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Posted: 17 Feb 2008
After the Storm
Posted: 07 Feb 2008
Mr. Man in trouble
Posted: 05 Feb 2008
Still digging!
Posted: 03 Feb 2008
Half way there!
Posted: 01 Feb 2008

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My only day off!

Category: Growing Yard | Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 11:39 am

I can't tell you how much I needed Saturday off. I have been working two stores instead of my normal one. I have been pushed to the limit several times this past week. That is okay. Yesterday I got to spend the day on my knees working the soil, smelling the Mother Earth and praying like I love doing. I had a variety of Daylilies to plant, I pruned several of the transplants, cleared a piece of ground to build the greenhouse which we have 3/4 of! We got it from the house that was torn down and it cost me a whooping hundred and fifty dollars. It is in need of one wall where it was attached to the house...Mr Man has to step up to the plate on this one. I had the chain saw out and was cutting trees down and feeling very thrilled that if Mr Man got it in gear that I might be able to put a cot in my greenhouse and then I would be in heaven! Don't laugh I am thinking about it! I cleared all the brush and dead trees, leaves, trash, debris....found an old water hose...a very rusty lawnmower deck, a toilet paper holder (which made me think about putting one in!) I found an old platter, which I am excited about cleaning up(not so excited that I brought it in!). It will be 10 by 16 and I know I want it bigger but I will go with that. I want everything big... Next to my greenhouse site are my newly transplanted red raspberry bushes that a friend gave me and I am thrilled. My fruit collection is taking shape and I want so bad to harvest and eat those beauties! The only thing I forgot to do was plant my Siberian Iris', they were in a bag next to the trees and I could not remember what they were....I must have been high from the smell of all the soil I was turning over! I wouldn't have it any other way! My first daffodil bloomed yesterday and I have tons more getting ready to burst open...The excitement is overwhelming! I just want to sit outside with my camera and take pictures. OH! I used the holes Mr. Man dug in the yard with his truck to put all the brush in! We are going to have a bonfire for the neighborhood children and they are going to help put the rest of the brush on the fire! Teehee! Utilize those little heatherns!!!
I have to work a double today, sO I will be inside all! But I will probably need it! My back is aching and I am still happy! Must get up from here and get ready! next day off is not in sight, but that is par of it! Spring is just around the corner!

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After the Storm

Category: Growing Yard | Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 1:05 pm

I spent a good deal of time in the gardens Tuesday before I had to go to work and let me tell you, I was wanting to call in sick...sick of working that is! I got the rest of my bushes in the ground and dug up and replanted 5 forsythia bushes...and I am wondering if I have planted them too close to the they are taking a tad off the right of way to widen. I am stressing now...

I found a package of 12 Deft Iris and am tickled that I found them( not gonna tell you where) so I will get them in today...we had quite a bit of rain yesterday with tornados all around. I was a nervous wreck with the teenager driving. So I am off today and am excited to get my hands dirty...but first I have to do taxes (I am sick...I love doing taxes!) and I have to gather some information and learn how to use a flash drive...don't printer is not working and I do not know how to do a check on much for an old woman to goes my day!
I love all you guys and you have added such a positive twist to my world! Thank you!

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Mr. Man in trouble

Category: Growing Yard | Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:17 am

I did this earlier...and when I hit went away! to the never to be a blog-land! I was perturbed to say the can never quite catch the essesnce of what was...I get on a role and then I feel better...and it kinda looses some of the spark! Anyway I have thought and request for any knowledge tonight...

We had bunches more rain today, I am loving it and thanking God for the blessing. My boxwoods will surely survive...and when Rayner, my old neighbor is ready for her boxwoods they will be healthy and she can have at them!

I dug up 5 Forsthyia bushes today from next door, the next house to go down due to expanding highways... and I will plant them tomorrow. I looked at many seeds today, but nothing caught my eye...I must be cured...(yeah, right!) I knew I had plenty in the discovered green tote. Most were labeled, however there are the 7 or 8 that are not...guess they will go in the believe it or not bed...

