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Category: DONNA'S DIRT | Posted: Tue May 25, 2010 8:59 pm

Hot HOt HOT 94 degrees and sweating. Stopped at the nursery, after my dentist appointment. Bought a tuber for the black elephant ear, yellow cala bulb, some freesia bulbs, and two unnamed peacock gingers, a small bears britches. The bears britches, I don't know where I'll put because I know how large they get, Saw one in a friends garden blooming recently and had to have one but I'm real frugal (cheap) and would not pay for a large one, this one is in a 4 inch pot- told you it was small. Feeling really lucky just to find a small one. Now I'll have to wait till this afternoon for the time to go down.. 89 and high humidity to boot to getting potting these new babies.

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