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Mr. Man in trouble

Category: Growing Yard | Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:17 am

I did this earlier...and when I hit went away! to the never to be a blog-land! I was perturbed to say the can never quite catch the essesnce of what was...I get on a role and then I feel better...and it kinda looses some of the spark! Anyway I have thought and request for any knowledge tonight...

We had bunches more rain today, I am loving it and thanking God for the blessing. My boxwoods will surely survive...and when Rayner, my old neighbor is ready for her boxwoods they will be healthy and she can have at them!

I dug up 5 Forsthyia bushes today from next door, the next house to go down due to expanding highways... and I will plant them tomorrow. I looked at many seeds today, but nothing caught my eye...I must be cured...(yeah, right!) I knew I had plenty in the discovered green tote. Most were labeled, however there are the 7 or 8 that are not...guess they will go in the believe it or not bed...

Now for the trouble Mr. Man is in. I had this leak in the kitchen several months ago...he said it was from the blowing wind this time...and there is a drip I hear when I come in from the dentist(ew!). so I head for the drip...and sure enough there is quite the puddle in my kitchen floor...I moved everything...and lined up my houseplants to be sloowly watered! they love it! And I have decided that if the roof caves in I will have a natural sunroof and I can keep all the houseplants there! So he better not push his luck...being a contractor and all!!!!!!!!

I had a discovery of fertilizer spikes today for fruit trees. I have never seen them,(maybe because I have never had an interest before!). I have 7 fruit trees and really want them to produce...(2 sour cherry, 1 bing Cherry, two peach and two Apricot) I know nothing about fertilizer or pruning...I am not finding much that makes sense to me...and I would love to eat fruit this year and make preserves next year...I am quite certain that there will not be enough fruit to make anything the first year. But if I can just eat some and learn to produce pretty fruit, then I will be happy. So anyone having some direction for me...I am ready! More later folks...Mr. Man knows he is in trouble so he has invited me to the hot tub...see you guys!

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eileen wrote on Tue Feb 05, 2008 1:24 am:

Well at least your plants are beifiting from the leak for the moment Silman but I really o hope that you'll get it fixed before that sunroof opens up. We're constantly having to work on our 17th century cottage roof until we can get enough money together to have the whole thing replaced.

So glad you managed to get the forythias as they are very attractive plants when they blossom.


Droopy wrote on Tue Feb 05, 2008 8:10 am:

I do like the way you handle problems! I would never think of leakage watering. We've got fruit trees, but never make anything useful except for the odd apple pie. We just eat it all.

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