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Can you say.....Arctic Front ??????

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2006 4:21 am

Wednesday, sometime in the evening the arctic front is supposed to move thru us and it sounds like it will be similar to "epson salts thru a widder woman". (I don't know where that saying came from, but I like using it, warped aren't I) It will drop the temperature 10-20 degrees in an hour and continue dropping until we reach a low overnight of 38. Then....then....then....the high on Thursday is not supposed to be above that 38 degrees and dropping down to the mid-20's Thursday night. First hard freeze of the season and winter doesn't even start officially until Dec 21.

And...And....And...the weatherman on tonight actually said the "S" word. Okay, it was Sleet he said (not Snow) but he also mentioned freezing rain....there is a difference, sleet is balls of ice mixed with rain, frozen on it's way thru the layer of cold air several hundred feet above ground and freezing rain freezes as it hits the ground and becomes a layer of ice.

I am totally aware that most sane individuals do not share my thrill about this upcoming weather....I live with two of those party poopers. But tell me now, is being sane all that much fun really?

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Saturday - aka Hither and Yon

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 3:36 pm

Saturday started out slowly, dishes and laundry and the computer. When Randy finished installing the Ham Radio in his truck then waxing and polishing the truck we left (in my car) to run some errands.

Lunch at Burger House, it was the first time for us and really liked the burgers, I loved the seasoning on the fries.
We went to our favorite Herb Shop, an old house painted purple and in a part of Dallas that is scary at night. I got some dried Mint, Marjarom, Red rose petals, Mugwort and Lavender to make Sleep Pillows for gifts this year.

Then we remembered that the Tower Record Store chain is going out of business and who can resist a sale when it comes to music??? I found the soundtrack from Practical Magic, a The Best of Rod Stewart CD that I had been wanting and a DVD of "The Point" for the grandsons.

On to Office Depot for a black ink cartridge for my printer. We were getting into the car to leave when a car pulled up out front, a young man got out, ran in and grabbed the lifesize cardboard standup poster of NASCAR driver Carl Edwards who drives the 99 car sponsored by Office Depot. He stuffed into the back of the car, hopped in and and the car took off. We weren't paying much attention to what was happening until we noticed him coming out with the poster. The store had a lady greeter at the door, she came running outside and a customer on the way in wrote down the car's plate number...we didn't even see that much.

Went to the grocery store, have you noticed how taking the family to the grocery store can sometimes make the national debt look like pocket change when the checker hits the Total button on the register? When we leave I remind one and all that the words "but there's nothing in this house to eat" are not to be uttered where I can hear them.
After supper I spent the rest of the evening sitting on the couch zoning out in front of the TV.

After working in the yard all Friday afternoon, then sitting in the car and walking around so much yesterday, my back and legs are screaming at me this morning. So today, even tho the backyard is calling my name, I think I will make those dream pillows and see if I can make some quills from the Grackle feathers I picked up out back and do some glass painting with them.

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Formerly known as Raspberry Tangle

Category: FRED - the garden | Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 9:40 pm

Do NOT ever plant Raspberry vines unless you have a large field you want covered. 5-6 years ago I put a couple of Raspberry vines in the ground, Amanda loves Raspberries. They didn't do well and by summers end there was no sign of them. The next summer they came back not only where I planted them but had also moved themselves around the corner to get more sun, over under the Peach tree, into the middle of the Horseherb bed and were heading towards the back fence. Repeatedly mowing them down finally put an end of the escapees. The ones that had moved to the sunnier side of the house stayed, bloomed, set fruit and quickly became dinner for the squirrels. Even those brambles have not been doing very well lately so this afternoon I cut down and dug up all that I could get out of the ground. I sprinkled Lime on the ground to hopefully prevent any future vines, covered the area with plastic and mulch.

It is now the home to my growing mushroom collection, the Kalanchoe in the cart, mini-yellow rose in the purple wishing well and the birdhouse on the stick planter. I also found some Hyacinths already peeking above ground, they needed to be divided and moved so they are in the planter box under the birdhouse.

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More goodies

Category: Thrift Store Finds | Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2006 6:54 pm

I really like this particular thrift store. It is run by a group of churches and what they get they sell. Goodwill and Salvation Army decide what goes to each store by the demographics of the area it is in, so we don't always get the good stuff.

This toadstool was painted in a ceramics class by someone named Susan.

I had to lay the table down to get the right background contrast for a decent picture. And there is more green in than the picture shows.

This is the top of the table, it is a half round and will be going out in the secret garden I have planned for next year.

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Fred is looking a little frayed around the edges

Category: FRED - the garden | Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 6:39 pm

And across the middle, up one side and down the other and generally all over. Last week I was hoping to fight this "crud" successfully so I stayed inside instead of getting out in the cool weather. Failing to successfully fight it means that since Saturday I have barely been able to go out to fill the birdbaths and feeders.

The yard and beds are pretty much covered with Pecan leaves. Did you know that pecan leaves do not fall individually, the short stems each holding 10-12 leaves fall off in one piece. That makes for a much messier look. And the Hackberry tree has not even started dropping it's leaves.

I need at least another 10 bags of mulch out there. There is one good sized section that I totally forgot to put extra mulch on back in Sept, therefore the weeds have gained confidence enough in their strength that they have begun to advance over the entire area. My Friday project will be to set upon them like ducks on June bugs and show them who is really in charge out there.

The Cannas have to be thinned out and replanted. Some are going to Lisa and some to a friend of Randy's. I really need to do the new extension of the main bed so I can get the lavender plants in the ground.

And for readers unaware of the identity of Fred

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Can you spell......?

