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Cleaning out the pond....

Category: Spring | Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 4:50 am

OK its more a puddle then a pond but it had to be cleaned out just the same!

My white Birds of Paradise and some cannas came in the mail today so I couldnt put it off anymore! They needed a good home and fast.

I started by pulling all the out of control weeds up in the pond. It wasnt too hard because they had just grow over the plastic. After everything was out, I started pulling up the old plastic. The guy who dug this thing used that clear, cheap plastic. It was a pain to get it all up! It had holes in it that kept tearing.And I found that there was no method to that maddness! He had some of the plastic, wayyyy up over the lawn. I didnt know cuz the grass had grown over it. But Im talking up to 3 ft in some areas...and it looks like he just dumped this clay over it. There was a good 3 ft of clay on top of the plastic that was up in the yard.

Lots of digging! And the clay is soaked! So it was heavy too. Once I got all the plastic up, I decided to call it a day. I was covered in clay splatter.

I was walking in the pond with water up to my ankles and slipped and fell right in! That stuff is slippery when wet! Let me tell you! I was covered from head to toes in gray clay!

I was crawling out of it, which wasnt easy cuz I kept slipping, and this truck drives by with these two yahoos in it. They stop and yell,"Now all we need is another woman in there with you to make our day!"

After breaking my back trying to clean out the pond and pull that plastic up, lets just say, I wasnt a lady in my response to him!

I had to hose off in the yard and soaking wet, make a mad dash across my hardwood floors, tho the door, across the livingroom, down the hall and into the bathroom without leaving a river. I didnt do too well with that!

But now, tho my back hurts like fire, I feel good!

Now tomorrow, hopefully the water will be drained so I can go dig it out and make it evenly deep. He had it all kinds of crazy. Once its dug out, I get to lay the liner ( my mom told ME to do it right the first time!)and then add the gravel.

Phew! I feel that the hardest part is yet to come!

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dooley wrote on Tue Apr 04, 2006 5:19 am:

Yeh, digging is always hard. It sounds like you already did a lot of work. You will enjoy it when it is done. Is gardening ever done? Dooley


jubabe296 wrote on Tue Apr 04, 2006 2:57 pm:

Denee all that hard work sure pays off when it's all finished and you can sit back with a nice glass of iced tea and enjoy all the beauty you've created!! Your pond sounds like it will be beautiful when you've finished!! Sorry about the painful back we all know how that feels!!!

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