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Working on Rock area

Category: Water Garden Project | Posted: Wed May 05, 2010 5:02 pm

Today I am spending the time to pull all the weeds out from the rocks. It is taking a long time because there is a lot of weeds growig under the rocks. I will also be emptying the pond again and cleaning it out. Then I have to go find something to put in it to keep the bugs out and will not harm my plants I want to put in it. I also seen this solar light ta looks like a rock that I want to put on there with the other rocks. At first I wanted to put fish out there but I am afraid of all the cats that run around our community and they would also be in the sunlight. I do not know if the pond is deep enough for them to be able to stay out of the sun and cats. Still looking in to this.

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daysmommy wrote on Thu May 06, 2010 12:11 pm:

I did not get to do much work after getting the yard mowed yesterday because it startd to rain again. So today I will finish cleaning up the area and then cleaning out the pond so it is ready to be filled up and decorated. Once I hav it all organized and ready for the next step I will post pictures. I am also waiing on my rose bush to start blooming. One bud is ready to bloom it is starting to open up a little bit. I can not wait to see he pretty roses!

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