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Roses, Roses and more Roses PLEASE!


Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 4:54 am

I have been helping my little sister paint her house since yesterday. Well, last night we had to prime with a type of primer that will stick to metal so we could paint the back drop of the stove. When we were done, we covered the pan with a peice of black plastic to keep it from drying out.

This morning we get there and the first thing I see covering the fridge is that black peice of plastic. I walk over and left it up to find it covered in the primer. Well, being as,as soon as it dries it wont come off, I yanked the plastic off. Whoever had put it up there had used my screwdrivers to hold it in place because I have some very heavy screwdrivers. I felt this overwhelming pain in my right foot and looked down at the sametime I heard my sisters roommate say, "Oh my god" One of the screwdrivers had come flying down and ended up in the top of my foot!

It had impaled itself in my foot............ When it went into my foot, I guess the force behind it, broke my foot!

It hurts sooooo bad! Didnt I say "If it wasnt for bad luck, Id have no luck at all." Surely I cant be Irish!!!!! Cuz Im no lucky Irish! Since the beginning of the year right before the move out of Jacksonville, We,Rob and I, have been plagued with the worse luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ppl think we kid until they see it too. I wish it would stop all ready!

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I finished the donated painting. PICS

Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Sun May 28, 2006 6:17 pm

I need to add two more seal coats and she is outta here!!! Only took me a year and a half to finish!!!! I would have finished sealing today, but there are bees in my wall!!!!!! Dont ask...HAHA!


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The lesser of two evils

Category: New Gardener | Posted: Sat May 27, 2006 4:47 pm

I just came in for a break from out in the rose garden. My hands are all blistered up and Im hot!

Im not a happy camper. My hubby mowed the yard and garden this past weekend and did a horrible job at it. He didnt mow within a foot of my rose bush and didnt move any pots. I know the tall grass around my rose bushes help spread the infections from rose to rose. So I have been hand cutting thick, wet , tall grass from a foot out in. Ive been working at it for three days now. Now why didnt he mow closer? He could see my rose bush very clearly! >:Z

Now he rented a lawn mower for $40. I paid that to the yahoo who weedeatted all the plants in the ground including the bottom of my roses. But at least I didnt have to hand cut thick wet grass that is 1 foot x about 20 foot.

Now I must pick the lesser of two evils!

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Pest and Diseases on rose (pics )

Category: Roses | Posted: Thu May 25, 2006 10:13 pm

Below is my day in the rose garden. I was gone for 5 days and found out Rob was watering them at night. I have a mess to clean up.

I will start with the photos of each of the problems and then what I have done so far to clean it up and cure them. Theres tips along the way.

Powdery Mildew
- This is can cause the leaves and buds to deform.It looks like snow on your leaves but will come off on your fingers. To prevent Powdery Mildew do not water your roses or garden after dark or in late evening. The pics below is a direct cause of my hubby watering the garden every night for 5 days.This will spead from plant to plant but way of watering or rain.

Black Spot

This is a mini that has been taken over by Black spot


You will have to get rid of the infected leaves, branches and buds/flowers.Yes it will hurt your heart but it has to be done to prevent the spread of the infection. Your roses wont look pretty after this but its for its and that of the rest of your garden, own good in the long run.

Have a pot and a pair of scissors just for the cutting of infected leaves and roses. I have these and dont use them for any of work. You will spread the infection but using the pot or scissors that are infected. If you have to use them on uninfected plants, be sure to clean them well and disinfect them first.

Be sure to clean up all debris about the base of the infected roses and then around the area...

Be sure your garden friends are able see the going ons when you arent around so they they can report back to you.

And be sure to wear good thick gloves when working with your rose bushes....

And if you dont....protect your hands until they heal.

Its lack of Water- The tops will start turning colors, usually yellow then to brown. Start watering more often or giving your rose more water.

Transplant shock

Chinch Beetle
A Chinch Beetle causes the buds to open deformed

a Bad pic of Chinch Beetle

Spotted Cucumber Beetle

A Spotted Cucumber Beetle feast on young buds and can chew thier way through your roses in a matter of days. They also spread wilt. See second pic for wilt.

