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Been Thriftin' Yet Again

Category: Thrift Store Finds | Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2007 3:45 pm

Found this really cool wooden barrel. It is 12" tall x 10" diameter (31cmx26cm) Will probably seal it and plant in it of course.

A decorative beeskep made from grapevines.

A step stool that will be perfect for a couple of small potted plants to sit on...or for me to sit on when I need a rest.

Two teapots for making birdhouses similar to Zuzu's

Another teapot and a china watering 'can' that should make a cute birdhouse too.

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Thrift Store junkie, yep that's me

Category: Thrift Store Finds | Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 3:27 pm

I really have to get some treatment for this addiction to thrift stores. It just seems like the logical thing to do on the weekends...we have a couple of hours free and want to get out of the house so we go to a couple of thrift stores. And it is becoming like an addiction.....what if we miss a weekend at our favorite thrift store and something really fantastic is there and someone else buys it!!! It did happen once that I am aware of, we got there one Saturday afternoon and found a fantastic rustic cabinet made from old barn wood, I saw it from way across the large back room and fell in love at first sight...hurried over to it hoping I wouldn't have to get mean and fight anyone for it....I got there and found it had a $30 price tag AND a SOLD sign on it. The one that got away haunts me to this day. Oh, yeah, there was also the really cool Bakers rack type of shelf thing that had been a display for Guiness somewhere, missed that one by a few minutes too.

Yesterday I did find only two really super things, the other things I bought were some pretty plain planters that I need out front. I need spring to arrive pretty soon so I can focus on the garden and finding places to put all the wonderful junque I have already the same time praying that I am not missing something wonderful at the thrift store.

Another birdhouse on a stick, it will need to be mounted somewhere so it doesn't fall over if a momma bird moves in. The little planter used to hold fake flowers. I am going to clean it out and maybe plant a mini-rose and put it on the front porch.

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Turtle Doves

Category: Thrift Store Finds | Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 4:50 pm

Another of my most recent thrift store finds was this pair of Turtle Doves. I had thought it would look really nice in the garden, probably in the secret garden when I get it done. And what the heck, it was only $2.19. After we got home I started looking at it closer and found the name Austin Productions, Inc on the bottom and the year 1980.....the year Randy and I married, that was really cool.
Then I did a search for Austin Productions, Inc and found pictures of several of their pieces on ebay offered for between $10 and $50 and other items on websites selling for well over $50. In all the searches I have done I can not find my Turtle Doves, but I figure instead of taking a chance damaging them they will stay in the house instead.

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My passion for thrift stores continues

Category: Thrift Store Finds | Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 6:23 pm

The space available for storing thrift store finds is becoming quite limited now. Thankfully most of the things are smallish so I think I have room for two more months of collecting then spring had better arrive or even the paths thru the rooms will be filled in.

Adorable table that will go out on the front porch area when I rearrange things out there.

The obelisk will remain in parts in the box until spring, this one is like the second from the left, I am thinking it would be perfect for a Morning Glory vine.

The bottomless birdhouse will become a plant protector to keep squirrels from digging it up. I also have been collecting several wire basket type things to use in the same way.
The flower thing in the middle is a candle holder but I think it will look good just sitting out in the garden somewhere. And the fancy bracket thing was only 50 cents and I know I can find someplace for it someday.

To a non-gardener this would appear to be a pasta drying rack.

But with willow sticks replacing the dowels and sitting on the buffet in the kitchen it will be an herb drying rack this summer

I have a couple of other things but I think they each need their own blog entry.

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Been "Thriftin" again

Category: Thrift Store Finds | Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2007 7:39 pm

We had not been to our favorite thrift store since well before the holidays so yesterday we went.
I found some doo-dads for places in the garden, nothing much but I will post picture when they are in their places.

But this table was stuck in the backroom where they keep the not so pretty furniture and things. I love that room, it is where I have found the neatest things.
It is homemade and well used, there is a circle stain from a glass and stains from spilled liquids and the bottom of the legs are water stained possibly from the floor being mopped around it. The cut out design was made using a router so it isn't really old, but the rustic look is what I love.

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More goodies

Category: Thrift Store Finds | Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2006 6:54 pm

I really like this particular thrift store. It is run by a group of churches and what they get they sell. Goodwill and Salvation Army decide what goes to each store by the demographics of the area it is in, so we don't always get the good stuff.

This toadstool was painted in a ceramics class by someone named Susan.

I had to lay the table down to get the right background contrast for a decent picture. And there is more green in than the picture shows.

This is the top of the table, it is a half round and will be going out in the secret garden I have planned for next year.

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My downfall are Thrift stores and 1/2price Book stores

Category: Thrift Store Finds | Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2006 3:48 pm

Thrift Stores and several Half Price Books stores really like to see me come thru their door...and I am more than willing to make them happy by doing just that.

I have yet another gardening related book to add to the stack of unread books.....Why We Garden - Cultivating a Sense of Place by Jim Nollman. Plus a couple of books on weaving and another knitting book.

I have a really good excuse for making so many trips to thrift stores, several months ago I quit using the dishwasher and will be getting rid of it as soon as we find an interesting and useful cabinet to replace it in the kitchen. Over the last few years one store in particular has had several really cool pieces that were removed from older homes but of course at that time we had no place to put any of them. Now that we have the space, there aren't any available. We try to make a trip to the largest of those shops at least once a week since their stock comes and goes so quickly. At the same time, since we are there I may as well look around for any fun things they might have gotten in since our last visit.

I found this green wicker plant stand and small purple wishing well shaped planter yesterday....

Last Saturday when my daughters and I were spending the day together we stopped at a large Salvation Army shop, I found a small spinning wheel but they wanted $50 for it. Last night Randy and I went there again looking for an old radio cabinet to convert to hold our stereo...the spinning wheel was still there waiting for me I think and this time it had a $30 price sticker next to the original one. When the clerk rang it up, she took 50% off, so we got it for $15. Even if it is never usable for spinning, at that price it makes a really cool decorative piece in our country cabin looking livingroom.

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