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Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 3:27 pm

For those that dont know, Rob and I moved out of Jacksonville, FL to Lafayette, LA just after the first of the year.

So during this time, Rob has my truck in Mississppi where he works and lives. He comes home everyother weekend. We live 4 hours apart. And yes its very hard.And Im stuck at home with no way of getting anywhere. My sister takes me. But theres a big reason he is over there.

(Ill get off track a little here for a min)
Rob was in the Navy for 9 yrs. When he got out, we were living in CA. That was 4 yrs ago. Well, right away he got a great paying job with the Union out there, making close too $6000. a month.

Well, being so young and not thinking like adults, we spent and spent. We got two trucks, and making payments.A total of $1039. a month in truck payments.

Well, two years after getting out of the Navy, Rob was laid off. It was during the time when unemployment was so high 2 years ago. He was home for 3 months straight! Let me tell you, he got on my last nerve!!!!

Well, he couldnt find a job, so we had no choice but to move back to FL. We had some money saved, but after rent, the truck payments and all the other bills, we didnt have enough to live on after 4 months. So had no choice.

So we packed up and moved.

There we were in Fl with CA debt. For those who dont know the diff. Here is a crash course.

CA was paying Rob close to $6000. a month. That wasnt even the highest they paid ppl in his line of work.

Doing the same job in FL making one of the highest pays of his field, he was bring home $800. a month. HUGE!!! difference.

We were paying $800. a month in CA on a two bedroom duplex. For $800. in FL, you can get a nice house in a great neighbor.
We ended up living in a two bedroom run down house for $500. a month.

Huge difference in living in CA and FL. Plus FL doesnt have state taxes and we were still berly making enough to get by on.The sale of my art work got us through.

That was two years ago.
Enough was Enough. I had turned 31 and Rob 35. We were where we wanted to be in life at that age. Something dramatic was in order. Katrina happened. It cant get more dramatic than that, huh?

So, he put his resume on He got a call about a job in Mississippi making the amount of money he was currently making BUT the overtime is what got him. He works 70 hours a week. Some of you might think thats alot but my hubby loves his job. So work alot is waht he likes.

Oh by the way Rob is a Journeyman Electrian with 13 yrs as a Journeyman. And he is currently working on his Masters.

Anywho, so he took this job in Mississippi working on a, get this, Navy Base. Hes building War fleets for the US NAvy. HA! He is living on a retired Navy ship they have docked for the workers. He told me not long after starting there, "Honey, its like I never got out!" HAHAHA!

Well, Jacksonville is a long ways from where he was so we knew another move was in order. Then my sisters and brother came home from Iraq. Another story. They are National Guard.

Anywho, they come home and moved to Lafayette. My family is extermely close, so I decided to move here to be near them. That and Lafayette has one of the best horticulture school in the south. That was the deciding factor.

But We are living apart so he can make some serious money so we can finally get out of debt!

Well, on the day we were leaving, we had the UHAUL packed up and hitched to my truck. Robs truck was packed up and we were on our way OUT of town for good. We hit the freeway and Robs tire blow out.

OOOOOOffffffff course.....

Well we didnt have a spare so we had to have it towed. We get to the tire place. Quick tire change and be on our way, right? WRONG!

As the tow guy was unlaoding Robs truck, transmission fluid came pouring out! Im talking tons of green fliud!

Well we were at Firestone so we had them look at it think the plug had come out. Another quick fix, right? WRONG!

Theres a part under there I didnt even know exsited until that day. Dont ask me the name of it, cuzI couldnt tell you. But theres a part under there that connects the transmission and someother thingie. Well that peice was badly damaged. So the peice of the transmission was sitting snug like it was suppose to and was bouncing around. It was caused by a bad transmission. We didnt know.

Well, We went ahead and moved, leaving Robs truck there to be fixed.

We get a call that they wanted $1800.!!!!!!to fix it! Ok thats like trying to squeeze blood from a rock....just not happening.

So we decided to make payments. Large payments. You know go ahead and knock it out.

ITS ALMOST PAID OFF! The guy fixing Robs truck now has a total of $1400!!!!!!!!!!!!! 400 to go! YAY!

Wow long blog just to say truck almost paid off! HAHA!

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Gardenstew wrote on Tue Mar 28, 2006 7:40 pm:

Long but nice to learn more about you Denee. Sounds like you and Rob have made some very tough decisions in the last while but glad to hear that things are starting to smooth out regarding the truck payments now.

Keep on trucking Denee!


jubabe296 wrote on Thu Mar 30, 2006 12:44 am:

Wow Denee!! Yours and Rob's luck sounds like mine and John's. He is working a shutdown at the power plant. He has been working around 84 hours lately. I'm glad things are starting to look up for ya'll!!

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