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Thrift Store find with a story

Category: FRED - the garden | Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2007 4:47 pm

The only Mel Brooks movie that Randy and I both enjoy is Young Frankenstein and there are a couple of lines in that movie that I love and giggle at every time I hear or think them. I also love the line from Gene Hackman...."an incredibly large mute" and "damn your eyes" line from Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman's response of "Too late". Oh, let's face it I like it all.

Several years ago I found a pair of wall sconces at a garage sale. I really had no idea where to put them but something told me they would be needed someday. Fast forward to 2005 when the re-construction was completed on this room and we were building the 'incredibly large' bookcase together....for some unknown reason the bookcase in that movie came to mind and the line....."Put the candle back" that Terri Garr's character said when trapped behind the bookcase came to mind also. We had the sconces and the movie therefore 'it would work'. Randy recorded that line on a tiny battery powered recorder, put it in one of the sconces and mounted them on either end of the bookcase.

Right end of bookcase

Eight feet away from the first one is the candle sconce on the left end of the bookcase. When the candle is lifted out of the sconce you hear Terri Garr's voice saying "Put ze candle back"

These door knockers (two of yesterdays finds) will be attached to the front door after they and the door have been repainted. If you have seen the movie, you will come up with the appropriate lines from the movie to go with these....if you haven't, you really should it is a funny movie.

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My passion for thrift stores continues

Category: Thrift Store Finds | Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 6:23 pm

The space available for storing thrift store finds is becoming quite limited now. Thankfully most of the things are smallish so I think I have room for two more months of collecting then spring had better arrive or even the paths thru the rooms will be filled in.

Adorable table that will go out on the front porch area when I rearrange things out there.

The obelisk will remain in parts in the box until spring, this one is like the second from the left, I am thinking it would be perfect for a Morning Glory vine.

The bottomless birdhouse will become a plant protector to keep squirrels from digging it up. I also have been collecting several wire basket type things to use in the same way.
The flower thing in the middle is a candle holder but I think it will look good just sitting out in the garden somewhere. And the fancy bracket thing was only 50 cents and I know I can find someplace for it someday.

To a non-gardener this would appear to be a pasta drying rack.

But with willow sticks replacing the dowels and sitting on the buffet in the kitchen it will be an herb drying rack this summer

I have a couple of other things but I think they each need their own blog entry.

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Guess what I found??

Category: Puttering Around The House | Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2007 8:09 pm

My desk top!! It had been missing for quite some time now, buried under stacks of 'file this', 'do we need to keep this', 'what the heck is this for' and 'doesn't have a place to be so it will be here for now'.

My project for January has been to get papers, books, print outs of knitting and other craft ideas and all sorts of other stuff organized. Got my craft room done right after the first of the year, then other stuff realized that my room had some empty space not doing nuthin' but sitting there unused so almost overnight stuff started moving in. But I have almost gotten that under control again.

Yesterday I started on my desk, the basket filled of papers to be filed and the filing cabinet drawers that were so messy we could never find anything and going thru a box of receipts that had been boxed and stored when the room was damaged...forgot we had these, surprise.

Speaking of when this room was damaged (the story of which is told in blog entry titled On July 18, 2005...long story)....after the reconstruction, we had the builders leave us the old paneling and we finished out the inside of a storage closet at the back of this room. There had been a very difficult to reach shelf about 18" from the ceiling on one side, we took that down and realized it was a hollowcore door 18" wide and just under 6' long (the kind used where our water heater is).
I painted the door brown and then picked out pictures of wild flowers that I liked, traced them onto the door and painted them, then covered the top with a piece of clear vinyl. It is mounted on top of a wood file cabinet and an old printer stand. Everything we already had except the file cabinet and we found that at...where else but our favorite thrift store.

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Dashing Thru the Snow

Category: Puttering Around The House | Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 3:01 pm

Slip Sliding Away.....Walking in a Winter Wonderland... I know there are many other song titles and first lines I could use for this but in case you haven't figured it out IT IS SNOWING HERE

Okay, the actual snowfall has stopped for now, but we did get some before I got up, there is still sleet falling and there is supposed to be more snow/sleet combination all day.

We were not expected to get any of this since the major part of the system was well to the south of us....and it still is, there are areas 4-6 hours drive south of us that have several inches of snow on the ground.

From the front porch, my car and the houses across the street....while I was out there the youngest boy who lives in the house across the street with no snow on the front yard because of the huge Live Oak tree, went running across his backyard yelling "All Right" and started jumping on their trampoline.

The backyard, since there is a thick layer of ice under the pretty stuff I didn't want to walk out in the yard and take a chance of falling.....

I am hoping my plants in pots (three lavenders, three Rue and two Fennel) are okay after the thaw. I had every intention of bringing them in before the cold weather arrived, but we were gone all day Friday when the rain started and when we got home the rain was coming down an inch every 30 minutes and they were overflowing and heavy by then anyway. Then by Saturday morning when the rain slowed down, the water in the pots was frozen solid. What is above the ground is still green, I will just have to wait until the temp goes above freezing to see what happens.

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Well that wasn't part of my plan

Category: FRED - the garden | Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 8:56 pm

aka it isn't pointy anymore
aka just to protect the baby plant

This hollyhock came up outside what I refer to as my first bed a couple of years ago. It survived the summer of 2005, 2006 it not only survived it was covered with cute little purple and white striped blooms. It even survived the freeze and snow we had in November.I was out there today cleaning up debris and stuff. Cutting back things that had recently started their hibernation or just died and noticed that this hollyhock was putting out new green.

I figured such perserverance deserved to be honored so I expanded the bed to include it. Then while I was at it I took the expansion all the way around the curved end of the bed, it used to come to a pointy end but now it is a more gently curve.

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Been "Thriftin" again

Category: Thrift Store Finds | Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2007 7:39 pm

We had not been to our favorite thrift store since well before the holidays so yesterday we went.
I found some doo-dads for places in the garden, nothing much but I will post picture when they are in their places.

But this table was stuck in the backroom where they keep the not so pretty furniture and things. I love that room, it is where I have found the neatest things.
It is homemade and well used, there is a circle stain from a glass and stains from spilled liquids and the bottom of the legs are water stained possibly from the floor being mopped around it. The cut out design was made using a router so it isn't really old, but the rustic look is what I love.

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Dadgum weeds

Category: FRED - the garden | Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 10:36 pm

I sure thought I would have a few months before I had to start weeding the beds again. Nooooo, these weeds have become immune to cold temps and the days of 50 -65 degree temps are contributing to their growth spurts too.

My youngest grandson wanted to take a tour of the garden this afternoon. Out of the yard he was picking dandelion flowers for me and the wishing puffs for himself. He did offer to help me pull weeds out the garden area but then got sidetracked adding sticks to his growing collection and by the puppy next door wanting some attention.

When we took them to lunch before going to the HalfPriced Book store, he found a lemon seed from the lemon Amanda had in her glass of iced tea and brought it to me so I could plant it. I need to get a pretty pot and next Tuesday evening when they are over for a while he and I will plant it.......and hope it grows. Think I will buy a lemon at the store and plant several seeds so we might have a better chance of one sprouting.

It is supposed to be rainy both Wed and Thurs, but maybe I can get out back for a while and get caught up out there.

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