. I had the chain saw out and was cutting trees down and feeling very thrilled that if Mr Man got it in gear that I might be able to put a cot in my greenhouse and then I would be in heaven! Don't laugh I am thinking about it! I cleared all the brush and dead trees, leaves, trash, debris....found an old water hose...a very rusty lawnmower deck, a toilet paper holder (which made me think about putting one in!) I found an old platter, which I am excited about cleaning up(not so excited that I brought it in!). It will be 10 by 16 and I know I want it bigger but I will go with that. I want everything big... Next to my greenhouse site are my newly transplanted red raspberry bushes that a friend gave me and I am thrilled. My fruit collection is taking shape and I want so bad to harvest and eat those beauties! The only thing I forgot to do was plant my Siberian Iris', they were in a bag next to the trees and I could not remember what they were....I must have been high from the smell of all the soil I was turning over! I wouldn't have it any other way! My first daffodil bloomed yesterday and I have tons more getting ready to burst open...The excitement is overwhelming! I just want to sit outside with my camera and take pictures. OH! I used the holes Mr. Man dug in the yard with his truck to put all the brush in! We are going to have a bonfire for the neighborhood children and they are going to help put the rest of the brush on the fire! Teehee! Utilize those little heatherns!!!
I have to work a double today, sO I will be inside all! But I will probably need it! My back is aching and I am still happy! Must get up from here and get ready! next day off is not in sight, but that is par of it! Spring is just around the corner!

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trudy wrote on Sun Feb 17, 2008 1:56 pm:

Dang you made me tired reading all that you got done. You need a break. But it does make you feel good when its all done.


cajunbelle wrote on Sun Feb 17, 2008 2:48 pm:

I am glad you had a day off to play in the dirt. I spent my day yesterday doing the same thing and praying while I was doing it. I planted a 8 ft x 25 ft new bed with bulbs and perennials. When they come up I will fill in with some low growing plants. I also hauled 12 wheelbarrows of dirt to build the bed up.


Droopy wrote on Sun Feb 17, 2008 3:44 pm:

Sounds like you had a happy day to regain your strength. You're so lucky to have daffodils in bloom already, and the green house sounds just the right size for starters. Maybe you'll find another 3/4 to add to it somewhere?


glendann wrote on Sun Feb 17, 2008 9:37 pm:

Gosh,You got me tired just reading all you did.I know you will enjoy your green house to the fullest .I have been in my greenhouse working some getting ready to start my seeds.I watched a crew in Kevins (my son)back yard.They had a back hoe working out there he didn't get stuck from all that rain .It is very wet and he did good not getting sunk up to the cab.He pushed down one old tree that the wisteria had choked to death and pushed out and old room and chicken house that had been on my moms old house and had fell in.He will be back and push out the rest of the dead trees as soon as it drys out some they are having the yard smoothed out so she can have a wonderful garden for flowers and veggies.He went across part of my yard and messed it up so now I will get my shovel and try to get it back in shape so I will be able to mow it.

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