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Roses, Roses and more Roses PLEASE!

My non growing roses

Category: Roses | Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2006 5:50 pm

I have four roses out in the rose garden that arent growing at all.

My Josephs Coat

My Tropicana

My Irish Creme

My Kordes Perfecta

The one thing they all have in common....I bought these four barerooted and dipped in wax.

All the others were potted roses. But these four were covered in wax.

They arent dead but they arent growing either. Ive bought the last wax covered rose on St Paddys was the Irish Creme....fitting ,I know.

The first wax covered rose I bought was in Feb.

My Josephs Coat grew a set of leaves but they died soon after they sprouted. Nothing since.

Ive been going back and forth about just pulling them up and replacing them with live roses.....But I hand picked these for thier colors and type. So Im stuck. I still feed and water them along with the rest.

I guess Ill keep playing the waiting game.

Note to self....

Never buy wax covered roses again.

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Moving mix up!

Category: Roses | Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2006 5:42 pm

I was sitting out in the rose garden for a few mins this morning. I was sitting by my "Unknown red climber" and my "Chrysler Imperial". I was just sitting there enjoying the cool breeze and sun. The wind blew just right and I could smell the "unknown red". I look over at it and maybe because I was relaxing and had nothing on my mind ,but it just hit me that the "unknown red" was really my Chrysler Imperial! And that would make my "Chrysler Imperial" my red unknown!

Trying to figure out how they were labeled wrong, I suddenly thought of my beloved, Rob. So I called him to ask him about the lables on the two. He told me that the day of the move from Fl to here, he was loading up the plants in the back of the truck and he noticed three labels on the ground and without saying anything, he just stuck the labels on the roses at random! I only had four roses at the time and one was a mini.

Well, at the beginning of spring my "unknown white" bloomed yellow. I looked it up and found it was Golden Glow Climbing. So I took the "unknown white" label off it and place it on the rose that said "Unknown yellow" rose. Then a few days ago, my "unknown white" became a "unknown red" because of the wonderful red blooms on it.

Now the one labeled "Chrysler Imperial" is about to come into bloom. Yesterday, I was thinking that the buds on my "Chrysler" were fat little things. Ive seen it bloom before by never paid much attention to them as Im always in my head, making list, trying to remember something, whatever, while Im in the rose garden.

So, now, my "Chrysler Imperial" is my unknown red and my "unknown red" is my Chrysler Imperial.

But if that wasnt confusing enough.......

A lady was walking by my yard while I was on my way back out there to switch the labels. She made a comment about my newly labeled "unknown red". She thought the roses she had in her yard were the same as that unknown red.

She gave me a name and I just looked it up. And yes Ladies and Germs, I no longer have a "unknown red" I have a Don Juan!!!!!!! YAY! That one was on my list of "must have" roses.

But now I have to move it because the little bugger is going to start climbing all over the place! Right now it sits two roses away from my wisteria. Too close to another climber.

Lesson learned here?

Never leave your non-gardening spouse alone with your roses!

This blog entry has been viewed 471 times out for being out in 90 degree weather

Category: Spring | Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2006 3:11 am

After two years of hanging in my closet , never to see the light of day again, Sat I was able to put on and button up, without laying down on the bed, my skinny pants! :D

I was in a 24 at Xmas time and now Im in a 16!

Its all paying off, this hot ,dry weather. At least something looks good in my yard now!


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My poor yard

Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 4:05 pm

I just havent had time to really get out there and do most of my planting like I would like. Things have been down right crazy around here.

Rob came home for 4 days for Easter. He got a job here in town! YAY! But he will be working out of town...on oil rigs and pipelines. But for every week he is out, he gets a week home. He will be starting two weeks training in Alabama on Mon. When he gets home, then my yard will be done! Or Ill end up killing him! HA! HE gets so restless when he isnt working.

Yesterday, I was commissioned to paint a pic of a guy up in Wisconsian...however you spell it.
So I started that yesterday evening. YAY!

I am making new curtains for the bedroom. But I am doing a little bit every evening...Ill get it done....eventually.

This past weekend I was working in my sisters yard and I stepped on something sharp. My foot was bleeding but Im a counrty girl so I didnt think nothing of it and went back to work after I had cleaned it. Yesterday, I noticed it was really hurting when I put pressure on it so last night I sliced it open with a knife. Pus came out. So I cleaned it really well and wrapped it up. When I got up this morning , I cant hardy walk on it. Im walking on the side of my foot. When I went to water my yard and plants, it reallllllyyyyyy hurt. So when I came in, I looked and now I have two red streaks coming off that area and have started moving up the side of my foot. I cut it open again and cleaned it. Hopefully it will work if I stay off my feet and give it time to heal. I HATE! doctors and only go if I have to.

