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Posted: 27 Sep 2006
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My space

Category: Houseplants | Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 3:31 pm

Ive been so busy!!! Which is what I need right now. But I never shared something that happened. It happened at the same time this whole thing with Rob happened. Let me tell you, that was a very bad week....just a bad month.

It was about 2 days after I had posted the blog on why I wasnt around...about what was going on (I deleted that blog...didnt want to have to look at it.) I live in a very out of the way, country trailer park. Its so quiet out here. I love it but the only problem I was having was the maintence man at the time, Chris. Most will remember that on the first week of Aug we moved from a smaller place to a this larger place.

Long story short, Chris didnt do his job. It was his job to have this trailer ready for me to move in. He had a month to do it. The day I moved in, I had to finally just do everything myself so I would have a clean place to put my stuff. The ppl who lived here before me was arrested so all their stuff was still here........and I do mean everything. Closet, drawers, rooms...everywhere was full of thier stuff. Before I could put my stuff away, I had to go through and move everything out. And we arent talking nice stuff either...these ppl were nasty. These ppl lived here for over a year and during that time, I seriously doubt they cleaned once. My sister and I had to move all the beds, chairs, couchs, a broekn down pool table out of the house to make room for my stuff. This was all stuff Chris was suppose to do.

About two weeks after I moved in, I had just had it. So I have the landlord bring Chirs to my house. I confronted Chris in front of the landlord. Chris had told the land lord I wanted everything, thats why he didnt clean out the house......

Common sense would tell a person that I have a brand new bed...why do I want a urine covered old one?? I have a brand new couch, why do I want one covered in filth?? My dryer is less than a year why would I want one that is broken??? COMMON SENSE PPL!!!!

Well, the landlord beleived Chris and called me a lier and troublemaker. Lets just say, with this going on at the same time my life with Rob was completely turned upside down....there were fireworks that day....very big and loud ones.

I found out later, I am the only person that has ever talked....or should I say fought, with the landlord that way. I am quite proud of myself that day. I held my ground. I didnt let Chris or the landlord, Marius, push me around. I told the landlord that Chris was lying to him and ripping him off. That he was stealing him blind and he was.....Chris actually bragged to me about it. >roll eyes<

Well, when they left the house, I started looking for a new place to live. I didnt feel safe anymore in my own place. My stress level had reached dangerous levels.

Well, about two weeks ago, I get a call from Marius. He comes over and tells me he had to have Chris arrested because he refused to turn in some of the rent he had collected.....hmmmmm....didnt see that coming ,did we?? LOL What a putzz.

He then starts to talk and I can tell he is very nervous....ahhhh to eat crow!!! It wasnt going down easily!!! LOL

He first tells me, that he likes my attitude and no BS way about me. He likes how I will just tell it how it is and be dam*ed if you dont like it. He wants me to be the new Park Manager. I am not the maintence person, I just run the park and make sure everything gets done, the rents are paid and it looks good out here. I get to tell everyone else what to do.

Ahhhhh Karma! That was just a good day for me....very good. In fact, that was the day, I walked out into my garden for the first time in over a month.

So, now Im playing catch up. Im having to find out what needs to be done and get the new maintance man to do it. Chris was suppose to fix all these things in the trailers and around the park and never did. 80% is now done. He was suppose to cut the grass around the park but hadnt done it in over 2 months..... I had a crew come in looks great out! We found out Chris was charging everyone $35. dollars to cut thier grass!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING!!! I had them all pitch in $25. for the crew to do a professial job. AND none of the crew weedeated or mowed over any of my plants. NOW THATS HOW ITS DONE!

Ok so that wasnt the short version.....but it was shorter than the long version..LOL

So, because I have ppl coming in and out of my house all day and evening and my phone rings even more now, I had to set up my own little office area so I could keep track of all the papers and notes. My living room is huge so I had the room to take divide it up.

