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Roses, Roses and more Roses PLEASE!

My newest babies.

Category: Spring | Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 2:56 pm

Yep...I did... and Nope they werent...

HHAHA! Yeah I bought more plants and no they werent rose!

I found out the landlord is selling this whole place so my front yard grown by half. So I have MORE! space.

I bought
2 Red Weigela bush (buy 1 get 1 so I have two but only paid for one)
2 Pnke Weigela bushes (buy one get one)
1Peppermint Lace Crape Myrtle
1White Syringa Persica lilic
1 butterfly bush

I thought I got a purple lilic to go with the white but I guess not.

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Yep thats me!

Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 9:11 pm

This morning it sprinkled out but enough to help the garden none. More like spitting in a forest.

So I watered the garden and left the hose turned on in my pond to get some fresh water in there.

I forgot to turn it off.

I leave and went out to lunch with my little sister, PinkieLittle.
We then went to get Chase. Becuase of his ordeal I didnt put him in a carrier to bring him home. I was holding him.

We pull up and my yard is now a lake!
I jump out, with Chase in my arms, run across the yard and turn off the hose....and stepped right on a roofing nail. It went in my foot! I screamed and Chase, still in my arms, peed on me!

So I put him in the house, sat on the steps and PinkieLittle pulled the nail out of my foot. As she was doing she started laughing, "You know, this kind of thing would happen only to you."

So there I was in a flooded yard, bleeding foot and covered in stinky male cat pee. Thinking, "you know what? Yep thats me!"

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Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 3:27 pm

For those that dont know, Rob and I moved out of Jacksonville, FL to Lafayette, LA just after the first of the year.

So during this time, Rob has my truck in Mississppi where he works and lives. He comes home everyother weekend. We live 4 hours apart. And yes its very hard.And Im stuck at home with no way of getting anywhere. My sister takes me. But theres a big reason he is over there.

(Ill get off track a little here for a min)
Rob was in the Navy for 9 yrs. When he got out, we were living in CA. That was 4 yrs ago. Well, right away he got a great paying job with the Union out there, making close too $6000. a month.

Well, being so young and not thinking like adults, we spent and spent. We got two trucks, and making payments.A total of $1039. a month in truck payments.

Well, two years after getting out of the Navy, Rob was laid off. It was during the time when unemployment was so high 2 years ago. He was home for 3 months straight! Let me tell you, he got on my last nerve!!!!

Well, he couldnt find a job, so we had no choice but to move back to FL. We had some money saved, but after rent, the truck payments and all the other bills, we didnt have enough to live on after 4 months. So had no choice.

So we packed up and moved.

There we were in Fl with CA debt. For those who dont know the diff. Here is a crash course.

CA was paying Rob close to $6000. a month. That wasnt even the highest they paid ppl in his line of work.

Doing the same job in FL making one of the highest pays of his field, he was bring home $800. a month. HUGE!!! difference.

We were paying $800. a month in CA on a two bedroom duplex. For $800. in FL, you can get a nice house in a great neighbor.
We ended up living in a two bedroom run down house for $500. a month.

Huge difference in living in CA and FL. Plus FL doesnt have state taxes and we were still berly making enough to get by on.The sale of my art work got us through.

That was two years ago.
Enough was Enough. I had turned 31 and Rob 35. We were where we wanted to be in life at that age. Something dramatic was in order. Katrina happened. It cant get more dramatic than that, huh?

So, he put his resume on He got a call about a job in Mississippi making the amount of money he was currently making BUT the overtime is what got him. He works 70 hours a week. Some of you might think thats alot but my hubby loves his job. So work alot is waht he likes.

Oh by the way Rob is a Journeyman Electrian with 13 yrs as a Journeyman. And he is currently working on his Masters.

Anywho, so he took this job in Mississippi working on a, get this, Navy Base. Hes building War fleets for the US NAvy. HA! He is living on a retired Navy ship they have docked for the workers. He told me not long after starting there, "Honey, its like I never got out!" HAHAHA!

