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The Overdose

Category: The Kids | Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 4:24 pm

Flashback - We were now half way through his 13th year. Made it this far, yet wondering how we have done it.

He is spending the night at a long time friends house. I figured it was no big deal as I have known this family for years and they live right around the corner. Am I kidding myself here?!

11:30 p.m. I get a knock on the door. The mom is bringing my son home. He walks in the door and I can immediately tell he is on something. OK, the questions begin.

Other Mom: I was sound asleep and I felt someone in my bedroom. He was just standing there staring. I called his name, but he did not answer. I turned the light on and he did not bat an eyelash. He just stood there staring.

Her son also came to bring him home, so I ask him: What did he take?

After prodding and getting "I don't know", it finally came out. They had gone to the local drugstore and stole over the counter Dramamine. So I search his pockets, while he stands there staring and trying to talk, but cannot.

Found the pills and after more prodding of the friend, figured my son probably took about nine 50 mg tablets. OK, so off to the hospital.

He overdosed by accident. Whether he figured he could handle that many, or just did not realize how many he took, it made for a very long night. I can tell you that having your child throw up thick black charcoal quicker than he can drink it is not fun.

And the hallucinations were amazing. The things he thought he was seeing and hearing, in a way made me chuckle. Unfortunately, because of the hallucinations, he does not remember the seriousness of the situation.

About the only thing he remembers is thinking the sink on the wall in the ER was a toilet and urinating in it. Well, not really in it; More like all over the wall and the floor around it.

Hospital releases him and I bring him home, put him to bed and follow their orders for observation for the next few hours. I have another sleepless night and take the time to begin putting together a plan of action for phone calls for help.

He lived though the overdose, but another part of me died inside that night.

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glendann wrote on Wed Jun 07, 2006 4:06 am:

I was not on Garden Stew when Mom's corner was blogged.You know my son was a druggy and My hubby and I knew so little about it we has no clue he was on Crack . He went cold turkey his self .He was off before we relize he was on it .I know it sounds stupid but its true .Then we started missing all the things he took from us and hocked for the drug. He was our rebel.I
had a time with him when his dad passed away with cancer he went to booze and thats another story .
My daughter had her on problems and never let me know her daddy was her world .She loved me, but not the same way as her dad.She went into a deep depression
and still has to take meds for it now.
I'm glad you at least found out what was going on .
God Bless You

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