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Glendanns trade plants(graphic heavy)

Category: trade | Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2006 5:52 pm

I was trying to write on the pots but because its so wet out, the marker wouldnt write on the wet pots. So I was trying to figure out a way to label them and tell you about them so you would know how to care for them. The the idea hit blog! Perfect! I took pics of each of them so you can come back to see them as a reference. Once you get to know your little guys, I can delete this blog! :D

With each pic of YOUR plant, I will either post the "Mother" plant of mine or link you up with a link to a pic of that mother plant here on Gardenstew. Under each pic, Ill tell you how I care for them. Cannas are a given so Ill post nothing there. If a plants has special needs, Ill let you know that too. K? Lots to cover so lets get started!

Ill start with the Cannas

I dont know the name if them but I do know they are Dwarfs.

This one has purple leaves and the flowers are light pink and while the plant is dwarf , the flowers are full size. The only problem Ive had this them, is the flowers dont want to open all the way sometimes and they are very fragile. If you touch them, the flower started to droop. That goes for both dwarfs.

And this one is the hot pink flowers..

These are mine. I have them in a pot. They are only about 2 foot to 3 foot tall and dont pup out as much as the full size cannas do. And they dont produce seeds...well mine havent. The whole stem dies when the flowers die off.

And of course the orange canna
I thought it was going to die on me after I transplanted it. Some of the leaves are browning but its blooming so just cut back the leaves. AND! It pupped out! If you look in the pot on the right, theres a pup. Mine are a little top heavy and the high winds have caused them to try and lay over. You might want to put them somewhere to protect them from high winds.

Banana Trees- all banana trees are greedy feeders. Lots of water! I have mine in full sun but I have to water deeply every morning or the leaves will fold up and droop. Part sun is most likely better for them.

I had a topic on them

The mini tree..yours has pupped out since being repotted


My tree is about 4 1/2 ft tall now. Its not suppose t oget much taller than that. This one pups out alot but some of the pups dont live. They seem to rot at the stem. But the ones that live seem to be stronger for it.

Dwarf Cavendish Banana tree- not so dwarf! LOL Mine got up to 6-7 foot! If you look in the link above, the mother plant of these is the four pic down. All my cavendish pups ,pupped out twins this year. That means two trees per corm. So I cant divide them without risking one dying. So I was sending you a set of twins....well....when I dug them up and potted them, one of the twins tried to die on me. Well, I gave it some root hormone..and it did its job a little too well. Instead of two pups on one you have two sets of twins and a single off one corm!! LOL sorry!

all the pups...the set of orignal twins and thier pups..

the new set of twins.

This is the reg ol' banana tree. If you look in the link above, the first three are the pics of the "Mother" plant of these. Beautiful trees! Now these get really tall. We have them everywhere around here. Ive seen them as tall as about 20 ft. The flowers come after the 2nd year. And you cant eat the fruit until the 3rd year, from what Ive heard.

Now when I dug it up, it did die. But I gave the corm root hormones and within days, you have two pups on one corm. But they are just tiny things. To the left of the larger one, theres a tiny little leaf sticking out of the soil. Thats your second one. You cant tell, but the big one is only about an inch high.

Elephant ears

Ok now this might get a tad confusing! LOL Sorry in advance if it happens. I have so many!

Ill start with the Black magic. Theres no need to take a pic of the mother plant because...well it looks just like the mother plant. This isnt something you can confuse with another elephant ear.

Black magic- Lots and lots of water! If you put it in the shade the leaves are a darker purple, almost black but if you have yours in the sun, they are more of a dark plume purple. Still very pretty. And it will put out runners and alot of them as soon as its roots are in the ground or larger pot. It has VERY deep roots so if you pot it, make sure the pot is deep. Mine grew out the holes of a 5 gallon pot and into the ground within a week of being potted . Its now in a 10 gallon and running like crazy!

Illustris elephant ears

I gave you two. They dont seem to run alot. They seem to cluster together. Mine are fairly new so I dont know much about them except, They LOVE water and the leaves turn orange when they die.

My plant- they will get alot bigger than this but like I said, mine are fairly new so they are still growing. Mine are in full sun but when I dig them up, Ill be putting them in full shade. Theres some leaves that in the shade of the larger ones. They are very bright in color. The "black" on them are more intense while the ones in the sun look faded.

Now the purple stems...I thought I took a pic of your but I cant find it now. Its raining cats and dogs so I cant get a pic of it now. Youll know it because, theres a purple dot in the center of the leaf. Purple stems are called that becasue ..well they are purple stemed! LOL..heres a link to some closer pics of them...a very beautiful plant!

my "wall" of them! They dont seem to be getting very big but they are running like crazy! Im having babies pop up up to 30 ft away from these! So be careful!

the mini ears..thats what I call them but their name is Alocasia or Night Scented Lily. Mine have NEVER produced a flower of any kind and I have tons of these as does my mother. Now when you dig these up out of a pot or ground, theres a warning. Whenever they produce offspring, they do so by the roots creating something similar to a "water sac" you see in some plants. Where they have stored their water in the roots. I dont know what they are called. But these look like that while they are still attacted to the roots. They will actually complete divide off the root and leaving "large" seeds in the soil. If you dont check for these "seeds" youll have them springing up there. I always run my hands through the soil to check for the seeds.


mine..I have mine mixed with caladiums and asparagus fern. They all do well together.

