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Can't believe I haven't written a blog entry in two years

Category: FRED - the garden | Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 6:02 am

I am going to try to make this year (yeah, I know I am getting a late start) the year of my blog...I miss writing here.

So, today I started cleaning up the back garden, first bed where it all started years ago with a Malva sylvestris 'Zebrina' which isn't even in that bed any longer but it's descendants are in other places all over the front and back yards. I love it.

Each Autumn I let the leaves fall where they may and provide mulch cover for the perennial roots, besides there is no way to rake up around all the plants and there are thousands of leaves from 4 Hackberrys, 2 Pecans, 3 Crepe Myrtles, one Mimosa and a variety of others that blow in from the neighborhood, ....and the old Charlie Brown TV cartoon makes a pile of Autumn leaves look way more fun than they actually are.

Today I started scraping up the leaves in the first bed and got two Foxglove, one scarlet Dianthus (I am going back for more of these) planted. The Yarrow, Echinacea, Butterfly weed, Iris, Lilies, a couple I don't remember, Daisy, Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red', Plumbago, Salvia, and assorted German Iris are coming back nicely. And a couple of things I planted last year but don't remember names for....will have to figure out what they are later.

Still needs work but I got started ( photo / image / picture from toni's Garden )

I worked on the north shade bed too but didn't take photos since there is almost nothing there to show off yet. But I will do that as soon as growing begins.

Tomorrow I will be out back again, I am determined to get that back garden looking as good as it did 6 years ago before I started working on the front yard...

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One Hawk, two gates and 8 cats

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 7:57 pm

It has been over two years since I made a blog entry. I don't know if I have been busy, lazy or just out of things to say...probably a little of each.

I feed the birds and really well. In the front garden they can feast on any of the 6 suet blocks, 6 seed feeders and a fruit bowl I have scattered around. And boy do they make a lot of noise when the whole gang shows up. And I can always tell when a cat or hawk is in the neighborhood, there is the sound of at least three dozen pairs of wings going into immediate motion and then total silence.

One day last week they all left in a hurry so I started looking for one of the many stray cats that haunt my yard. I noticed some movement on the sidewalk just the other side of the fence but couldn't make out exactly which creature it was so as quietly as I could I stepped out on the front porch. Man, Hawks have incredibly super hearing, he spooked and took off for the neighbors yard with one of the black birds in his talons. I was sad for the bird and wished his spirit a safe journey but was happy that the Hawk had found something to eat.

One of hubbies friends called the other night to say that they had taken down a dog run in the backyard and asked if we might be able to use the chain link fencing. Hubby asked me and I immediately said the gate, I want the gate. I now have two gates that will be mounted out back to become a trellis for Lathyrus odoratus. I have never grown them before so wish me luck.

Now about those blasted cats. Our neighbors around the corner, on the next block and probably on the street behind us do not know now to properly care for pets. They believe that they just get a kitten, put it out in the yard and that is the end of thier responsibility. As a result they have found my front and back yards to be their haven, treating it as their personal litter box and a place where they can lay in wait near a bird feeder and catch a meal 'on the fly' There has been at least one litter of three born in our yard and a threesome of freshly weaned kittens that were dumped in our yard in the hottest part of last summer.

Everytime I see a trail of feathers or smell the pee, I have said I need to get a trap from the city and get rid of the blasted cats. On January 3 I finally got myself in motion and did just that. The city loans traps out for 10 days at a time, I am on my second 10 loan period. This morning I called them to come pick up cat #6. I know there are at least two more to catch...a fluffy white one and a solid black one that I spooked out of it's hiding place this morning right after the animal control officer returned my trap. It is now set and waiting. None of them have a collar with tags or a chip. And I know this will be a continuing process because the neighbors will just get more kittens to replace the cats that have gone missing.

My yard already smells better and when we have the fan in the window on cold nights we aren't being made sick from the smell. And the birds are really a lot happier...for that matter so is the one squirrel we have left. The cats have taken down and eaten at least two of them lately. Really a shocker to go out in the backyard early in the morning and find a squirrel tail laying on the ground and no I didn't not go looking for the rest of creature.

