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Design & Technicalities.

Category: Aquaponics | Posted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:42 pm

For the design, I am keeping it as simple as possible.

The Design ( photo / image / picture from KK Ng's Garden )
The design looks simple enough and I am sure you are aware that putting the design on paper is simple but building it is whole lot of different story. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I would not have much obstacle when I start on it physically.

Now for the technicalities, I will be following most of the information from the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, Universiti of Hawaii at Manoa in the internet and whatever useful information I can get from any website.

The Maths
The 200 litres drum for the fish need some modification work because I will be lying it on the ground. The drum need to be cut along it's side so that there is an opening. After this modification, I would expect to at least contain 180litres of water.

According to most website, to have healthy fish, the total volume of the water need to be filtered every hour which means I have to have a pump capable to move at least 180litres per hour. My plan is a 400litres per hour pump, always more is better than not enough.

As for the grow bed, the containers should be flooded every 15~20 minutes and an automated draining system is needed. To ensure that the grow beds are flooded within 15~20 minutes, the pump must be able to top up 100 litres (Since the are 5 20litres grow bed - 5X20=100) during that time. Oops I think the pump capacity is just enough and I am not comfortable with that. 400 litres per hour pump will provide a volume of 100 litres theoretically in 15 minutes. So the pump must have a larger capacity, at 600 litres I guess.

To drain the water after flooding, I think I'll go with the bell siphon system of it's efficiency instead of the loop siphon system. Frankly I have not really make up my mind yet ..... will see how it get along ya!!

OK the expected cost so far:
1 pc 200 litres Drum = $45
5 pcs 25 litres cans = $20
1 pc 600litres/hr submersible pump = ?
PVC pipes and fittings = ?

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Jerry Sullivan wrote on Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:29 pm:

This gets more interesting each day KK. What kind of fish will you have in the tank? How many fish are needed to provide the necessary nutrients? I like the demonstrations. It gives me a better idea about what you are going to do.


Sjoerd wrote on Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:25 am:

This is exciting, KK.
I can see that you have some piping to transport the water, but there are open containers and the plants that you will grow will take up some water as well. Is this water loss from plant use and evaporation an issue for you?
How you will keep the system topped up with water?
Will you be using rainwater that you collect?


KK Ng wrote on Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:17 am:

Hi Jerry, I have not decided on what fish to have in the tank but I have two types in mind. First is the marble goby because it is a great eating fish and I love eating it and next is the talapia which is recommended for aquaponics because of it's hardiness. I'll try to put in more links as I go along.

Well Sojerd, I don't think the water lost would be an issue but then again it could. Thanks for highlighting this possible issue and I guess can only deal with it after starting operation because by then I can only guage the amount of lost and find what is the best solution.
Yes I am thinking of rain water, just a heavy shower with cans place in the right place will do the job but then again March is the dry season. Ah well ..... will deal with it when the time comes.

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