Now for the trouble Mr. Man is in. I had this leak in the kitchen several months ago...he said it was from the blowing wind this time...and there is a drip I hear when I come in from the dentist(ew!). so I head for the drip...and sure enough there is quite the puddle in my kitchen floor...I moved everything...and lined up my houseplants to be sloowly watered! they love it! And I have decided that if the roof caves in I will have a natural sunroof and I can keep all the houseplants there! So he better not push his luck...being a contractor and all!!!!!!!!

I had a discovery of fertilizer spikes today for fruit trees. I have never seen them,(maybe because I have never had an interest before!). I have 7 fruit trees and really want them to produce...(2 sour cherry, 1 bing Cherry, two peach and two Apricot) I know nothing about fertilizer or pruning...I am not finding much that makes sense to me...and I would love to eat fruit this year and make preserves next year...I am quite certain that there will not be enough fruit to make anything the first year. But if I can just eat some and learn to produce pretty fruit, then I will be happy. So anyone having some direction for me...I am ready! More later folks...Mr. Man knows he is in trouble so he has invited me to the hot tub...see you guys!

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Still digging!

Category: Growing Yard | Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2008 2:33 am

Well it was a long day at work and I needed to unwind...My son is recovering well from his pneumonia and I found him at the local Super Wal-mart with his Spanish class...With just a t-shirt in 20 degree weather...he is like me and loves the cold...but he is recovering! His Spanish teacher told me he was retarded...I told her No...that would be an explanation...he is stupid...that is fact! So imagine his face when I got home from work and told him he had three holes to dig!(teehee! revenge is always sweet if you plan it out!) So my boxwoods are in the ground and I am not crazy about them. The only reason I dug them up and replanted them is the lady that used to live in the house was so very kind to us and gave us many fixtures out of her house before they tore it down. That pay it forward, full circle thing! I believe that it comes back to us...we all need to keep it going. I try hard to do it everywhere, however, there are those that take advantage... anyway, her husband bought the plants at Lowe's on clearance for 25 cents and planted them and now they are tremendous...She wanted them and never had time to get them so I dug them up for her and they are here for her when she (or her husband) is ready to tackle the project. Love, full circle!! I believe it is the way to live.

I now only have three azeleas left to put in the ground. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl and they expect me to work late....Id rather dig a hole!

Teehee, I almost forgot, Mr Man got his truck stuck last night...rained over two inches and he thought he would drive a truck and 2 ton trailer thru my yard...(and NOT get stuck) I am still laughing...yes he threw his keys and had a tantrum...I am still laughing... Gotta love'em...can't shoot 'em...don't look good in stripes or orange! God Bless!(OH! I just thought of something...maybe I could plant something where he dug that hole with his tires... Hmmmm! Will ponder that!)

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Half way there!

Category: Growing Yard | Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 12:39 am

Today I got 5 of the eight boxwoods in the ground...Sweating and menopause...ew!!! I should be able to finish the holes tomorrow. My youngest (Chad,17) has I am not able to devote my all to planting... I have access to hords of moneygrass...but have no clue what to do with it...monkeying around with the idea, but have come up with nothing...I feel like I did great with the bushes...I took the guys coffee today and sweetened them up for being so nice...they sold me the 13X9 glass room on the back of the house and gave me all the landscaping timbers...I am planning to do a greenhouse with the glass room...trying to figure how to get a different roof on it...golly, sure have my work cut out for me! Wish I could do it full time...just doesn't pay enough! Any suggestions are welcome!

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Boxwoods, and other bushes

Category: Growing Yard | Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2008 10:39 am

Today has finally come! They are tearing down the house across the street and I got the boxwoods, azaleas and hydrangea bush...I am too old to be digging holes that big!!! 8 boxwoods and 6 azaleas, 1 hydrangea...only three holes dug today. I only hope I get them in before they tear the next house down! Calgon....take me away! They have the forsythia bushes at that house...holes won't have to be as big...yay! Dig baby dig!

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