Well, Jacksonville is a long ways from where he was so we knew another move was in order. Then my sisters and brother came home from Iraq. Another story. They are National Guard.

Anywho, they come home and moved to Lafayette. My family is extermely close, so I decided to move here to be near them. That and Lafayette has one of the best horticulture school in the south. That was the deciding factor.

But We are living apart so he can make some serious money so we can finally get out of debt!

Well, on the day we were leaving, we had the UHAUL packed up and hitched to my truck. Robs truck was packed up and we were on our way OUT of town for good. We hit the freeway and Robs tire blow out.

OOOOOOffffffff course.....

Well we didnt have a spare so we had to have it towed. We get to the tire place. Quick tire change and be on our way, right? WRONG!

As the tow guy was unlaoding Robs truck, transmission fluid came pouring out! Im talking tons of green fliud!

Well we were at Firestone so we had them look at it think the plug had come out. Another quick fix, right? WRONG!

Theres a part under there I didnt even know exsited until that day. Dont ask me the name of it, cuzI couldnt tell you. But theres a part under there that connects the transmission and someother thingie. Well that peice was badly damaged. So the peice of the transmission was sitting snug like it was suppose to and was bouncing around. It was caused by a bad transmission. We didnt know.

Well, We went ahead and moved, leaving Robs truck there to be fixed.

We get a call that they wanted $1800.!!!!!!to fix it! Ok thats like trying to squeeze blood from a rock....just not happening.

So we decided to make payments. Large payments. You know go ahead and knock it out.

ITS ALMOST PAID OFF! The guy fixing Robs truck now has a total of $1400!!!!!!!!!!!!! 400 to go! YAY!

Wow long blog just to say truck almost paid off! HAHA!

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Im a bad mama!

Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 4:02 pm

To understand what Im talking about, I have to go back a few days.

About four days ago I noticed a big red bubble right above the right eye of my male cat, Chase. He is an outside cat and likes to fight with anything and everything, including non living things like bobwire fencing, the tree in my front yard and the tires on my truck. Strange one indeed.

Well, anywho, I picked him up and using a clean cloth, I washed that area in warm soapy water. He wasnt too happy but he let me do it. It was like a gusher! Once I started, it didnt stop. It looked to be pus. Well, finally got it to stop and all cleaned up. The cut was right above his eye, like I said and it was a clean cut. No jagged edges and too wide to be from another cat or dog.

Well, After getting it cleaned up, I let him go and made him stay in for the night so I could keep an eye on him.

The next morning the cut was scabbed over but the side of his face was swollen. OK.... So This time Chase wasnt so sweet about his mama wanting to pick him up and mess with his ouchies. After fighting with him, I finally got a beeter look but only a peek cuz he jump out of my arms.

I didnt see any other wounds so I just figured it was swelling that comes with gettting hurt, right? If theres blood, you are going have swelling ,even a little.

So I just kept a clost eye on him. Well that night, I notcied blood on my floor where he sleeps. Being as I have three dogs, two cats, one snake and two mice, I had to track down the right one first.

When I finally got him, he had redish fluids running down his face. Not bad but noticable. So I was like, Ok its draining thats good. I didnt try to clean it this time as you could tell he was in pain in that area. I watched him and thought he was doing a better good job at cleaning it.

Chase is my clean boy. I dont have to worry about him not being clean. He will sit in the sun and watch himself for hours. His sister Mouse on the other hand, is my dirty butt. I dont think she has learned to clean herself. Chase will actually lay on top of her, holding her down, to clean her! HA! Its pretty funny to watch.

So of course I keep him in that night again (he wasnt very happy about it) so I could keep an eye on him.