IT NEEDS TO RAIN! They were calling for rain today, but so far.....not even a white cloud in the sky. Last night on the news they had done a thing that showed the amount of rain we have gotten in the last 2 months. It is less then an inch of rain!!!!!

My poor plants!I have to water two times a day because its sooooo hot and dry. It got into the 90s yesterday. Today its suppose to get to 93. Boy do we need rain!

I hope everyone had a good Easter. I did! I got a fuzzy Easter basket and lots of candy from my Easter bunny! YEs......I am a big kid. ;)

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A lesson learned....

Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Thu Apr 13, 2006 1:04 am

Ive gone through all the emotions from anger to just down right depressed, since the crash. Understandablly(spell that right?)

Well, I dont know if anyone knows this here but Im a Pagan. If you dont know what that is, just ask!

But anywho, I have two mottos I live my day to day life by, or try too anyways.

1) You cant help anyone until you help yourself first.

2)No matter how bad things seem, theres always someone out there worse off then you.

Ok, So I understand I have the right to feel everything Ive been going through but things got really bad starting last night. I cried myself to sleep first off. This morning I didnt want to get out of bed. My sister called and a guy in her Army unit was shot and killed last night. So what did we do?

We went at 10 am this morning and started drinking.

I got home about 430pm.

When I left this morning, I kept telling myself, No matter how bad things seem, theres someone worse off then you. All that did was depress me even more. I finally told myself to shut up!

When I left this morning the house next to me was empty. When I came home, a family had moved in. The landlord met me at my front door.

Their little boy had burned down thier house. They lost everything. I do mean everything.

Its time to stop feeling sorry for myself because there is indeed someone, in fact, 4 someones worse off them me.

Lesson learned.

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Why nothing got done on Sat...

Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 3:56 pm

What I didnt mention yesterday in my short blog was that ,Sat I had a reality check....a screaming, in your face, reality check.

Because I was planning on doing work that the landlord and the girls houses ,we had gone to Walmart ,just to see what they had in way of plants. We were at the intersection ,leaving, on our way over the the landlords house. We had the green light to turn left but the traffic was heavy coming towards us. And the intersectin is one of those double turn lanes.

Here in Lafayette, you have to take whatever chance you can get when you are driving because these ppl arent nice when they drive.

Rob was about to take off when he had the chance of maybe three car lengths but I hate it when he drives crazy, so ,and I quote,said " Dont do it" So he stops and looks over at me and I look out the front windshield and right in front of us, I witnessed the most horrible car crash in my life! If he had gone, we would have been involved. And I most likely wouldnt be here to type this. The truck would have hit my side of the truck.

A lady sitting in the turn lane to our right, had taken that chance that I stopped Rob from taking. She was hit by a huge white truck pulling a 30 ft trailer ,packed with working equpiment. There was a bobcat on the back of that trailer. He just couldnt stop in time. HE swerved into his other lane to miss her and his trailer got her. Well theres a parking lot there on that corner and there were ppl waiting to get out and turn. When this guy swerved to miss her, he hit a little two door black car, his trailer hitting the car that was behind the black one and spinning that one out. But the black car was pushed down the road about 50 feet and when its back wheels hit the curb, the truck went up and over the top of the car. The front left wheel of this truck was literally, sitting in the drivers seat.

I jump out and ran towards the crash. Im still mad over the fact that that area was soooooo busy and I had to run a good 50 feet to get there and I was still the first one there. Everyone else was still in their cars, staring.

As I ran up, the passager of the balck car jumps out at the same time the driver of the truck jumps out. HE (the guy in the truck)was just a kid, maybe 19-29. As I was running up, the passenger is getting ready to swing on the kid of the truck. I jumped in to stop him and sent the kid to the back of the trailer, to calm down and call his boss.

I then turned to the black car and laying over the middle console was a even younger kid, about 14-15. The passenger that jumped out was his dad and his mom was in the back seat. They had been teaching the son to drive.