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Cabin among the Cedar trees

Category: Life happenings | Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2009 10:59 pm

You have already seen pictures of the Norwegian Capital of Texas that we visited last Tues on our vacation and seen the garden junque we found on our trip, now this is where we stayed for Tuesday evening thru Thurs morning.
It is a Bed and Breakfast but they have 5 cabins, four of which are off in the 'woods'. Two of those are on secluded roads and very private, we had one of those.

The road to the B-n-B ( photo / image / picture from toni's Garden )

Secluded road to our cabin ( photo / image / picture from toni's Garden )

View from part of the road ( photo / image / picture from toni's Garden )[/

Front of cabin ( photo / image / picture from toni's Garden )

View from front porch ( photo / image / picture from toni's Garden )

View from the back door, across the hot tub ( photo / image / picture from toni's Garden )

More of the back yard ( photo / image / picture from toni's Garden )

View from the bathroom window ( photo / image / picture from toni's Garden )

Young Jackrabbit came to have tea with me Wed morning ( photo / image / picture from toni's Garden )

A small 'possum came to visit me while I was having my morning tea too but he ran away as soon as I raised the camera. The jackrabbit came back Wed afternoon and let us watch her eat a small tree.
Wednesday night we saw a Doe and her Fawn walking thru the woods to their den for the night. There is supposed to be a Fox out there but we never saw him.

We are hoping to go back during the late Autumn or early Winter to enjoy the hot tub in the cold and then sit by a roaring fire in the living room to warm up and wonder what ever possessed us to get into the hot tub on such a cold day.

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Screeeeech, slam on the brakes and back-up a few months

Category: FRED - the garden | Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 6:23 pm

Last fall, I believe it was, before I found my fence panels I devised a front yard plan that wouldn't need them and would still close off the yard. Then I found the fence panels and that plan changed because it just didn't work with the panels.
But part of the original plan is being added back in.....a raised Rose bed. The other part of that plan was using shrubs with year round interest as a living wall, but that part is changing but I have some plants that will planted between a couple more of the fence panels to close the gap.

We are going to build it between two fence panels along the front sidewalk and hopefully in a trapezoid shape or possibly a parallelogram ....depends on which one I can talk my live-in carpenter into making for me. I have three rose bushes that need more sun than they are getting now that I can move from their pots into the bed and hopefully pick up another one if needed to fill the shape of the bed.
This fall I am going to scatter wildflower seeds over it so they will grow up in early spring and bloom before the roses even start to leaf out.

Oh, wow, I just remembered that the fenced in herb bed is another idea from last year that I thought I would have to forego when we couldn't find the fence panels. An 8ft x 8ft square, one panel will be made into a gate. Shelves along the in side of two of the panels, stopping 2ft from the end opposite the gate. There will be planted two Comfrey plants and an Apothecary's Rose. The shelves will hold pots of herbs for cooking, salves, lotions, and for making candle and soap scents. I might want a couple of shorter shelves on the outside of one of the panels too.

Something else I have wanted for a long time is a Medicine Wheel type of garden bed. I have a 9ft circle marked off and will divide it into 4 sections. Each section will be planted with plants that bloom in the color for that section...i.e. North- White, East - Yellow, South - Red and West- Blue. The plants will also represent the four seasons, there will be plants symbolizing the birthmonths of Randy and I, our kids and grandkids (the birthmonth garden I tried out back was a resounding failure because of the trees growing and spreading too much shade) And some of the plants will be chosen for their meaning in the language of flowers.
I already have some of the flowers in the backyard, some I have been buying when I find them and some I have started from seed. A few will have to be ordered and planted this fall....i.e. Red Lilies,to bloom next spring.

I will need to use Randy's compass to get the sections positioned correctly, but first I have a lot of grass/weed digging up to do. I need to find an inexpensive source for smallish stones to use around the outer edge and something natural and flat to create the 4 sections that I can walk on for reaching the center and weeding. I would like to make a Peace Pole for the very center, I think that will be an over the winter project.

From one angle the front yard looks way too big for me to handle, then I start fitting in all these bed ideas and it starts looking sorta small. But I think in a year or two I am going to be really happy with it all..exhausted but happy..I hope

I am hoping that these ideas come out better than the ..'make the backyard into a vegie garden' idea ..I bit off more than I could do in one season on that one but I will still be working on it. Also, the planting of the H*** strip between the street and sidewalk isn't coming out as planned either...but it is also one to continue working on.

