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Charity and the Garbage Truck

Category: Pets | Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2006 1:12 am

While we were saving for a place of our own we lived in a ratty trailer park by a stinky swamp. The trailer park had a garbage hopper that was emptied weekly by a very large truck with the arms over the front to pick up the hopper. Well, Charity hated this truck, she really wanted to do it bodily harm. Now remember she only weighs 11 pounds. I guess she was about 2 years old when she finally got her chance to get the big bad truck. I thought it had already passed through the trailer park and wanted to walk down to Mom's trailer. I opened the door to peek out and that was when Charity heard it gearing down to turn in the last drive to the trailer park. Zoom, right between my legs at the speed of lighting. I was right behind her yelling at the top of my lungs, to no avail. The driver saw what was going on so he stopped the truck for me to catch Charity. When it came to a stop she ran over there barking and grabbed the front tire and started shaking her head back and forth. I thought this man was going to split a gut laughing at her. I tried to grab her, but she just ran under a trailer. I had to stay between her and the truck while he emptied the hopper to keep her from trying to attack again. I just bet he still talks about the garbage truck killing dog.

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pondlady wrote on Sun Nov 12, 2006 1:18 am:

Too funny, Sharon. What a great dog she is.


glendann wrote on Sun Nov 12, 2006 1:20 am:

That is sooo funny to think a little thing like that thinking it could damage that giant truck.Thats whats called the big dog syndrome.


jubabe296 wrote on Sun Nov 12, 2006 3:48 am:

That had to be the funniest thing seeing her trying to shake the tire!! My sister Tina used to have a little weinie dog named Poochie and he thought he was the baddest dog in the country. So now we say little dogs like Charity have Poochie syndrome. LOL
One day Poochie just disappeared we have an idea what happened to him. I just loved that little dog. I think of him often. It's sad to not know what happened to him, but like Tina says maybe it's better she doesn't know.


Gardenstew wrote on Sun Nov 12, 2006 7:34 am:

I admire the tenacity of dogs like Charity. They believe they can overcome any enemy, no matter how garbage truck-like.


eileen wrote on Sun Nov 12, 2006 11:32 am:

Loved your story about Charity Sharon. I have a mental picture of her attacking that tyre - obviously she's a Great Dane in disguise!!! LOL


cajunbelle wrote on Sun Nov 12, 2006 10:03 pm:

If she were as big as she thinks she is we would have to keep her muzzled and chained, behind a fence with barbed wire. We were outside a while ago and she was following step for step looking for something to attack. When she was little and we lived in the trailer park we walked in the swamps a lot. She stayed up with us and would be so tired on the way back we would have to pack her. Sometimes we would come to a log that would be too high for her to jump and we had to help her over it. She thought she was as big as the other dogs, and still does.

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You are in Blogs / cajunbelle's Blog / Pets /

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