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It Was my Turn

Category: FRED - the garden | Posted: Sun Aug 27, 2006 10:33 pm

Frank's rain dances finally paid off for my yard. Around 2 we got 1/4" in the large rain gauge, around 2:30 we got another 1/4" of rain....then a little after 4 the massive, dark clouds moved in again and we got another 3/4" of rain. For a total of 1 1/4" of rain....more than we have gotten on my yard since May 8th. There are still thunder rumbles out there but it has gone far north of us now.

The rain barrel is full and will be used on the Fig tree tomorrow. This wonderful wet stuff came too late for about half my plants but I think I can hear a lot of singing and dancing from the survivors.

This whole area still needs at least 16 inches and a return to normal rain fall to end the drought, so I do not hold any false hope that the situation is improving but at least for now my yard has rain.

The massive High Pressure system that had been hanging over us since early May has disappeared so there may be more rain in the area thru tomorrow.

The high temp for today was only 96, so the streak of consecutive 100+ temp days ended yesterday at 19. So far it looks like the total number of 100+ days will have also ended yesterday at 42, putting this year in 7th place for number of 100+ days. And the most important stat of all is that the rain today ended 111 days with no more than 1/4" of rain on my yard.

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This is soooo Nicky

Category: Grandson Stories | Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2006 3:29 am

preface.....Nicky is 7 and just entered first grade, he definitely marches to his own drummer!!!
I got this email from Lisa this evening and thought it would perk everyone up.....

"Mrs. Griffin has an incentive plan called "caught being good" and to her class she gave the example of someone dropping their pencil box and whoever helped pick it up would get points for being good. Points = candy. So Nicky and his little table mate hatched a plan that she would drop her pencil box and he'd help clean it up, then later in the day he'd drop his and she'd help clean up. He said that was the only way he'd be caught being good. Ingenious!"

I wrote Lisa and asked her how the teacher figured out what they were doing. Her response was.....
That's the best part...he told his teacher of their clever plan this morning

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I give up

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2006 3:36 am

Even with watering everything early in the morning and again late in the evening I can not keep anything alive. Plus I can not justify watering plants when there is a distinct possibility that water restrictions could very soon include how much we can use for household needs.

I guess I could say, "oh well there is always next year". But after going thru weather almost this bad last year (had the drought but not the heat) that is what I said last Sept...I really thought that everything would return to normal and all my work would survive this year.

Most of my plants are perennials so there is hope that they will return next year, what remains to be seen is whether it will be worth it.

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No power so we left home

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 8:33 pm

Sunday afternoon the wind really started kicking up, the lights flickered then everything went out. The so called storm was more flash than substance. We got about 30 minutes of really strong winds, a nice lightning show, some dark clouds and less than an 1/8th inch of rain. Since the temp outside had already hit 100 for the day, the inside temp quickly climbed to match the outside temp. We took Rambo with us and headed for Dunn Brothers, the coffee shop we really like. Sat outside watching the clouds swiftly clear out, the wind come to a complete stop and the sun come back out

I had called the power company before we left to report the outage but after a couple of hours at the coffee shop the power was still out. We called Lisa to see if they were home and headed up there. About 8 pm the power was still out.
Since we had already planned on going out to my Mom's on Monday, we decided to head out there and spend the night there. Lisa volunteered their spare bed for Amanda and Rambo and then she could stay with the boys while Lisa was at school.

We called our home number several times on the way out to Ranger. If the power had come back on then the answering machine would come on...but nothing.
Our last call being just after midnight as we pulled into the motel parking lot. But sometime between then an 8:30 a.m. when we called again the power was back.

The only food casualties in the freezer was the ice cream and the brine shrimp and blood worms Amanda feeds her fish.

We called Lisa on the way home last evening, we could see some storm clouds that appeared to be over Dallas and she said it had been raining a nice steady soaking rain for almost 3 hours. And the sudden hard rain had caused some flooding in Dallas.

BUT GUESS WHAT!!! Almost none of that had happened on my yard. We got a whopping 1/4th inch. She is barely 10 miles north of us and the flooding was about 20 miles south of us and we were bascially high and dryish in the middle. Temps are returning to their usual hovering around 100 again for the rest of the week.

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