Because the car was smoking so bad, I got the car turned off and the mom out of the backseat and got her to the curb and told her to lay down and not move. When I turned back towards the car, the dad was trying to get his boy out. I had to go around the drivers window to help. The window wasnt smashed like you would think. And it was one of those thief resistant cars so the windows dont smash, they just web out (not sure what its called).It finally took three of us to get it smashed out. I reached in a sliced the belt belt and the father and another guy were able to get him out. He stopped breathing about a min later after they got him out and his heart stopped maybe a min after that. Seemed and still seems like it happened fast ,being as I was the one doing CPR. I have no real sense of time during all this.

What still gets me, is there were tons of ppl there that had seen it happen but there were very few who helped get these ppl out. Oh yeah they were full of freaking suggestions and everyone was a "pro" but only a hand full was helping. Rob was directing traffic.

We were there at the crash for about 2 hours because I was the first one on the "scene".

When we finally left for the landlords house I was completely drained. So I wasnt able to do much.
It happened Sat and I havent been able to sleep since. I keep seeing it happen in my head like a movie and thinking that if we had had more help, the kid wouldnt have died. HE was so young, with his life ahead of him.

Its easy to say it was his time. Im guilty of saying that as comfort but to be there and see the things that happened and the ppl not helping their fellow human beings in trouble and in dire need, I just cant say that now.

It just shakes my beleif that all ppl are compassionate(?) and have some good in them. There was a pastor there that prayed over the boy when he died but he wouldnt confort the father because he was covered in blood.

IM the one who did CPR on the boy when he stopped breathing. Im the one who held the father when his boy died. Im the one who used my jacket to cover him up. Im the one that kept the mother on the ground when he died.

Ive cried and cried over this. It seems to me, that we lost a bright young life because everyone was too scared of being involved. It was painful and infurating to watch. I tried everything to get some help from the peanut gallery, as I have taken to calling them. Other then the guys who helped me with the window and the guy who helped the father get his kid out, noone helped do anything.

Not even a pastor........

Im angry.....very angry.

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first day my gardening job

Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2006 12:47 am

And I am pooped! I worked sooooo hard today. I wasnt able ot get pics but Ill be sure to do it tomorrow.

I dug up a lemon tree and potted it. HE said it wasnt doing well in the ground. When I dug it up, I saw why...... its roots are very shallow and the ground was very dry....I need to have a talk with him about watering his plants.

I then moved a Massive!!!! well, rooted elephant ear. It had fallen over during Hurricane Katrina and had contued to grow that way. It was just in the way. He wanted me to just yank it up (yeah like that was going to happen) and just throw it out but the girls wanted it to stay. So Rob and I dug it up...took almost an hour to get it up. And then we just moved it back and over about 2 feet. If it falls over again...... oh well! It can just grow that way! I am not digging that monster up again!!!!!!

We then moved to the back yard and dug up the out of conrol Banana trees. I left the orignal clump of trees alone but dug up the ones growing outside the rock walk. I of course brought them home.

After that, Rob sat in the shade drinking ice water, while I started yanking up the bloody jasmine.....Have I much I really hate that stuff?? Yeah it smells great but I have had to yank up too much out of control jasmine in my life, to care for it. It doesnt smell THAT! good.

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I GOT A JOB........

Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2006 3:40 pm


My little sister moved into a new place. She took over yesterday. Its a very niCe duplex with the landlord living next door. Once you are inside the whole place has a peaceful feel of a monstery(did I spell that right?)

Well the way this place is set up is when you pull into theres a huge yard with a double covered car port in the middle, making it two front yards. One for each side. Now theres a wall at the front of the carport that stretches from one end of the yard to the other. You enter each but a gate. And then you are standing in a privite court yard!. Ok you come down a short covered walk way and the courtyard is to your right and to the left is a large closet. The washer and dryer are in there. In front of it against the dividing wall to the landlords courtyard, is a very large planter made of bricks. Since they both like to cook, Im going to grow them herbs and veggies in there. Its covered but there a area in the ceiling that is screened so it will get filtered light. BEST OF ALL!!!NO BUGS!

The courtyard is quite large. Its squared and in the middle has slabs of what looks like concete with pebbles in them, palced to make a squared walkway. Its large enoguh to set tables and chairs out there. Right in the middle is a slate of I think slate. Perfect place for a fountain. Around the outside of the walkway is surrounded by very lush tropical folige.

Now in the back yard.....oh I love this place! When you walk out onto the deck, the yard is packed full of plants, foliage and trees! The wall enclosing the yard is made of concete and is covered in some kind of fig vines he said.

