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Isnt it so??

Category: Pinkies LIfe | Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2006 2:54 pm

Yesterday, I was on my foot too long and regretted it the rest of the day. I didnt start out trying to be on my feet. I was sitting most of the morning but it would seem that everyone knew I had to stay off my feet because everyone was coming over and wanting to ask me questions about one thing or another. I dont allow most ppl in my house, so i have to go outside.

Up and down the stairs.

Then I went and did some much needed work in the garden. I had to repot a huge pot a cannas that I rescued from the side of the road. There were two pots stuck together so I had to take the cannas out and fight the two pots apart. What a workout! I also cut back the grass around my passion vine to find the caterpillars.

The one of the neighbors came over and I took into town. I drive with the foot thats broken, of course. It was really hurtting.

I get home and decide to go lay down and prop my foot up. As soon as I did, the phone started ringing!!!! Are you kidding me??!!

I finally got some time off my feet but got too bored so I got back up. But I put a chair beside the computer to rest my foot on.

I decide to call it a early night. I was woke up at 245am by Missy barking. She only barks when someone knocks. So I go out and peek out the door (I was home alone). There is a strange man laying down in my yard!!!! I go out (with the dogs of course) and ask who he was.... answer? "I dont know." Ok...... " then where do you live?" "I dont know." ...................... "work with me buddy" Finally he says he had just moved onto the lane.... ahhhhh ok...... I know just the one. I take him home, come home myself and lock the house up tight. Every little sound woke me up after that.... of course!

I woke up this morning and my foot is killing me!!! I will do my very best to stay off it today. Im not taking anyone into town. I dont care if they want to talk to me about my plants (I have the prettiest yard on the lane ;) ) today I just dont care!

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Gardenstew wrote on Sat Jun 03, 2006 3:04 pm:

Rest, rest, REST Pinkie! :)

I'm intrigued, who was the strange man who was in your yard?


Pinkiered wrote on Sat Jun 03, 2006 6:49 pm:

Some very drunk guy that just moved in down the lane. I left out some parts like what he was doing in my yard while he was laying down. Creeped me out to say the least. But the dogs had my back if he had tried anything. I knew I wouldnt be about to sleep if I had left him there so I just took him home. He lives five houses down from me. Theres a bunch of FEMA workers that live there. I guess he is the newest one because Ive never seen him before and dont care to see him agian.


eileen wrote on Sat Jun 03, 2006 10:50 pm:

Neither wonder your foot hurts!!! You've done more with a broken foot than I do with two good ones for goodness sake!! Please try to rest it tomorrow won't you?
I hope the guy from down the road remembers what he did and apologises when he sobers up - on second thoughta maybe it's better if he just stays faaar away from you.


glendann wrote on Mon Jun 05, 2006 7:25 pm:

I missed this one .Good grief
Why didn't you call the law and let them take him home or where ever and maybe he would learn neighbors wont put up with stuff like that .That scares me to think about it and dogs or no dogs its scarey.

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