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In Like a Lamb

Category: FRED - the garden | Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2006 6:44 pm

March is definitely coming in like a lamb today. Nary a cloud in the sky and warming into the mid 80's.

Most of the new herbs are planted now. I didn't know that another name for Tarragon was Mexican Mint Marigold....I have had one of those for a couple of years and love it, now I have three.

I put almost all the herbs in containers. I can move them around with the sun as the trees leaf out besides I really want to grow some vegies this year and need the ground space.
Got the cucumber seeds in pots this morning. Went back to the old standard variety for pickles this year. I attempted some white cukes last year, even before the rain stopped there was trouble with them. They flowered but only 4 blossoms set fruit.....can't make many jars of pickles with only 4 cukes.

I need to get the Okra started and maybe more cotton this year.
I am also going to try a Three Sisters garden plot. It is a Native American form of planting corn, pole beans and squash in the same hole. The corn stalk becomes the pole for the bean vine to climb and the squash vine circles around the base to act as mulch to keep the weeds down.

I have six red Freedom hedge roses that I planted long before I really started gardening and before the Hackberry tree got so large. Three of them just don't get enough sun, my oldest daughter wants them in her backyard so I cut them way back a couple of weeks ago to make it easier to handle when moving them and they are really starting to put out new growth. Guess they liked it.
The three I am keeping are really bushing out too, won't be long before the buds form.

AND the Sweet Autumn Clematis is coming back!!! It didn't do very well at all the first or second year it was planted so I figured last years drought would have been the end of it. But there is new growth all up and down the vine and the vine is getting longer.

Working in the front yard on Monday I found two acorns that were beginning to sprout. The squirrels had planted them where I didn't want them so they are now in a big pot out back to see if they continue growing. Really hope they do, we sure could use some trees in the front yard.

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Gardenstew wrote on Wed Mar 01, 2006 7:37 pm:

Can't say we are getting warm weather like you here Toni. Maybe soon.

I like the idea of the Three Sisters garden plot. Very novel. Is it hard to get just right? Sounds like it could be a bit finicky

dooley wrote on Wed Mar 01, 2006 9:24 pm:

I have grown corn and beans together but not the squash. I would like to grow corn but we have these tiny black ants that invade the ears. They sting too when they bite. Wish I knew what to do with them.

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