Esculentum or Ive heard them called Ruffles. I call them Ruffles because of the ruffled edges. These will get HUGE! Now, they do pup out but they seem to cluster together instead of running.

I havent dugs your yet. Im waiting until the last min because as soon as I cut the root, the whole thing will dye back. If I can cut one far enough away from the mother plant, then she wont die back, only the pup. It will grow back and fast so no worries there. This plant is very fragile but only with the roots. If you cut a root, the whole plant will go into shock and die back. Its happened to me hundreds of times. But it always comes back. So once its in the ground, let it be unless you want it to die back.

And the one I call arrowhead because thats what its shaped like. I dont know the name or where I even got it from. Its a very slow grower and will die back as soon as its too hot or too dry. Mine is in full sun but when I dig it up for the move, Ill keep it potted and in full shade. Now this one is so slow growing that it hasnt pupped out yet. As soon as it does, Ill send you one. So this one isnt in the box with the others but youll get the pup as soon as I do! HAH!

OK now to the other plants that fall into nothing.

The Purple fountain grass. Now loves full sun and will handle droughts with ease. I dont water mine anymore. The hotter and dryer it is, the better the thing does. Now if all my other plants were like this! Water until its roots are well in the ground. If its really dry out, water maybe everyother day to every three days. Now come winter, the whole thing will turn brown and will look like its dead. Its NOT! Its sleeping. Come spring, the dead leaves will come back to life so if you cut them, they wont come back.

Now each stem has its own roots so you can divide them up when you get them or leave as one plant. Theres three there, I think.

Aussie Plume Ginger. Im waiting until the last min with this one too. I dont know how it will react to being dug up and cut back. Im sending you several of these corms.
My plant...its not like this heat too much. It did much better in part shade and does like to stay moist. Doesnt do to well with dry soil.

Alligator plant (jubabe said she wanted one)

Unknown plant. This one was given to me. Its a very hardy compact plant. You can walk on it! I wouldnt recommend it as the broken leaves will sprout roots. The more water it gets, the thicker it grows. If its in full or part shade, it will stay green. If its in full sun, it will turn bright yellow. I LOVE this plant. I use it as filler.

Mine..I have it at the top of my bird bath. Its filled in very nicely.

Purple waffle
This plant is very hardy too! If in the shade, will do well but can get a little leggy. In direct sun, will dry out fast and needs lots of water. I have mine on the bird can see it in the above pic. It can get big but if you want it to stay little, keep it in a little pot. It wont out grow its pot. I have mine outside because its a magnet for aphids. So in turn, I have ladybugs and thier babies all over it. ;)
You can grow these from cuttings. Very easy to do. I pulled a leaf off mine today and stuck it in the pot for you. It should have roots by tonight or tommorw. Its a wonderful plant! So pretty! You can grow it as a house plant too. Thats how they sell them in the stores.


Ok..I think I covered everything! If I missed something, Ill go back and fix it!

Last edited: Sun Jul 23, 2006 7:20 pm

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glendann wrote on Sun Jul 23, 2006 6:47 pm:

All I can say is WOWWWWWWW,I
am going to go wild with these .I love them .Thank you for telling me how to take care of them.This is great.I will get mine to you on the truck soon will let you know as soon as I know which truck .It may be July 29th so I can get them in pots and boxed .I'm off Tueday then not until Fri.


Pinkiered wrote on Sun Jul 23, 2006 7:06 pm:

OK thats fine!

Just let me know so I can meet him.


glendann wrote on Mon Jul 24, 2006 5:16 am:

Ok I sure will .Our driver would have been late to you today .He is in a new freightliner and its broke down in Baton Rouge
right now .It was good I wasn't ready for it to go.We have all new trucks and hardly ever breaks down.


glendann wrote on Sun Jul 30, 2006 7:18 am:

Yes,Denee the plants look the same .Its a moss but the one I sent you blooms tiny yellow flowers.They make a very pretty hanging basket.

stayathome wrote on Thu Sep 11, 2008 9:50 pm:

I know this is off topic but I love the ring you have on in the 10th picture down with the "twins". Where did you get the ring and what meaning does it have for you?

There is no need to go to India or anywhere else to find peace. You will find that deep place of silence right in your room, your garden or even your [url=]bathtub[/url].

stayathome wrote on Thu Sep 11, 2008 9:51 pm:

Great way to relax here.

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