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Why nothing got done on Sat...

Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 3:56 pm

What I didnt mention yesterday in my short blog was that ,Sat I had a reality check....a screaming, in your face, reality check.

Because I was planning on doing work that the landlord and the girls houses ,we had gone to Walmart ,just to see what they had in way of plants. We were at the intersection ,leaving, on our way over the the landlords house. We had the green light to turn left but the traffic was heavy coming towards us. And the intersectin is one of those double turn lanes.

Here in Lafayette, you have to take whatever chance you can get when you are driving because these ppl arent nice when they drive.

Rob was about to take off when he had the chance of maybe three car lengths but I hate it when he drives crazy, so ,and I quote,said " Dont do it" So he stops and looks over at me and I look out the front windshield and right in front of us, I witnessed the most horrible car crash in my life! If he had gone, we would have been involved. And I most likely wouldnt be here to type this. The truck would have hit my side of the truck.

A lady sitting in the turn lane to our right, had taken that chance that I stopped Rob from taking. She was hit by a huge white truck pulling a 30 ft trailer ,packed with working equpiment. There was a bobcat on the back of that trailer. He just couldnt stop in time. HE swerved into his other lane to miss her and his trailer got her. Well theres a parking lot there on that corner and there were ppl waiting to get out and turn. When this guy swerved to miss her, he hit a little two door black car, his trailer hitting the car that was behind the black one and spinning that one out. But the black car was pushed down the road about 50 feet and when its back wheels hit the curb, the truck went up and over the top of the car. The front left wheel of this truck was literally, sitting in the drivers seat.

I jump out and ran towards the crash. Im still mad over the fact that that area was soooooo busy and I had to run a good 50 feet to get there and I was still the first one there. Everyone else was still in their cars, staring.

As I ran up, the passager of the balck car jumps out at the same time the driver of the truck jumps out. HE (the guy in the truck)was just a kid, maybe 19-29. As I was running up, the passenger is getting ready to swing on the kid of the truck. I jumped in to stop him and sent the kid to the back of the trailer, to calm down and call his boss.

I then turned to the black car and laying over the middle console was a even younger kid, about 14-15. The passenger that jumped out was his dad and his mom was in the back seat. They had been teaching the son to drive.

Because the car was smoking so bad, I got the car turned off and the mom out of the backseat and got her to the curb and told her to lay down and not move. When I turned back towards the car, the dad was trying to get his boy out. I had to go around the drivers window to help. The window wasnt smashed like you would think. And it was one of those thief resistant cars so the windows dont smash, they just web out (not sure what its called).It finally took three of us to get it smashed out. I reached in a sliced the belt belt and the father and another guy were able to get him out. He stopped breathing about a min later after they got him out and his heart stopped maybe a min after that. Seemed and still seems like it happened fast ,being as I was the one doing CPR. I have no real sense of time during all this.

What still gets me, is there were tons of ppl there that had seen it happen but there were very few who helped get these ppl out. Oh yeah they were full of freaking suggestions and everyone was a "pro" but only a hand full was helping. Rob was directing traffic.

We were there at the crash for about 2 hours because I was the first one on the "scene".

When we finally left for the landlords house I was completely drained. So I wasnt able to do much.
It happened Sat and I havent been able to sleep since. I keep seeing it happen in my head like a movie and thinking that if we had had more help, the kid wouldnt have died. HE was so young, with his life ahead of him.

Its easy to say it was his time. Im guilty of saying that as comfort but to be there and see the things that happened and the ppl not helping their fellow human beings in trouble and in dire need, I just cant say that now.

It just shakes my beleif that all ppl are compassionate(?) and have some good in them. There was a pastor there that prayed over the boy when he died but he wouldnt confort the father because he was covered in blood.

IM the one who did CPR on the boy when he stopped breathing. Im the one who held the father when his boy died. Im the one who used my jacket to cover him up. Im the one that kept the mother on the ground when he died.

Ive cried and cried over this. It seems to me, that we lost a bright young life because everyone was too scared of being involved. It was painful and infurating to watch. I tried everything to get some help from the peanut gallery, as I have taken to calling them. Other then the guys who helped me with the window and the guy who helped the father get his kid out, noone helped do anything.

Not even a pastor........

Im angry.....very angry.