I first found a old desk and sanded it and stained it a very nice red mahogany.I had one too many dressers so I turned the nicest one into storage. Its place right up against the front of the desk. I got everything set up and running and something strange happened. Alot of my plants somehow made it onto the desk and dresser and now have started hanging themselves from the ceiling and I found one in the big window over the desk......strange how that happens.....heres my office....(can you tell theres 22 plants around my desk?

this is what I see whenever Im at my desk. Beleive it or not, I had just cleaned off my desk too! HAHA!

My office area...I still need a small table for my printer/scanner and some shelves on the wall behind the desk.

In front of the dresser..

And what you see when you first walk into the living room...yes my desk is behind there!!! LL But you cnt see my mess!! Im planning on staining all the wood in this room that red mahognay like the desk. I just fell in love with that look. Very nice. PSSTT can you see my computer behind the stereo?? :D You dont even know somethings back there until you walked around the dresser.

Last edited: Wed Sep 27, 2006 3:35 pm

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Gardenstew wrote on Wed Sep 27, 2006 4:11 pm:

That's karma alright Denee, you can always count on things going up, then down, then up again. Things sort of have a way of balancing themselves out.

Congrats on the park manager position! Glad to hear it. And such a novel way you ended up with the position. I suppose that initial argument was like the job interview ;)

I love your new desk lol. Attack of the houseplants! A cosy environment. Was a bit disppointed not to see Stew lighting up the screen though :(

Glad to have you back.


glendann wrote on Wed Sep 27, 2006 4:12 pm:

Well for sure you have been busy.Looks like you have got things going for you now.It does keep your mind busy and you needed that.Your office is looking great Do you get paid good for doing all your doing around the trailor park.I was manager of an appartment complex amd I had to clear out a bunch of filth so I know what your talking about but the laws in Texas make you store it for 30 or 90 days .I have forgotten which.I think 30 .You can be made pay for their trash.Good luck my friend on your new job :)


glendann wrote on Wed Sep 27, 2006 4:16 pm:

Oh I forgot I do love your desk and all your plants surrounding you.


Desert Rat wrote on Wed Sep 27, 2006 4:20 pm:

Way to go Denee! Sometimes it gets really dark just before the dawn, but the sun finally shines.



stratsmom wrote on Wed Sep 27, 2006 5:23 pm:

Way to go Chickie! Sounds like you have made an awesome come back!!A few years ago I worked in an office with a couple of very evil women. When I gave up and left one of my friends told me "The greatest revenge is living well" or something like that. He was right. Sounds like you are starting to live well and getting things in order. I love the plants in the office. My office is FULL OF PLANTS because my geraniums are spending the winter inside with me. Life is short, surround yourself with stuff you like. What could be better than a plant? or two, or twenty-two...


reggaefan wrote on Wed Sep 27, 2006 6:21 pm:

Conratulations on standing up for yourself and for landing a great position for it. The plant are beautiful.


eileen wrote on Wed Sep 27, 2006 9:29 pm:

That's our girl!!!! I would have been disappointed in you if you'd left Marius's office with your tail between your legs!!! Look at where standing up for yourself got you - absolutely brilliant. (Big hug)

By the way I really don't think you have enough plants around you I think you need at least another twenty!! LOL

Keep posting piccies as you stain the wood won't you? I think it's going to look really terrific.

All the very, very best and congratulations on your job and new home.


bethie wrote on Wed Sep 27, 2006 10:19 pm:

Glad to hear things are looking up.

pondlady wrote on Thu Sep 28, 2006 12:48 am:

Good on you, Denee. Keep on standing up for yourself!!!


Pinkiered wrote on Thu Sep 28, 2006 3:06 am:

LMAO!! Frank! You dont reconize the blue lettering of the GardenStew??? Thats whats on my screen! I was on here when I took the pic. The flash made the screen too bright to really tell.

I have room for more plants so Ill sure will show up....theres only one hanging from the ceiling behind the desk. :D

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