The next morning the swellings gone. I was pretty releved to see it gone. So the swelling was caused by fluid build up. Chase had done a really good job at keeping it clean. There was no fluids around the was all over my floor but none on him, except for his little paw where he had been cleaning it. I washed this off for him.He let me pick him up which was a good sign which I took as, he was feeling better. When I was cleaning off his paw, I noticed right under his cheek where the swelling was, was this huge gaping hole. I looked closely at it and saw this the swelling had caused it to bust...rupture, whatever you want to call it. But other than being gross to look at, it looked fine. No more leaking. Ok nature is taking its course and he is doing ok.

Being a concerned mama, I of course kept a very close eye on him through out the day. I checked his eatting, it was fine. I watched him outdoors and made sure the dogs didnt harass him. He was playing so of course, you think all is well. His bowels were good (yes I check). All was well.

I piddled around my garden and played with the dogs.

About sunset, I decide to call it a day and was bring all the plants inside(still cold at night here), closing the windows and doors and bring in the animals.

Chase was sleeping on one of my wooden plant stands. I just usually call him and hell come.

Well, I was thinking , ahhh he is doing fine, Ill let him sleep outside for right now.

I said something to him and he looked up! My heart fell out of my chest and I started crying! From the bottom of his ear to just below his chin where the swelling was, the skin had peeled back ,exposing the tissue and bone underneath! He wouldnt let me near him. So I went to a friends house just down the street and got her and her boyfriend to come help me catch him.

I caught him not problem but as soon as I got him in my arms, he didnt just try to get away (which isnt like him) he attacked me! For the first time in his young life! My hands and arms look nasty but nothing compared to his face!

I got a closer look tho. Its bad....real bad...Its like the infection got completely under all that skin and seprating it from the tissue and bone underneath! And I do mean peeled ,ppl! There a flap of skin just below his eye thats hold the skin that peeled away. God if he catches it on something , it will rip his eye lid! How could I have missed that!?

When he finally got away, he ran. We couldnt catch him. He lived up to his name last night. He didnt come in last night at all. I couldnt sleep. I kept thinking, he was dying under the house or out in one of the fields without his mama to comfort him. It was breaking my heart!

This morning I let the dogs out to do there business and Chase came running in to get his breakfast. His face looks even worse (if that possible) than it did last night. The tissue and meat on his face, is turning a dark red almost black. And that flap of skin is drying out and turning gray.

Because they were closed last night ,early this morning I called the vet. I am taking him in this afternoon. They wanted me to bring him in NOW! But my truck is with my hubby in another state so I have to wait for my sister to get out of school so she can take me.

Im so freaked out! I cant stand to see a animal or person in pain. I know that has to be hurting him. But am I wrong? He is eatting like nothing is wrong. He is now sleeping on "his" rug in the dogs room. (yes my dogs have thier own room).

I dont want to lose him. He is my little "Chasers".
I feel like a bad mama!

I was trying to figure out what would cause something like that. While the point is moot now, I cant help thinking about it.

The cut in his eye was clean. So I was at first thinking it was the barred wire behind our house that keeps the horses out of my yard. But would that cause something like that? Then one of my neighbors got wind of what was going on (ahh the grapevine). She come to tell me first thing this morning that she had seen the other neighbors (the ones Ive been having problems with but that another story) throwing things at Chase and that she was leaving for work and saw the father kick Chase! EXCUSE ME!???? Nothing makes me madder than someone abusing an animal! And it mine at that!

Well, the night before I noticed the cut above his eye, those nieghbors up and moved in the middle of the night. Now I cant help but wonder if they did this to my cat. They have been nothing but trouble since I moved in. They complain about my dogs and cats. You cant stop a cat from prowling even if you tried. I told them just to make a loud noise and he would run off. And its not like he was using thier lawn as his bathroom. I had watched him several times to see what he was doing over there. He has a "girlfriend" in the house on the other side of them. He had been just walking through thier yard to go see her. I told them that.I heard nothing else from the after that.

If I ever get my hands on them........