Theres a fountain there in the back wall. Its a lions head plaque and a large planter pot. The water comes out of the lions mouth and int othe pot. He made it! Its wonderful!

Theres river rock all over the place. Its placed in a pattern that doesnt make much sense but thats easily taken care of.

Theres a corner that is a shrine of sorts. He is into saints, tho I didnt get the impression he was religious. Its raised up and supported by river rock. Theres three saint statues there. Dont ask me the saints cuz Im not Christain so I dont know!

Over by the garden gate leadding to the side yard is a group of out of control reg banana trees. One is in bloom! If you have ever seen a banana tree in bloom....its soooo pretty!

Well, when I saw the place, I instantly set to work! HAHA! I cleaned out the banana trees, clearing the dead leaves and pups out.I then started pulling up vines that were trying to grow into bushes and trees....I really hate jasmine! It just takes over.

But when the landlord came over, I got to met him. Very nice well dressed guy. My sister told him, that I loved to garden and that I had already set to work on the back yard! HAHA! I was suppose to be helping her unpack! HAHA!

I told him that while I was in love with the front yard (also filled to the gills with foliage), the court yard (also filled) and the back yard, there was no color, save the banana tree flower. I asked him if it would be ok for me to add color...meaning plant flowers. YOU WILL NEVER BELEIEVE WHAT THIS GUY DID!!!!!

He pulls out his wallet and asked me how much I needed!!!!!!!!! Blew me and my sister away! HookerLittle, just looked at him and said,"Are you serious??" HE said yes and that it was his job as a landlord to pay for the up keep of the yards (three yards on each side) Told you he was awesome!!!

Ive never met a landlord like this! I turned to my sister and said" You are never movinng out!" LOL

So he opens this closet door in his courtyard and points inside and says that if theres anything I need to just come and get it....he had all the gardening goodies in there!!!!!!

He then takes me to his backyard....awesome!

But he said that he had been taken care of his sick mother for the last two years and that he just hadnt had time to take care of the yards. Even now that she had died, he was playing catch up with his own affairs.

He looks at me and says," I tell you do thier yards and my yards, and Ill pay you!!!!! You could have knocked me over with a feather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to admit theres alot of work to be done because theres been no cleaning out done and taking care of the 6 yards for over two years but I thnk once its done, they will look wonderful!!!!

Ill take pics once my camera is in working order guys would LOVE this place!!!

And the best part is.......I GET PAID FOR GARDENING!!!!!!

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Cleaning out the pond....

Category: Spring | Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 4:50 am

OK its more a puddle then a pond but it had to be cleaned out just the same!

My white Birds of Paradise and some cannas came in the mail today so I couldnt put it off anymore! They needed a good home and fast.

I started by pulling all the out of control weeds up in the pond. It wasnt too hard because they had just grow over the plastic. After everything was out, I started pulling up the old plastic. The guy who dug this thing used that clear, cheap plastic. It was a pain to get it all up! It had holes in it that kept tearing.And I found that there was no method to that maddness! He had some of the plastic, wayyyy up over the lawn. I didnt know cuz the grass had grown over it. But Im talking up to 3 ft in some areas...and it looks like he just dumped this clay over it. There was a good 3 ft of clay on top of the plastic that was up in the yard.

Lots of digging! And the clay is soaked! So it was heavy too. Once I got all the plastic up, I decided to call it a day. I was covered in clay splatter.

I was walking in the pond with water up to my ankles and slipped and fell right in! That stuff is slippery when wet! Let me tell you! I was covered from head to toes in gray clay!

I was crawling out of it, which wasnt easy cuz I kept slipping, and this truck drives by with these two yahoos in it. They stop and yell,"Now all we need is another woman in there with you to make our day!"

After breaking my back trying to clean out the pond and pull that plastic up, lets just say, I wasnt a lady in my response to him!

I had to hose off in the yard and soaking wet, make a mad dash across my hardwood floors, tho the door, across the livingroom, down the hall and into the bathroom without leaving a river. I didnt do too well with that!

But now, tho my back hurts like fire, I feel good!

Now tomorrow, hopefully the water will be drained so I can go dig it out and make it evenly deep. He had it all kinds of crazy. Once its dug out, I get to lay the liner ( my mom told ME to do it right the first time!)and then add the gravel.

Phew! I feel that the hardest part is yet to come!

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