And yes there will be pictures as things are done. I think we will be putting up the fence panels for the herb bed some evening this week. And I will start digging out the circle bed in the morning.

The plants in the Medicine Wheel type garden are.....

North - White
Moonflower vine
White Mum - cheerfulness
dwarf Holly - Winter/Dec (oldest grandson)
Dusty Miller- respected Grandmother
Water Lily - healing and July (Randy and youngest grandson)

South - Red
mini Red Rose - Love and June (oldest daughter)
Cockscomb - humor
Red Lilies - faery favorite and April (me)
Red Morning Glory - peace/happiness and Sept (son-in-law)
Red Sunflowers - Summer

West - Blue/Black/Purple
Lavender - healing
Blue Morning Glory - greeting the day
Lamb's Ear - healing
Blue Pansies - Spring

East - Yellow
Black-eyed Susan - fairness
Lemon Balm - health
Yellow mini Rose - joy/happiness and June (youngest daughter)
dwarf Sunflowers - Autumn

I also found some really neat quotes to paint onto plaques for each section too.

"Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are" -- Alfred Austin
"Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are" --Gretel Ehrlich
"Who bends a knee where violets grow a hundred secret things will know" --Rachel Field
"We can talk," said the Tiger Lily "when there's anybody worth talking to" --Lewis Carroll

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Gardening at the end of April

Category: FRED - the garden | Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 5:18 am

Woooohoooo, got my fence panels ordered today. They won't totally enclose the front yard but with the help of vines will give us some privacy out there.
6 will go along the front sidewalk and with the Cross Vine cuttings I have been rooting, they will be covered pretty quickly. One will go along the sidewalk on the side where the Canna bed is. The Canna will be the privacy shield there.
One will go along the driveway, joining the end of the row of 6 at the sidewalk. I want to fill that corner with Hollyhocks, Iris and Lilies. I have plenty of Glad and Iris but will have to wait until next year for the Hollyhocks to bloom.
One will be up near the front porch to give privacy to the entry way and one will be between the Rosemary bush and the trash and recycle barrels to block that view from the street.
I am so excited and this is one of those garden dreams that you have perfectly pictured in your mind and are almost afraid you will never be able to make come true.

I have started pulling up the grass/weeds in the strip between the sidewalk and the curb. Had to stop last week after some creature bit my arm three times causing some swelling, redness and a painful itch. I sort of hate to admit it but we picked up some bug killing spray that will be used on that area before I can finish pulling and planting it. I just don't want to get those bites again.
I have so much Salvia guaranitica (Black and Blue Salvia) that is taking over the back yard I am pretty sure that will be the main plant in that strip. It should take over that area in no time and be confined between the sidewalk and curb. Of course I will have to put in some edging on the property line so Dana next door doesn't have to fight it next year.

Between the heat and bad bug bites last week and the several days of rain this week, it will be next week before I can get much more done in the yard. But considering the drought we are barely coming out of, there is no way under the sun that I will be complaining about rain anytime soon.

Last edited: Mon Apr 27, 2009 5:18 am

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Yet another plan for a front yard garden

Category: FRED - the garden | Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 5:34 pm

Why, oh why, can't I shut off the garden planning portion of my mind? It gets me into more trouble, keeps me too busy, sore of muscle and at the same time is the major source of frustration in my life cause I can't do it all.

The bed I started last spring will be added to over the next couple of weeks, lots of plants to move from the back yard still. The Cannas need to be planted and the rain board installed. Then it will be time to watch it fill in as the weather warms up and add a small fence on the further side just to define the area.

The new shade garden is where it will stay for a while too. I can add potted shade plants over the season as I find them but it will be next year, at least, before anything will be planted in the ground.

Now that we are getting some much needed rain, the black clay will be workable sometime next week and moving the Buddleia, Sages, etc. can begin. And we can get the Texas Lilac Vitex and Viburnum Dentatum in the ground to act as 'mail carrier blockers'. The fencing comes next month.

