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I GOT A JOB........

Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2006 3:40 pm


My little sister moved into a new place. She took over yesterday. Its a very niCe duplex with the landlord living next door. Once you are inside the whole place has a peaceful feel of a monstery(did I spell that right?)

Well the way this place is set up is when you pull into theres a huge yard with a double covered car port in the middle, making it two front yards. One for each side. Now theres a wall at the front of the carport that stretches from one end of the yard to the other. You enter each but a gate. And then you are standing in a privite court yard!. Ok you come down a short covered walk way and the courtyard is to your right and to the left is a large closet. The washer and dryer are in there. In front of it against the dividing wall to the landlords courtyard, is a very large planter made of bricks. Since they both like to cook, Im going to grow them herbs and veggies in there. Its covered but there a area in the ceiling that is screened so it will get filtered light. BEST OF ALL!!!NO BUGS!

The courtyard is quite large. Its squared and in the middle has slabs of what looks like concete with pebbles in them, palced to make a squared walkway. Its large enoguh to set tables and chairs out there. Right in the middle is a slate of I think slate. Perfect place for a fountain. Around the outside of the walkway is surrounded by very lush tropical folige.

Now in the back yard.....oh I love this place! When you walk out onto the deck, the yard is packed full of plants, foliage and trees! The wall enclosing the yard is made of concete and is covered in some kind of fig vines he said.

Theres a fountain there in the back wall. Its a lions head plaque and a large planter pot. The water comes out of the lions mouth and int othe pot. He made it! Its wonderful!

Theres river rock all over the place. Its placed in a pattern that doesnt make much sense but thats easily taken care of.

Theres a corner that is a shrine of sorts. He is into saints, tho I didnt get the impression he was religious. Its raised up and supported by river rock. Theres three saint statues there. Dont ask me the saints cuz Im not Christain so I dont know!

Over by the garden gate leadding to the side yard is a group of out of control reg banana trees. One is in bloom! If you have ever seen a banana tree in bloom....its soooo pretty!

Well, when I saw the place, I instantly set to work! HAHA! I cleaned out the banana trees, clearing the dead leaves and pups out.I then started pulling up vines that were trying to grow into bushes and trees....I really hate jasmine! It just takes over.

But when the landlord came over, I got to met him. Very nice well dressed guy. My sister told him, that I loved to garden and that I had already set to work on the back yard! HAHA! I was suppose to be helping her unpack! HAHA!

I told him that while I was in love with the front yard (also filled to the gills with foliage), the court yard (also filled) and the back yard, there was no color, save the banana tree flower. I asked him if it would be ok for me to add color...meaning plant flowers. YOU WILL NEVER BELEIEVE WHAT THIS GUY DID!!!!!

He pulls out his wallet and asked me how much I needed!!!!!!!!! Blew me and my sister away! HookerLittle, just looked at him and said,"Are you serious??" HE said yes and that it was his job as a landlord to pay for the up keep of the yards (three yards on each side) Told you he was awesome!!!

Ive never met a landlord like this! I turned to my sister and said" You are never movinng out!" LOL

So he opens this closet door in his courtyard and points inside and says that if theres anything I need to just come and get it....he had all the gardening goodies in there!!!!!!

He then takes me to his backyard....awesome!

But he said that he had been taken care of his sick mother for the last two years and that he just hadnt had time to take care of the yards. Even now that she had died, he was playing catch up with his own affairs.

He looks at me and says," I tell you do thier yards and my yards, and Ill pay you!!!!! You could have knocked me over with a feather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to admit theres alot of work to be done because theres been no cleaning out done and taking care of the 6 yards for over two years but I thnk once its done, they will look wonderful!!!!

Ill take pics once my camera is in working order guys would LOVE this place!!!

And the best part is.......I GET PAID FOR GARDENING!!!!!!

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Gardenstew wrote on Thu Apr 06, 2006 4:10 pm:

Getting paid for gardening sounds like a good deal Denee :D I'm jealous!

Have you got a good idea of what you are going to do with both places. I'm sure you will do a splendid job! Lucky landlord.


Pinkiered wrote on Thu Apr 06, 2006 6:12 pm:

Im not quite sure yet. I know everything needs pruning, even if its the wrong time of the year. I need to tame it all down alittle. He has a bush that has taken over a walk area in his yard. I do know I have my job cut out for me with that jasmine. It has completely taken over his back yard, side yard and front courtyard. He has iris' planted but because of the jasmine, they arent doing so well. So that the first order of business. That and digging up the lemon tree and potting it. Its not doing well at all ,where he has it planted.

Now since theres already a theme going on, I want to stick to that. I have just bought three types of birds of paradise that Im going to pot and bury the pot. One kind is called the Christmas plant...or something like that. It looks just like a birds of paradise but the blooms are red and white and it blooms during the deep winter. Color for winter!

Im going to plants some canna in the front yards but also potted and buried.

I have just ordered more Black Magic elephant ears cuz the landlord mentioned that he had been looking for some.

He has reg elephant ears growing but they arent doing too well where they are planted so Ill move those.

Im going to get two more of the passion vines I have and train them on trellis'.

Im going to plant caladiums but the red and green colors for something to catch the eye and draw it to the gardens not just an over sweep like not.

You dont really take notice of whats in there because theres no color. I think with the red caladiums, it will add shocking color in the shade against all the green.

Im going to dig up all the banana trees, pot them and then bury them to keep them under control and then add different kinds of banana trees to the yards, of course, potting and burying them.

Ill add mint around the stepping stones for scent.

Now I dont know yet what to use as filler. Any ideas?? I really could use some!!! HAHA!


jubabe296 wrote on Fri Apr 07, 2006 4:30 am:

Oh WOW!!I would love to come across a deal like you have Denee you must be on cloud nine!!! It sounds like you are really going to have loads of fun!! I don't know if you like four o'clocks,but they add splashes of color in the afternoon and smell really nice too and are very low maintance plants. But they can be quite envasive so they would be good in pots.


Pinkiered wrote on Fri Apr 07, 2006 2:06 pm:

I was thinking of doing alot of potting to fill in instead of planting them straight in the ground. Something to give the yards personailty.

I have the cannas now. SO that will be very pretty colors. Im thinking about putting them on the back wall one on each side of the lion head fountain. But in pots to match the monk feel going on.

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