Unknown Leaf Beetle

It eats in a lacey pattern and will eat the whole thing! This roses were infested with these little guys. I dont know the name of them. I couldnt find anything on them to do with roses but boy did they like them! They did this in just a matter of days. I checked on my Don Juan (rose in pic) 2 days ago and they were fine.AND THEY DO BITE! So beware!

Please see below blog link on this beetle.

Jewel Beetle
I was unable to get a pic of it but I got a very good look at it. Its about a half inch long and a beautiful blueish green metallic body. Its found on the leaves and will make short order of the leaves.

Damage of the Jewel Beetle- the holes the chew are more or less oblong in shape but I have caught them eatting the edges of the roses leaves too. These guys arent just found on roses. I have damage to my banana trees (mostly new leaves), to my Bird of Paradise, 4 o'clocks, and Cannas.

Pics of Aphids-They are found on new growth and underneath the larger leaves for shade.

Aphid damage(this is just a sample) Damage can include deformed and discolored new growth (leaves and buds)They suck the juice or blood out of the new growths, either killing them ,deforming them or discoloring them. Most times deforming AND discoloring

If you have a pest problem, you can try an organic treatment to get rid of the pest and keep them away or find a chemical treatment.

Below is a link for organic treatment and prevention. These are recipes I have found and tested. They do work.

See the link below for more details on what you have read or for tips on great carefree roses.

Check back to see later updates.

Last edited: Thu Jun 22, 2006 8:33 pm

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Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Thu May 25, 2006 1:58 am

As most of you know Im an artist.Also that I donated one of my paintings to a high school here. I posted the pics of it on the profile of myspace for the ppl of Lafayette to see cuz we are going to sell it. Well, I havent been able to check my email on there until today. I found this....

From: DR Digital Photo Imaging
Date: May 21, 2006 2:37 PM Flag spam/abuse. [ ? ]
Subject: Canvas
Body: I ran across your profile and I like your work. I am a photographer in Lafayette and I am wondering if you do that on canvas and if so how much. Thanks


He wants a 9ftx12ft for a backdrop for his pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im on cloud nine!

If you would like to see it, just click on myspace addy...its in my front profile. Theres more samples of my work under the pics link.Those posted arent the finished painting. Its done now. The sealer didnt go on evenly so I have to fix it but its done now for the most part. This painting was started Oct 04 and I finally finished it May06.

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$@!&&y a$$ weekend!!

Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Tue May 23, 2006 4:27 pm

OK I know Im not suppose to curse on here but theres no other way to decribe it but as sh***y!

My little sister and I came to Panama City,Fl for the wedding of her best friend. Well, coming into Panama City is a small town called Freeport. It has one redlight. As we were crossing this intersection at the redlight, a truck ran the redlight and cut us off, then slammed on brakes. Dianne was driving my truck and like any of us , she yelled at him. He looks in the rear veiw mirror and flips us off. So we flip him off back. The one finger saluate.

He then sped up. Dianne just kept driving and we picked up our joking where we had left off. Then out of the blue this jackass slows down and when we are about 4 feet behind him, he slams on brakes. Thinking it was just traffic going into the beaches, we thought nothing of it. But as soon as we started driving again and hit about 55mph, he slammed on brakes again and Dianne had to use both feet on the brakes and jerks the wheel to a very hard left. Thankfully there was a turnning lane there or we would have been in oncoming traffic. This time we are yelling at this fool. So what does he do? HE does that again. This time we were so close to his bumper that when Dianne jerks to the left, I could have touched his bumper. And this time there was no turning lane. We ended up in on coming traffic. By this time , me and Dianne were pretty scared. We both grab our cellphones and call 911. I gave them him tag number, make and model of the truck. We followed him for a while but when he turned into a shopping center, we kept going. We had been up since 3 am and it was about noon. We want to just get to moms house.

Well, as we are entering P.C. ,we noticed my truck isnt actting right. So we get to moms and I park it the rest of the weekend. We were busy with the wedding so my dad looked at it for me on Sun. We were suppose to leave Sunday night. He said that I should take it in just for a check up just in , just in case.

Well, 8 months ago, I had a whole new braking system put in costing me over $3,200. Thinking I took it to Firestone to do all that and since it was still under warranty, I took it to Firestone. They said that both rotors were warped , my calipter was locked up and my hose were clogged. They also said I needed a front end alignment and two new front tires. And that they could rotate them to the back because their were balding. Mind you my tires are brand new. I got five new tires in Jan. They also said I had a seal leaking in the back. And the grand total for all this? $1,250.!!!!!