So last night I was looking thru yet another plant catalog that had come in that days mail, this time from High Country Gardens which specializes in Xericape plants and the flash of inspiration that struck me was so bright it hurt my eyes and will eventually hurt my knees, hands and back too.

There is an area out front that never feels the touch of water from the garden hose, it gets wet only when it rains, it is a royal pain in the tushie to mow and edge and is generally ignored in landscape/gardening plans by one and all.....ours does happen to contain two really large Crepe Myrtle trees - one on either end, planted by the previous owner many years ago. That strip of land is the one between the sidewalk and the curb, it is 6.5 feet x roughly 32 feet between the trees.

I was finding so, so many possibilities in that catalog for that strip of forgotten land and quietly moaning about how much it was going to cost to get this done the way I was picturing it in my head.
Then I was struck by yet another blinding flash of inspiration, dang don't those things hurt when you are not used to getting two in one evening.

I have many of the recommended Xeriscape plants in my back yard already and they are looking for a new home out front.
I have an.....
Achillea - Yarrow 'Paprika',
Black and Blue Salvia,
Artemesia -'Powis Castle',
4 Caryopteris clandonensis 'Longwood Blue', Solidago canadensis,
Moonbeam Coreopsis,
some quickly spreading Oenothera speciosus 'Rosea' (Pink Evening Primrose) that would love to be turned loose in the area
and several Crocosmia - 'Emily McKenzie' bulbs that are not doing well where I planted them last year
I have already bought several pots of Creeping Phlox 'Emerald Blue' to plant on the edge between one of the trees and our driveway.

So my time next week is appropriated for the work but this week while it is too wet to be out there I really need to figure out where each plant will go....or I could just clear a spot and bring a plant from the back and repeat until the space is filled. Hopefully there will be another flash of inspiration during the planning phase because I suck at planning things out.

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Owha taygoo Siam

Category: FRED - the garden | Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 7:50 pm

Say that several times, faster each time. Ever play that on your little brother when you were a kid? I did and loved every minute of it but then I was somewhat of a mean older sister. I am a little ditzy this afternoon from being out in the yard

It doesn't matter when I start working on the garden, I am always getting a later start than I should have.
I started doing some things out back in January between cold snaps not realizing that those cold snaps would end in early Feb and early summer would arrive the very next day.

I am mainly working on a new Canna bed out front. Our front yard slopes down to the street which means when I water or when/if it rains, a lot of water simply runs down into the street/ into the storm drain and doesn't hang around to soak into the ground. So I am making a small 'rain garden' where the Canna will be planted. You can do a google search for Rain Garden to get an idea of what I am aiming for. It will be just a small one to begin with, eventually I would love to have it run the full width of the front yard.

I have decided that the first area to be planted out front will be a butterfly garden.
I have one Butterfly bush and plant on getting two more. I have white Liatris to move to it, Zinnia and Cosmos seeds to start. Then go shopping (oh don't you just hate to have to go shopping for plants) for Lantana, Penta, Parsley, Joe Pye Weed, Milkweed, Hyssop, Tall Verbena, Flowering Tobacco and Globe Amaranth.
After getting that bed started then I will have a better idea of where the plants from out back can go.

Also, I have been creating a shade garden under the pecan tree on the north side of the house. When we bought the house the previous owner had planted Hedera helix - the dreaded English Ivy there and let it grow all over the side of the house.
After a few years of pulling and thinking bad thoughts about the one who planted it, I think I have gotten it gone. We are still working on getting it out of the trees before they get strangled by it and that process is working pretty well.

For the shade bed we installed some above ground edging last month and I have been dumping all the pots of old soil and compost on top of a layer of dead leaves. The soil I am digging up to make the rain garden is going there too. I won't be able to actually plant 'in' the soil for a couple of years but plant stands and pots will eventually hold Impatiens, Spiderwort, Cast Iron plant and any other full shade plants I can find. I am going to cut the bottoms out of a few pots and use them for some Persian Shield along the wall. I also have two large containers I have been growing Peppermint and Chocolate Mint in for a couple of years, they need more shade than where they are now so they are going to get dumped out there too. The more bed they cover, the better. Oh, I also have some seeds for Blackberry and Trout Lilies that like shade.