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Gardenstew wrote on Mon Apr 10, 2006 4:37 pm:

What can I say Denee, I wasn't ready for this when I started to read. Truly horrific stuff, you poor thing :( I feel really sorry for that family's loss, the loss of someone so young is always so tragic. And the fact that it could have been you and Rob as well has shaken me.



dooley wrote on Mon Apr 10, 2006 8:47 pm:

People just aren't polite and courteous anymore. They are all too busy and don't really see anyone else. I can't believe how people drive anymore. I'm glad you weren't involved in the accident. We would have missed you a lot. Dooley


dooley wrote on Mon Apr 10, 2006 8:48 pm:

I think I meant to say I'm glad you weren't physically involved in the accident. It seems you were more than mentally involved. That takes a toll as large or larger than being physically involved. Dooley


Pinkiered wrote on Mon Apr 10, 2006 9:19 pm:

You know, I thought it would help to write it out to help me put everything in order, If that makes any sense. I talked to my mom about it and she said Im going through the normal grieving process but add to it the tender heart I have.And Rob said add to my natural insticts to help someone in need,esp dire need.

I wont think twice before helping someone in dire need. Ive lost count of the times, I have jumped into something to help someone else and put myself in danger.But I dont think about that. I think about helpping that person. And I just cant for the life of me understand, why everyone isnt like that. I just cant. Its a natural thing for me. Thats where my anger is coming from.

I needed help with doing CPR because the kid, and my arms and hands for that fact, were covered in his blood. I couldnt get me hands to not slip on his chest when I was going compressions. I had been calling out for help and no one came to help me. There were shouts on how to handle the blood flow, but I wanted the kid to breath first. Rob told me later that he heard me screaming at the ppl to help me from where he was at directing traffic. When I stopped he thought I had gotten someone to help. I didnt. I just stop trying. I had ripped his shirt off before I started CPR because he was covered in glass from the windshield. So I picked that up, ripped in two again and wrapped the two peices around my hands. I didnt stop until the EMT First Response got there.

I just dont get it. Instincts just kick in. Am I right? Or do just a few ppl have natural instincts? Im sorry this was so long. Im just trying to figure ti all out.


dooley wrote on Tue Apr 11, 2006 12:13 am:

Instinct should kick in alright. But some people are afraid of getting aids from other people's blood. Some people aren't trained. Some people just don't care to help. It's a mix of all of them. If you have had training you naturally stop to help. I would and it's been awhile since I went through the training. Dooley


Gardenstew wrote on Tue Apr 11, 2006 1:24 pm:

Personally I have no training in CPR or similar so I wouldn't like to get in the way and make the situation worse. But I would do whatever I could do within my power to help. Hopefully I will never be involved in a situation like you experienced Denee.


heathermt75 wrote on Sat May 20, 2006 7:33 am:

You know..I know this blog entry was writtne a while ago, but I was bored and was reading your entry and I just can't believe how heartless people can be.I have never had to perform CPR on anyone, but I once was a witness to a little old lady, who was 84 years old pull out in front of van going, who was going about 65 miles per hour. She slid off the road and hit a telephone pole. Now, at the time, I was about 8 months pregnant with my son Trey and I didn't hesitate to jump out of the car and run to her.(I have a soft spot for older people) I asked her her name and called 911 while trying to hold her heard still cause she kept moving her head and groaning.The 911 operator told me I had to hold her head very still, but I couldn't get any of the doors open, so I held it still from the side til my husband could get the driver's side door to open. About this time a car stopped and a lady asked if she could help. I told her someone had to crawl in the backdoor and hold her head still and the lady had the nerve to say" I can't crawl through a window, I might get cut. Why don't I hold you cell phone and you crawl into the backseat and hold her head still. The lady was standing beside me and could obviously see how pregnant I was! I couldn't believe it! I actally said"Are you kidding me?" So I pointed at my belly and said "I would, but seeing that I'm 8 MONTHS PREGNANT that makes it a little hard!" Needless to say, the woman's husband finally came over and got in the backseat and held her head til the paramedics got there. So reading your story just reminded me of how cruel people can be or how they don't want to get involved..It's sad really. God Bless you for having a heart and giving it your all to save that little boy's life.


heathermt75 wrote on Sun May 21, 2006 5:43 am:

I was rereading your story again.. at least that little boy's parents know you tried everyway in the world to save their little boy. Once again, God bless you for having the courage and heart to attempt to save him.

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