Well, hubby called and told me that I had all this done at Goodyear. Ok no biggie. I get the truck and take it across the street to Goodyear. Yes they are across the street from each other.

Well, since I didnt have the paperwork on the work done on the truck (at home in LA)they call the Goodyear in Jacksonville and got them to send the paperwork over. My braking system had a 12,000 mile warranty on it. And guess what those jackasses over in Jacksonville, didnt do? They didnt write my mileage down!!!!! But thankfully, the paper work they faxed over, showed that they had screwed up my mileage from the first time I brought it in.It states I put over 90,000 miles on my truck in 3 monthes!!!! So Ill find out today if the home office will still honor my warranty. If not, it all comes to just over $800.

Also, I had Firestone give me a detailed print out of all the work that needed to be done. Well, I gave it to Goodyear. The guy took me out to my truck and showed me everything thing. I had no leaking seal on the rear of my truck (cost $179.) , My tires were a little worn from the hard braking but not bald by any means (cost $130. for two tires but this Goodyear doesnt carry my tires so I would have had to pay for four new tires, cost ,just over $400.)

I also found out that the Goodyear in Jacksonville, is a indepentant dealer and he ripped me off! I paid for 2...count but they only replaced one....thats not TWO! (cost around $140.)And the one calipter that wasnt replaced then, is the one that locked up when Diannes braking warped the rotors.

Just for those that dont know this, rotors (located behind the front tires and just behind the brakepads)are made to take the heat of hard braking, but arent meant to take the heat of hard braking and jerking hard left three times in a very short period(matter of seconds). It causes the rotors to warp, which in turned causes the calipters (located just to the left on the brakepads)to freeze and the hoses to clog which leads to brake failure.

So, its Tuesday and we are still here in Panama City, Fl.

Im going to have to hire a lawyer and get a court order to get the 911 tape. Im going to take that jackass to court. HE WILL!!! PAY FOR THE WORK DONE ON MY TRUCK!

As I said, its been a sh***y weekend.

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A run down of my week.

Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Thu May 11, 2006 11:19 pm


Monday- got up at 730 am and left house at 830 to go to work. I drove 7 miles and got there at 9am. Traffic here is horrible! I get to work and fill up truck. Then my friend who owns the station leaves me for the first time by myself and of course, we have the busiest day since opening the store. Figures. Im suppose to work from 10 am to 2 pm and my sister works from 2 pm til closing at 6pm. She calls and ask me to cover her shift. I do. I close up shop and leave work. I had to stop at the bank for a min and get home.Takes me almost an hour and a half to get home. Traffic was worse going home. I climb out of my truck to discover, I forgot to water my potted plants before I left home. So I let the dogs out and water the plants and take pics of roses.I do a load of clothes and take a shower. When I get out, I decide to call it a day and go to bed. Its now between 830pm and 9pm. I crawl into bed only to reminded by a loud growl, I hadnt eatten at all day. I tell myself Ill lay down for a min and then get up to get something to eat..........

Tues-I wake up at 600am starving. I eat breakfast,let the dogs out and get dress. My friend calls me and ask me to come in early. So I leave the house at 8am and drive the 7 miles. I get to work at 9am. So much for getting to work early. He leaves me again. And we are slammed (of course). I turn the radio station on to jam while I work. I hear about this High School that has to raise $15,000. to go to a science thing in Indiana. So, the noodle gets to turning and I decide to donate a peice of my work (that isnt finished yet) to the school. 2pm and time to go home........ sister isnt there. She calls 10 mins late and wants to know if I would cover her shift.............I do.

I leave the store and go straight home. I pull up in the yard only to releize my poor potted plants werent watered before I left that morning. So I let the dogs out and water the yard and take pics of roses. Then turn the hose on myself. It was hot! I go in and jump on the computer for a few. I take a hot bath and go to bed......forgetting to eat dinner.

Weds- Alarm set for 830 am but woke up at 600am. I tried to go back to sleep but something was bugging me. I started drifting off to sleep when I releized I hadnt turned off one of the crock pots at work (we serve hot homemade lunches). So I just up and fly to work in my sweat pants and tshirt. Crock pots not on ............................................

