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Why no new plants yet

Category: FRED - the garden | Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 7:28 pm

Looking thru two garden centers on Friday was extremely difficult. I had bought the one plant at HD, they have evidently changed mulch suppliers and no longer carry the brand I like so we had to go to Lowes.
We went to Lowes for the mulch and a small window AC unit for Amanda's room, her room is on the southwest corner of the house and we have never been able to keep it cool even when the room was my sewing room.
I had to pass thru the garden center using my hands as blinders as I followed Randy to the mulch. Probably a few husbands were thinking that they wished they had their wives as well trained. I did see a gorgeous Delphinium on the cart of one lucky lady as she went to her car and did check the others on the tables just in case I had to have one, but it appeared that she got the last good one.

I have way more seeds planted than I might have room for already and some vegie seeds on their way.
But I also have some perennials to divide this spring that I had not factored into my gardening plans.

The Mexican Mint Marigold should have been split last spring so now I will be dividing it into three plants which means finding places for those two new ones.

The Texas Betony also needs to be divided and again I let it go a couple of years longer than I should so there will be three plants with two more to find space for.

The two Lemon Balms, which actually stayed green all winter, need to be divided in half...that means two more. Plus it dropped seeds and at least three of them are becoming nice sized clumps there are three more to move.

Something tells me that the plants I have in the ground now and the new seedlings will be the max I have room for at least until I get the rest of the back yard dug up and converted to flower beds.

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pondlady wrote on Sun Mar 11, 2007 8:05 pm:

Ummm, Toni, I can give you my address. We have an extra bedroom, two, in fact. And we could fit one out just for a special gardener and her extra plants. The bullsh*t spreader could come too, but he has to bring his own BS, an easy thing to do, I would think.


zuzu's petals wrote on Sun Mar 11, 2007 11:00 pm:

Yup, I'll be happy to offer up some garden space
for your excess plants, Toni,
except for the Lemon balm,
I'm afraid I let some of that get loose areound here a few years ago,
and like any mint, it's running riot. *lol*


eileen wrote on Sun Mar 11, 2007 11:12 pm:

Now don't listen to them Toni. You know you want to visit Sctland more than anywhere else. I can always make room for some extra plants!!! Just to tempt you further we have lots of garden centres around here and I have that big plot of land that badly needs you and those seedling of yours. LOL


Polly wrote on Mon Mar 12, 2007 12:44 am:

Ever been to Michign Toni. The snow is melting and soonthere will be room for more plants.


glendann wrote on Mon Mar 12, 2007 4:31 am:

I'm really really near you toni .Ummmm and I have lots of room .want to come check it out?:)
I have bought Lemon Balm and bought it and has died every time.I'm now looking for seeds maybe i can get it going that way.

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