Chase is at the vets office overnight. They going to sedate him and cut away the infection. He will be coming home tomorrow. The vet said that he will have a scar but not the size of the wound. Which is good cuz it covers the side of his face! But he is going to have a scar and she said his fur mostly likely wont grow back! Im going to have a bald cat! HAH! But thats ok by me if he is healthy!

**update** Chase is now home and being himself...annoying! His face looks 100% better than yeasterday. And he is happy to be home. Right now as I type, he is prowling the hall and rooms ,making all kinds of racket! Sure is nice to have him back home!

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Still figuring it out.

Category: New Gardener | Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 7:42 pm

The one thing I have found as a new gardener is that you spend alot of time doing research on plants. I do it backwards tho. I buy the plant cuz it catches my eye and then do the research on it.

Because of this I have plants that I have no where to put. I only have so much shade space. Well, I have the back yard but I have three dogs that like to run. I dont think they would be too happy with me if I took their space away. They wouldnt be as understanding as my other half when I took his driveway away! HA!

This year I wanted to try seeds. Im learning as I go. Ive lost some of the seedlings but others are doing well only to die when I plant them outside. Maybe Im planting them too early.

I have found myslef being lazy this last week. I have alot of yard to dig up and Im not doing it. I started it and as Im sitting here, I can see the huge container I have my seeds in. So I know it has to be done.

I keep having these two side talks with myself...and yes I am answering myself back!

OH!!!! I just heard thunder!!!! And it just got really dark out!

Anywho, here the usual talk....

Pinkie: ugh I have to do all that digging!
Denee:Well, yeah....
Pinkie: ISnt there an easier way?
Denee: Yeah but you cant afford a landscaper.
Pinkie: But thats alot of work! And it needs to be done now so I can get the seeds in the ground.
Denee:So do it.
Pinkie: I dont wanna.
Denee: Too bad lazy butt! You bought them so you sow them!
Pinkie: Youre no help!
Denee: Hey Ill be out there too when you are diggin it up!
Pinkie: I have way too many ideas for my own good.
Denee: Thats because your mind works more than your lazy body!
Pinkie: SHUTUP!

So you see, Im no help to myself. I just get pissed off with myself and clean my house....and the garden still isnt done.

I have this vision in my head of what I want my garden to look like. The problem is Im so new at this that I dont know if I can pull it off. I dont know how. I want a garden that looks natural. But I know its like when a woman wants that natural look when she is doing her makeup. Its alot of work to get that look.

I think alot of it has to do with ,first and foremost, Im an artist. Im anal about the details of my work. I will spend so much time with the details that I lose track of time. To me, thats what makes a work of art good....its all in the details. Details draw you into the work you are looking at....right? I like strong lines....clear lines. Because of that, Im finding it very hard just to throw seeds on the ground and hoping for the best. Even the rose garden is planted with very clear lines. Even tho I was trying to go for a more natural look there. It so didnt happen. All my flower beds so far have very clear lines and sharp corners. The tallest plants in the back with the shortest up front.

Thats not what I want. But the artist part of me is taking over.
(Ill post some of my artwork so you all who read this will see what Im talking about when it comes to my eye for detail.)I want my garden to look natural but to do that I have to let go of my eye for clean lines and details. I keep hearing the artist in me yelling......thats not neat! Thats very sloppy!

While Im all jokes and giggles about the things going on in my yard, I feel like Im coming to a cross road. Where the artist in me and the gardener in me are about to do battle. I personally think that this will make me either a better gardener or a better artist.

The artist Denee is telling the Gardener Denee that the lines have to be clear and defined and the Gardener Denee is telling the Artist Denee where to stick it.

Heres my work...Sorry the pics arent so great...
My very first peice...

One I did 2 years ago..

The one Im currently working on...

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Oh did I do it again!

Category: Spring | Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2006 5:22 am

MAN! I went with a freind shopping and bought more roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought

Hot Cocoa (floribunda/tree)
Gold Masterpiece (tea/tree)
Perfume Delight (tea/bush)
Europeana (floribunda/bush)
Kordana -red (mini)
Kordana- Sunny (mini)

What have I done!? Like I didnt have enough work for myself in the yard!!!!

