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Still figuring it out.

Category: New Gardener | Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 7:42 pm

The one thing I have found as a new gardener is that you spend alot of time doing research on plants. I do it backwards tho. I buy the plant cuz it catches my eye and then do the research on it.

Because of this I have plants that I have no where to put. I only have so much shade space. Well, I have the back yard but I have three dogs that like to run. I dont think they would be too happy with me if I took their space away. They wouldnt be as understanding as my other half when I took his driveway away! HA!

This year I wanted to try seeds. Im learning as I go. Ive lost some of the seedlings but others are doing well only to die when I plant them outside. Maybe Im planting them too early.

I have found myslef being lazy this last week. I have alot of yard to dig up and Im not doing it. I started it and as Im sitting here, I can see the huge container I have my seeds in. So I know it has to be done.

I keep having these two side talks with myself...and yes I am answering myself back!

OH!!!! I just heard thunder!!!! And it just got really dark out!

Anywho, here the usual talk....

Pinkie: ugh I have to do all that digging!
Denee:Well, yeah....
Pinkie: ISnt there an easier way?
Denee: Yeah but you cant afford a landscaper.
Pinkie: But thats alot of work! And it needs to be done now so I can get the seeds in the ground.
Denee:So do it.
Pinkie: I dont wanna.
Denee: Too bad lazy butt! You bought them so you sow them!
Pinkie: Youre no help!
Denee: Hey Ill be out there too when you are diggin it up!
Pinkie: I have way too many ideas for my own good.
Denee: Thats because your mind works more than your lazy body!
Pinkie: SHUTUP!

So you see, Im no help to myself. I just get pissed off with myself and clean my house....and the garden still isnt done.

I have this vision in my head of what I want my garden to look like. The problem is Im so new at this that I dont know if I can pull it off. I dont know how. I want a garden that looks natural. But I know its like when a woman wants that natural look when she is doing her makeup. Its alot of work to get that look.

I think alot of it has to do with ,first and foremost, Im an artist. Im anal about the details of my work. I will spend so much time with the details that I lose track of time. To me, thats what makes a work of art good....its all in the details. Details draw you into the work you are looking at....right? I like strong lines....clear lines. Because of that, Im finding it very hard just to throw seeds on the ground and hoping for the best. Even the rose garden is planted with very clear lines. Even tho I was trying to go for a more natural look there. It so didnt happen. All my flower beds so far have very clear lines and sharp corners. The tallest plants in the back with the shortest up front.

Thats not what I want. But the artist part of me is taking over.
(Ill post some of my artwork so you all who read this will see what Im talking about when it comes to my eye for detail.)I want my garden to look natural but to do that I have to let go of my eye for clean lines and details. I keep hearing the artist in me yelling......thats not neat! Thats very sloppy!

While Im all jokes and giggles about the things going on in my yard, I feel like Im coming to a cross road. Where the artist in me and the gardener in me are about to do battle. I personally think that this will make me either a better gardener or a better artist.

The artist Denee is telling the Gardener Denee that the lines have to be clear and defined and the Gardener Denee is telling the Artist Denee where to stick it.

Heres my work...Sorry the pics arent so great...
My very first peice...

One I did 2 years ago..

The one Im currently working on...

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Gardenstew wrote on Wed Mar 22, 2006 8:49 pm:

WOW great work Denee! I love the dragon on the rock, very memorable :) You seem to like the theme of water then?

Don't worry about your two sides, I'm sure Gardener Denee will win. At least I hope so or we may not see you on here as often :(


Pinkiered wrote on Thu Mar 23, 2006 12:02 am:

Thank you very much! It was my first dragon too!I love the ocean! Everything about it. I was born and raised in a town in Florida ...right on the Gulf of Mexico. I was raised in boats in the water. Theres five of us kids and we were all diving by the time we are 6. The thing I remember the most about growing up was when I was about 9 I got to swin with whales. We were taking pics underwater down in the Keys of Fl. and a pod of whales just swam up. It was pretty great.

And dont worry, Im not going anywhere. I like gardening. Im just trying to find a medium for Gardener Denee and Artist Denee. HA!


catkins wrote on Sun Mar 26, 2006 3:54 pm:

I have just viewed pictures of your work and have to say how fantastic they are! you have so much talent.


eileen wrote on Mon Mar 27, 2006 11:21 pm:

WOW Denee - absolutely fantastic!!!!! As a fellow artist I bow to your superior artwork.


Pinkiered wrote on Tue Mar 28, 2006 1:52 am:

Thank you! You made me blush! HA!

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