In clearing off the dead leaves I have found all sorts of greenery coming back. These are all out back waiting to be moved to the front yard, oh have mercy, those areas are not even begun yet.
Fall Asters
Obedient Plant
Blue and Black Salvia
Pineapple Sage

These are greening up in the front bed I started last spring. I added some Hollyhocks to the area this morning.
Fennel, planted last fall but died back shortly after evidently the roots were fine.
Mystic Spires Salvia
Red Valerian that I thought had died last summer
Texas Rock Rose
Hydrangea of unknow variety or color, unlabeled on sale table last fall.

And of course many that stayed green thru the winter. Some will be moved but most will stay out back.
Rosemary - one out back that is too large to move and one out front
White Autumn Sage
Lipstick Sage
Malva Zebrina
Lemon Balm
Penstemon - Husker Red
White Skullcap
Sweet William
Scabiousa Butterfly Blue

Still green in the front bed ...
Scabious - Black Knight
Missouri Evening Primrose, which will soon become a very nice ground cover whether I intended it to or not it would appear.

I have some pictures to get ready and will post them to the forum later today.

All these plans probably sound pretty extensive and may not happen this year since we appear to be in for a very hot and dry spring, summer and fall.
Remind me someday to fill you in on the vegie garden I have planned for the back yard.

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Whatever pops into my head

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Wed Sep 10, 2008 5:51 am

We had a loverly day consisting of several hours of steady rain today, totalled almost 2 inches. We needed to have been having this kind of day more often since early May.
Now we are looking at Hurricane Ike this weekend, this one just might come on north after it hits land between Corpus Christi and Galveston and be over us by Sunday. Since it appears we will be on the 'dirty side' we might get lots of rain and some tornadoes. We'll see.

Amanda is in her third week of the new job and is doing very well. She has had such a hard time finding someone to hire her since she graduated from high school three years ago. I am so relieved, plus she is taking a computer course at the local community college in how to use Flash for animated videos...I think, but then my eyes usually glaze over when she or Randy begin talking about computer in any way.

Since our soil is no longer concrete after today's rain I am hoping to get out back to pull up the Iris bulbs by the back door and put them in some pots, clear out the area in front of the window we used to leave open for Rambo to come in and out of and open those two areas up for an herb garden. Later this fall I plan to move the Cannas from the bed they have called home for the last 5 years and make that whole area an herb bed. The Canna's will become part of the rain garden out front next spring.

I finally found a source for picket fencing, Home Depot has a gothic style picket fencing that is available by special order. I have done all sorts of google searches for picket fence and come up with nothing. We were walking into a Home Depot other than the one we normally go to, last weekend to find a small window AC unit for Randy's office and there on a display outside the door were the exact panels I have been longing for. I want three panels down the property line on the north side of the yard and at least 5 more for along the front and up the property line on the south side of the yard. Now I need to find an relatively inexpensive survey company to verify our property line so neither of the neighbors has anything to complain about before we can put the fencing up. I am soooooo excited about finally finding the fencing.

We picked up Rambo' ashes recently. I had wondered if we would get a baggie that contained a bit of him, bit of a Doberman, a little bit of a Poodle and maybe bits of a couple of cats....but I was afraid of what the answer would be if I had asked at the Vet's office. What we got was a nice condolence letter from the director of the crematorium, a certification that the remains in the box were indeed Rambo's and no one elses, a copy of the poem The Rainbow Bridge, a candle in a votive holder and a very nice cedar box with a brass plate on top with the name Rambo engraved on it that hold his ashes. Amanda came in a few days later and took the box into her room.
I still hear him barking outside sometimes and black shadowy spots on the floor make me step sideways to keep from 'stepping on him' but we are getting used to him not being here, still hurts but it doesn't hurt as much. Hard to believe that last Saturday was one month.

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More thoughts on the new Front Garden

Category: FRED - the garden | Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 4:21 pm

Some are definitely going to be put into place and some are just thoughts for now that I want to keep track of, they might change as the transition takes place.

All bulbs will be in pots and scattered around the garden. They are gorgeous in clumps in the garden but leave unplantable areas when they die back. Being in pots they will add color all over the garden, when they die back the pots will be hidden by the other plants or the pots will be moved to the back yard to a 'holding area' until next blooming season. The main problem will be digging them all up, the Glads and Iris have been in the ground for so many years that there will be dozens of bulbs I will probably miss. Oh, well.
I have started accumulating pots of all sorts for them at thrift stores.