Category: Grandson Stories | Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 4:49 pm

My two grandsons came over yesterday to spend a couple of days with us during their Thanksgiving week off from school.

Austin is almost 11 and is content to have either his Game Boy or the Nintendo controller in his hand for however long he can get away with it.
But Nicky who is 7 isn't as enamored of video games as his brother so he will come into the livingroom off and on during the day to watch a movie or draw pictures. Sometimes his wandering around the kitchen includes him telling me that "Sometimes my Mom will let me have candy". When asked "Is that right?" he will usually admit that it isn't really as often as sometimes. But since this is Gramma's house, the rules are more lax than at home.

Yesterday he was drawing us a really pretty picture and started spelling random words. I started giving him words to spell and he did without missing a one.
Then I said spell "Encyclopedia" (any of you other old people remember learning to spell that from the original Mickey Mouse Club?) He gave me a funny look and asked what a cyclopedia was. I explained it was a bunch of books where you could find out just about everything about everything. You could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he absorbed this information....then he spelled "B O O K S"

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He started to say the "S" word

Category: FRED - the garden | Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2006 3:18 pm

I was watching the morning news and weather report on my favorite TV station this morning. Actually not really watching it, using it for background noise while I was reading the newest posts on the Stew.

The weekend weatherman was giving the standard one week forecast when my ears pricked up at what he had begun talking about. He said that it looked like our weather pattern would be changing drastically around the end of November. That could mean either we were going back to summer weather or heading into something called winter weather which we have not seen much of in the last few years.
I left the computer and gave him my full attention....with apprehension tho, because I was so afraid he would use the term "warm up" or worse yet "heating up" somewhere in the comments.

So I am standing in the doorway between my room and the livingroom listening intently. He says that around the end of November the atmosphere would do a complete flip.....that usually means either a High pressure system will move in or leave and since we have been having much cooler temps, there has not been a High pressure system over us. This left me with a feeling of dread, remembering the extremely high temps we have when the High pressure system is there. So there I stand chanting "cold and rain, cold and rain, cold and rain" My heart is saying PLEASE and my head is saying don't get your hopes up.

I must have some power that has been previously unknow to me, because he started saying that this "atmospheric flip" would bring us some temperatures colder than we have had in a long time. WooooHoooo, sounds good. Then I notice he has a big smile on his face and is saying that it could even bring us some ........but he doesn't say the "S" word. He hesitates (I'm holding my breath), his smile gets bigger (I'm about to pass out standing there) and says "lets call it really cold rain for now".
I don't think we have had ice or snow this time of year since the freak ice storm on Thanksgiving day 1993.

All too well, I know that those forecasts can and more often than not, do change as the date of the predicted event gets closer. I have had the "weather rug" pulled out from under me hundreds of times. But that doesn't mean I can stop myself from getting a little excited about the prospect. After all, so far this fall we have had more cool weather than we have in a few years....and.....there was that ice storm in early December 1983 we had 10 days with temps never going above freezing and snow on the ground for all of those the early 1980's we had snow flurries on Christmas Day. So see there is proof that hell has frozen over in the past, so there is a chance it will again.

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The wind is my music today

Category: Puttering Around The House | Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 4:32 pm

We are having winter weather today, the likes of which we haven't had in what seems to be many years. I can not make myself settle in one place for very long, I want to watch this beautiful weather from as many windows as I can.

The high wind, 25-30 mph with gusts of up to 40 mph, means there will be a lot of nekked trees by the time it dies down. It is making the window in my room rattle but since the room was rebuilt last summer at least the interior walls don't rattle any a weird way I sort of miss that.
I don't miss the fact that this room used to feel like ice in the winter. After the construction, Randy added ductwork to bring the heat and AC into here from the central unit.

We were getting a heavy drizzle which brought the temp down from 50 to 45 in just under an hour with a wind chill of 38.

Course today is trash day which means some of the plastic bottles from the recycle bin are rolling down the street and I will have to go collect them later.

I also get to wear my special dress. It is black knit, almost floor length, long sleeves and has white snowflakes on it. I wear it on really cold days because it keeps me warm and only on really cold days because I don't want to wear it out too quickly since I can not find another one.

This type of day is my 3rd favorite kind.

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My downfall are Thrift stores and 1/2price Book stores

Category: Thrift Store Finds | Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2006 3:48 pm

Thrift Stores and several Half Price Books stores really like to see me come thru their door...and I am more than willing to make them happy by doing just that.

I have yet another gardening related book to add to the stack of unread books.....Why We Garden - Cultivating a Sense of Place by Jim Nollman. Plus a couple of books on weaving and another knitting book.

I have a really good excuse for making so many trips to thrift stores, several months ago I quit using the dishwasher and will be getting rid of it as soon as we find an interesting and useful cabinet to replace it in the kitchen. Over the last few years one store in particular has had several really cool pieces that were removed from older homes but of course at that time we had no place to put any of them. Now that we have the space, there aren't any available. We try to make a trip to the largest of those shops at least once a week since their stock comes and goes so quickly. At the same time, since we are there I may as well look around for any fun things they might have gotten in since our last visit.

I found this green wicker plant stand and small purple wishing well shaped planter yesterday....

Last Saturday when my daughters and I were spending the day together we stopped at a large Salvation Army shop, I found a small spinning wheel but they wanted $50 for it. Last night Randy and I went there again looking for an old radio cabinet to convert to hold our stereo...the spinning wheel was still there waiting for me I think and this time it had a $30 price sticker next to the original one. When the clerk rang it up, she took 50% off, so we got it for $15. Even if it is never usable for spinning, at that price it makes a really cool decorative piece in our country cabin looking livingroom.

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