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Likely South and East of here

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 6:52 pm

Those words are becoming the most common words said by the weathermen on my favorite TV station. They are, of course, referring to the chances of rain on any particular day.....of which there are always two....slim and none and Slim just rode out of town.

This is day 53 of no rain on my yard and it is only June 28th. We are heading into July and August which are normally the driest months of the year here. So what does that tell you?

I have tried to start thinking about what I need to do this fall.....divide the Iris and Glads, move the Lilies to a sunnier location, move the spreading Lantana plants to the front yard, build a wishing well from the bricks Lisa wants to get rid of, make a garden area using the wagon wheel replica and old cowboy boots, paint the shed and at least a dozen other things that will come to mind over the next few months. So sometime in November or December I will be back out in the yard working again....that is if the spiders have died off by then.

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'Nuther update on my daughter

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2006 9:46 pm

The biopsy results are in and it is the basal cell type of skin cancer. That means it does not spread and when she has the removal procedure next week it will be gone.

Besides covering up as much as possible in the sun from now on, she will also be in for a head to toe checkup every 6 months from now on.

Thanks for the good thoughts, positive energy and prayers. I am sooooooo relieved now.


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Update on my daughter

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2006 1:57 pm

Lisa had the sample taken for biopsy yesterday. The doctor was very encouraging, she believes it is basel (spelling?) cell and not the spreading kind. We will find out for sure in about a week when the results come back.

She is as red head, her skin is not as pale as a lot of redheads but she is pale. She has never been able to tan no matter how many hours she spent laying in the sun when she was younger. In the days before sunscreen, everyone used suntan lotion that was supposed to help you tan but most often ended up in a bad burn.
Anyway, the doctor said she can expect more of these spots and some may very well be the bad kind.
Now she has to always wear sunscreen when she leaves the house and a wide brimmed hat when she is going to be out in the sun for any length of time. She hates hats but I think she will look really good in one.

Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers for her.


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39 years ago today

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 2:03 pm

It was 39 years ago today that I planted my first vegie garden. I had helped my Mom when I was 4 but this one was mine.
The reason I remember it so clearly is because I had been having a true case of "nesting syndrome" for more than a week.
My first baby was due at any time, at my Drs. visit the previous Monday I told him about the nesting house like a madwoman, rearranging cabinets (would have literally taken them off the wall, I had that much energy, but couldn't find a hammer). My Mom had said that meant the baby would be born in 7-10 days, my Dr. said that was an old wives tale and to make an appointment for the next Monday....they didn't induce labor in those days, the baby decided when it would be born.
So that Thursday I took a shovel and some okra and blackeye pea seeds out into the back yard and started digging in the hard, dry west Texas dirt to make a garden bed about 10'long and 2' wide. Got the seeds planted and watered, took a nap and we had some friends over for dinner that night.

4 o'clock the next morning I went into labor and my first baby, my beautiful Lisa was born just under 6 hours later that morning. (and this is one of those years when her birthday is on the same day of the week on which she was born)

The vegies did grow, even tho I was a little distracted the rest of the summer with a new baby. We never did pick and eat any of the produce, it got hot and with a new baby I just forgot the plants were out there until we were getting ready to sell the house in Sept and found the dried up remains out there.

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Just a puddle of water

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 5:19 pm

That's me after feeding the birds and watering the garden. I overslept, couldn't get to sleep last night so I got up and knitted until 3. So sleeping in until 10 was not out of the question, but I did feel guilty about it. Why is that???

Got out to start watering about 11 and since the water restrictions are in effect and it was after 10 I could only water holding the hose or using a bucket and that took a long time out there.

There is a chance of rain tomorrow...hahahahahaha that is such a joke. Several areas around us got rain and hail yesterday afternoon. We heard thunder, the breeze picked up a bit and blew those beautiful dark clouds over us and away.
Rain or not the temp it supposed to cool down into the mid-80's so I will be getting up early and play out back for a while. Randy spread sulfur on the yard yesterday hoping to take care of the bugs that consider me their "meals on wheels" delivery.

I did get the other two ladders I was offered. I need to get the tall one painted and placed out where the Cypress Vines are getting longer and longer and twinning themselves around everything else.

Also got the wooden birds my Dad made painted and will get them on that hard to describe pool equipment stand, put it out back and take some pictures.

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Birthday Fairy

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Sat May 20, 2006 6:06 pm

Can you tell I have a new camera? Got a good deal on a better digital and boy am I having fun taking much better pictures of things in the yard.
I will be chasing Randy up on the roof soon so he can get a good overall picture of the whole garden ....hopefully.

My youngest daughter gave me this fairy for my birthday. It has a sensor that turns the light in the lantern on at night and off at sunrise. The book she is reading was blank but I wrote the first two lines from The Two Trees by Yeats "Beloved, gaze in thine own heart,
the holy tree is growing there"

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Sending a memo to myself

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Sun May 07, 2006 4:17 am

Dear your advanced age ;), do NOT lift and carry anything that size again.

Do you know how much a rain soaked bag of shredded cedar bark mulch that will cover 3 cubic feet weighs? Huh, Huh, do you?
I don't know for sure either, Randy guesses about 45-50 pounds. All I know is this old back should not have been in any way involved in the lifting of three of them this afternoon. There was a nice young man at the garden center who helped Randy put them on the cart and then went out with us and helped load them into the truck....I really should have bribed him into coming home with us to help me carry them to where they would be used.

I guess this means I will making strawberry jam tomorrow instead of working in the yard. The Driscoll strawberries are in the stores, minus the two quarts that are in my refrigerator and we are out of jam.

Of course, that depends on whether I can get out of bed easily in the morning. If not, then I will prop myself up on the couch with the heating pad and a stack of books waiting to be read.

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Day 2 of my 60th year

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Mon May 01, 2006 8:10 pm

Not a whole heck of a lot different than the last day of the 59th year.
Day 1 of the 60th year was spent bamboozling the 6 yr old grandson and hoping to watch the NASCAR race that was eventually rain delayed until today. I did make it to Home Depot for mulch, I really like the Scotsman brand shredded cedar mulch they carry and I went ahead and bought myself a Coreopsis.

Today was spent catching up on laundry...nothing new about that, I usually put it off until someone asks where their clean underwear is anyway.
I did get the new plant in the ground and put the mulch out on the new bed.

And I treated myself to a bowl of Neopolitan ice cream with dark chocolate syrup after lunch.

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It was just too easy

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2006 6:37 pm

6 year olds are just too easy to bamboozle. My youngest grandson Nicky has been spending the weekend with us. He is a quirky little kid. Causes his Mom all sorts of embarrassment when he blurts out certain lines from a get together at their school he starts singing "I like big butts...." from the movie Shark Tales.

Getting back to the bamboozling.
He wanted a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch today. I got sidetracked a couple of minutes and one side of it got a little dark...not burned just browned.
A few minutes later he came in and said he didn't want the dark brown part. I cut off the darkest brown, handed it back to him and asked if that was better. He looked at the remainder of that half of the sandwich and pointed out to me that it was dark too. I turned the sandwich over on the plate and said "There, now you can't see it" He said okay and finished eating.

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A pile of blue feathers

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2006 5:44 pm

That's what I found in one flower bed this morning. One of the few Bluejays that hang around here was the victim of a local my yard!! Pets are not supposed to be allowed to run free in our city but since when do most people pay attention to the rules.

I know it is the survival of the fittest and if it had not been sick or injured already then the cat would not have been able to catch it. But it really hurt my heart to know it happened. I buried what was left in the Moon Garden.

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