Someon either stop me or shot me! My hubby may do the last when he finds out...all that cost me over $100.!!!!!


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My hand made bird feeder...

Category: Spring | Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 5:14 pm

I had this ugly hanging kichten basket. Im sure weve all seen its type. Its wired and has three wired baskets, the largest being at the bottom and the littlest being at the top.

Well, I had that ugly thing up in my kitchen before the move. But I flat out refused to put it in my new one.

But Im a pack rat. I never throw anything away (I might need it later) So heres what I did.

I took three black bowls and in two I cut holes in the bottoms. I put one in the top, one in the middle and the one without holes in the bottom. I poured bird seeds in the bowls.

A few days later the birds discovered the feeder. When one was on the top, the movement sends seeds through the hole of that bowl into the seeds of the bowl below. It seems to be attacting birds when they drop through the holes.

Its great to watch the different birds eatting out of different bowls right below each other at the same time.

Theres a bluejay and a chickadee(think i spelled that right) that will eat at the same time. The Bluejay on top and the chickadee on the middle.

Its amazing to watch.

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I HAVE DISCOVERED......................

Category: New Gardener | Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 4:40 pm

.......... the Gradening knife! If you know this knife, then you know its a gardening must have! It cuts through the tought roots like butter(including skin....I learned this the hard way......twice!!) It makes my job so much easier! I paid 9.99 for it at Super Target.

To all the newbies, run out and get one. It will become your best friend in the gardening business! Im telling you!

And for all the "old pros" who knew about this knife and didnt let a newbie know........ I stick my tongue out and give you a big fat ****RASPY****

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Almost there

Category: Spring | Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2006 9:50 pm

Just about all my potted plants that made the move from Fl are now in the ground. I have three to go. I wanted it done by spring so I can work on strictly seeds.

I have planted some seeds. This morning I planted..... or say... sprinkled a ton of wild flower seeds in the back yard. I used them because theres so much space back there. I know I wont have time to garden back there. Its a ugly spot. I am picking up more so I can completely cover that whole area. I did it the lazy way! HA! I raked a layer of potting soil over the grass and the sprinkled the wild flower seeds over it and the raked gently and watered! HA! Those seeds will grow in anything so Im not worried. The landlord saw me and told me I have to keep the grass cut.....hmmmm How am I going to cut the grass there without cutting the flowers? Oh well, Ill cross that bridge when I come to it. If its pretty enough, I dont think hell care. Lets hope not!

I got black elephant ears today! YAY! I love EEs! I have all kinds. If my cats and dogs will stop walking on them, they will grow and hide the side of the house. But EEs are alot like mints, you really cant kill them!

I hung a hummingbird feeder today. The rudys are coming through. I hope its not too late to see some!

One of my rose bushes, Chrysler Imperial is about to bloom! Its got two fat buds on it! Cant wait!

I am seeing green on my banana trees. Once they grow, they will block the veiw from my nieghbor into my house. They are a bunch of peeping toms over there!

Im buying a tiller! Ive never used one, but dangit if I dont need one out here. This grass has some tough roots! I need something to chop through it. I think thats what a tiller is for! HA! Ill find out soon!

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OK Thats it!

Category: Spring | Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 11:24 pm

I know what your thinking! I loved spring yesterday! But that was yesterday! Today I was pooped on TWICE! YES COUNT THEM....


By birds while working in the garden! AND! I had a straw hat on too!

Now how does one get pooped on while wearing a large floppy hat, you ask? Cuz they waited until I took it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im a natural redhead with very curly hair and it is having a fit right now! I washed it first thing this morning, then again after the first fly by and then again after the last sneak attack.

Needless to say, I havent gone back out today! Not even to check my mail. It can wait until tomorrow. Im not doing it and you cant make me!

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