I decide to stay. No reason to fight the traffic! I call the radio station about the school. I donate the painting. Once agian, Im at work by myself and we are ,of course, slammed. So I served lunches and waited on customers in my pjs. Sister calls and ask my to cover her shift. I call the boss man and tell him to his butt to the store. I leave and it takes me almost 45 mins to get home. I notice as soon as I open the door to the house, I hadnt taken the dogs out before I left............

I let them out and see I also forgotten to water the poor potted plants. So I water the plants. I see the rose petals on the ground so I dont take pics. I come in and clean the house top to bottom. I jump on the computer and piddle around awhile, sending pics of the painting to the radio dj like he had asked. Do some work on the painting,eat dinner, take a shower and go to bed.

Thurs- Get a call early in the morning that wakes me up. Boss man needs me in there ASAP. But I take my time.I take the dogs out and WATER the potted plants.Play on the computer for a few. I get a phone call from the radio station about the painting pics I had sent him the night before.Talk to him about 15 mins.I get dressed and leave. Get to work to find it full of ppl. Poor boss man is freaked out. Busiest morning he had ever had. I was there about 30 mins when one of the customers asked if we knew why it was so busy. Well, no we dont.... He says that when I called to donate my painting the day before, the DJ had said that since it was such a huge thing I had done, that he had told all the listeners to give us all thier business that day (Weds)...... and here I thought it was cuz I was cute! HA! And this morning he had recorded our phone conversion and played it on the radio. And once again, told the listeners to give us all thier business. And I do beleive a majority of them did and the ones that didnt Weds did today!! I get left alone AGAIN and am so busy! My sister finally gets there at 330pm pm and I tell her that she is covering my Sat shift. Im not working!!! I leave. I get home, let the dogs out, and see that it didnt matter if I watered the potted plants in the morning. I would have to water them again in the evenings. Take pics, jump on here and still piddling.

I got a call a few mins ago. The boss man had done the figures and had said that the 4 months he has been open that just yesterday and today combined, was the most he had made in the four months COMBINED!

Lucky him! But Im too tired to care.

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Third part time job.

Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Fri May 05, 2006 8:13 pm

A friend of the familys has started thier own business...a gas station. He ran it by himself for over 6 months, getting up at 3 am Monday through Sat (closed on Sundays), being into the store to open at 5 am and stayed there til closing at 6 pm. He has run himself out. So me and my little sister are now working there so he has time off. I work Monday through Sat 10 am to 2 pm when Dianne (little sister) comes in from 2pm to close at 6pm.

One would think with all three part time jobs I have that I would have some extra money! I dont ....Im broke!!!! Stupid roses!

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My first gnomes!!

Category: Garden Personality project | Posted: Tue May 02, 2006 7:46 pm

Yes I did it! I bought Pete and Charlie today! Im going back for Tom later.... he is sooooo cute!
His home is a boot and right above the swinging door is a sign that says "Toms Place" And Tom is outside working in his garden!!!

I bought some new containers today to use as planter. I dont anything to match... I want a mix and match gnome garden.

Heres Pete and Charlie!


And my containers...

Hey Gnome Leader! Charlie said he thinks you guys are distant cousins! On your dads side ,of course.

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Adding personality to my yard

Category: Garden Personality project | Posted: Tue May 02, 2006 3:26 pm

This is going to be an on going project.

I got this idea from my sisters roommate, Nicole. She had this tiny little copper pot(for cooking). It is about big enough to hold three cups of water. She didnt want to throw it away because it was her grandmothers. So I drilled 3 tiny little holes in the bottom and planted an ivy in it. It looks just wonderful now. The ivy obviously loves its new little home.

Well, After the storm the other day, I was out in the yard ,looking around. My yard is need of a personality. So I started looking around in my house and have found several little containers to use as planters. One is a steamer for a large pot. Its brown with lots of holes. And the other is a old know the kind you put sugar in. I have been using it for my paint brushes.

Im getting ready to go to the local GoodWill and see what they have. Planters and plant pots are sooooo expensive! But I love a good hunt! So does Rob. He has a very good eye.

So Ill be adding to this as I go....My yard is in serious need of some personality!!!!

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