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Nicky and Gramma went to the soccer game

Category: Grandson Stories | Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2007 8:33 pm

I thought I knew where the soccer field was, Lisa had told me that it was at a large church across the road from the school where she teaches and the boys attend. Okay, no problem been up there many times and have seen the church. She said turn left and you can't miss all the cars, parents and munchkin sized soccer players.

So we drive thru the ridiculously large number of sports fields this place has and find soft ball, hard ball, touch football and larger kids soccer and not a person I asked had any idea where the other soccer fields were. Meanwhile Nicky is sitting in the back seat saying Gramma go back to the big road and turn that way (he was pointing to the right) I did have to turn that way because there was no left turn allowed at that spot, but then I u-turned and headed back the other way. From the backseat I hear..."If only I knew how to drive" followed by a heavy sigh that said what he knew would get him in trouble if he put it to words. Hahaha funny 7 yr old.

I did finally remember that the left Lisa told me to take was supposed to occur after passing the church not before. So we finally found it and wouldn't you know it, the fields are on a high plateau where the only thing to block the wind whipping out of the northwest today was the totally useless chainlink fence. At that time the temp was just under 50 but the wind was blowing at pretty much a steady speed between 25-30 miles per hour.
Found his team and waited for the two teams on the field to finish, they were running late.

When his game was starting I moved my chair down field to the end where his teams goal was located. I could sit with my back to the wind and have a good view of the entire field. And as luck would have it for the first half of the game all the action was right there in front of his teams goal. Sadly at the half time, the teams swapped goals and then all the action was now at the opposite end of the field. In case you have not figured it out yet, that means the other team was a better team. Final score was 7-0
During the 3rd quarter break Nicky came down to me, he was upset and crying about the other team beating them...he didn't want a trophy that said Looser on it. After some talk, hugs and kisses he started feeling better and went back out on the field.

End of game they all got a juice drink and a bag of mini-chocolate chip cookies...ahhhh, the healing power of chocolate. On the way home he told me about the game and the happy tone in his voice warmed my frozen ears just as much as the warmth of the car's heater.

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Can you spell......?

Category: Grandson Stories | Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 4:49 pm

My two grandsons came over yesterday to spend a couple of days with us during their Thanksgiving week off from school.

Austin is almost 11 and is content to have either his Game Boy or the Nintendo controller in his hand for however long he can get away with it.
But Nicky who is 7 isn't as enamored of video games as his brother so he will come into the livingroom off and on during the day to watch a movie or draw pictures. Sometimes his wandering around the kitchen includes him telling me that "Sometimes my Mom will let me have candy". When asked "Is that right?" he will usually admit that it isn't really as often as sometimes. But since this is Gramma's house, the rules are more lax than at home.

Yesterday he was drawing us a really pretty picture and started spelling random words. I started giving him words to spell and he did without missing a one.
Then I said spell "Encyclopedia" (any of you other old people remember learning to spell that from the original Mickey Mouse Club?) He gave me a funny look and asked what a cyclopedia was. I explained it was a bunch of books where you could find out just about everything about everything. You could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he absorbed this information....then he spelled "B O O K S"

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This is soooo Nicky

Category: Grandson Stories | Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2006 3:29 am

preface.....Nicky is 7 and just entered first grade, he definitely marches to his own drummer!!!
I got this email from Lisa this evening and thought it would perk everyone up.....

"Mrs. Griffin has an incentive plan called "caught being good" and to her class she gave the example of someone dropping their pencil box and whoever helped pick it up would get points for being good. Points = candy. So Nicky and his little table mate hatched a plan that she would drop her pencil box and he'd help clean it up, then later in the day he'd drop his and she'd help clean up. He said that was the only way he'd be caught being good. Ingenious!"

I wrote Lisa and asked her how the teacher figured out what they were doing. Her response was.....
That's the best part...he told his teacher of their clever plan this morning

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