A BACK yard full of what appears to be empty barren ground when perennials are dormant for the winter is okay, very few people will actually see it anyway. But a Front yard left barren like that is just not going to be understood by any one who passes by, especially the city environmental health inspectors who do not garden and wouldn't have the foggiest idea of what it going on out there.

So I have been studying up on what plants I need to have out there for year round green and to screen off the majority of the garden from passersby. I bought the Abelia last weekend to use for the hedge, will add Texas Sage and/or it's cultivar Silverado Sage and a Winter Bush Honeysuckle, the Viburnum I found on the sale table and the Firecracker bush I bought a while ago and the Texas Lilac that is still in it's pot a year after I bought it.
Possibly a red-twig Dogwood if they will do well down here and a Forsythia which I know will.
And the part still viewable will have some evergreen perennials...Germander both upright and creeping, Lamb's Ear, Dusty Miller and Red Yucca will add year round color.

There is a section at the south corner of the house where we have been fighting poison ivy for years and after having my first run-in with that 5 years ago and having arms and legs that looked like something from a Steven King movie, I will not be doing any gardening there. I got Randy to put edgeing and mulch on part of it and next spring I think I will fill that area up with large pots planted with native, drought tolerant grasses.

The north side of the house, along the wall that used to be the garage, there are two really large and very productive Pecan trees. As a result it is total shade and so far nothing but the English Ivy planted by the previous owner has been growing...oh and bunches of squirrel planted pecan trees too. I need to pull out more of the ivy that has crept back in. I have been putting grass and weeds into large brown paper lawn waste bags that are normally picked up by the city for composting. But I have been keeping some bags of the grass I pulled up to make the other bed out there, letting the stuff die and start composting in the bags....this winter I am going to spread all of that over the shaded area, top it off with lots of soil and bags of already composted material.
I had originally been trying to find all sorts of shade plants for that area, but the really common ones just won't work out there. So I think I will fill it with Toad Lilies and Lirope spicata. Lots of green with pretty blooms late summer thru fall.

I want a long narrow raised Rose bed along the front sidewalk. I want to sow wildflower seeds in the bed too...Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush in particular. They will grow and bloom in March/April well before the roses bloom.
I think having the rose bed raised about 10-12 inches will give a good backdrop for a berm to create a rain garden along the front too.

If I get the rose bed, then I won't need nearly as many hedge type plants, what I have already might suffice. Like I said these are ideas I have been mulling over and wanted to put them in the blog so I can think about them some more and revise them as needed. I have written down all these thoughts on slips of paper....have any of you seen stray pieces of paper laying around anywhere???

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Changing Fred into Fred-jables

Category: FRED - the garden | Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2008 1:14 am

Just thinking out loud for a few minutes on an idea that came to mind last night, or I should say really early this morning.

What if I transplant most of the plants from the backyard to the front yard over the fall and winter and turn the backyard into a vegie garden? I have gotten so interested in having our own fresh vegies from looking at the harvest pictures of Sjoerd and EJ. I have always wanted to grow potatoes, I have grown Okra and Blackeyed Peas successfully, tried corn and squash and failed....tried growing them in a summer that became one of the hottest and driest on record...but want to try again. There are a few other vegies I would like to try. And watching our grocery bill get higher and higher and the quality of the produce diminishing...especially when there have been quite a few problems with Salmonella outbreaks because of the poor hygiene practices of the pickers, growers and processors.

Some plants will have to stay out back, specifically the rose bushes, hibiscus plants and the Fig tree. But everything else can be moved while it is dormant or just breaking leaf in early spring. I may have to wait until early spring on some so I can find them ;)

The process can not even begin until Fall and hopefully at that time we will get rain to make the soil workable. So I have plenty of time before then to work out a garden design plan .....but then I have never been very good at planning things out so I will probably wind up just digging holes and sticking the plants in....but I do want to put some paths in before planting this time.

It's just something I am thinking about, probably wouldn't involve the whole backyard but the center portion where the main garden is at least. There are a lot of plants but I think I can do it.

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