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May the oneth

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Tue May 01, 2007 6:03 pm

I know that as you get older the months and years just seem to fly by, but I am not 'THAT' old yet so why were January, February, March and April combined only a week and a half long?? I just hope that May thru August, the hottest months of the year for us, go by as quickly.

This summer I really do not expect to have to whine about the drought killing my plants like I did last year. We have had more rain in the last 4 months than we did in all of 2006. The lakes where water for the cities come from are back up to their normal levels, all except the largest one which is still 6 feet below normal. So even tho we will still be on watering restrictions, I will be able to water everything sufficiently.

I will, however, still complain about the temperature I am sure because I really do dislike summer. Summer is my least favorite season since I do not tolerate the heat well. The good side to a hot summer is that I will get more indoor things reading, knitting, soap and candle making and maybe I will even learn to use my spinning wheel, for all of these things can be accomplished with the curtains closed to block out the sun and the AC on the 'icicles hanging from your nose' setting for maximum comfort.

Sunday evening when the kids were here for my birthday, I took Lisa on a tour of the garden then Kenny and Randy brought out the wine and joined us for some time sitting and enjoying the view. Lisa kept looking at the TipsyPot I have and asking questions about it's construction. She sat there studying it for a while then remembered that she has several different sized clay pots in the shed. I will try to get over there this weekend to get a picture of the one she will probably build on Saturday. She also has a coffee cup totem she made after seeing mine that I have to get a picture of too.
Kenny wandered the yard looking at everything, just amazed at the lack of actual lawn. He comes from a non-gardening background and is not used to yards that have anything other than grass in them.

Nicky, the 7 yr old, loves to wander around the garden. His favorite flowers are Dandelions so I have to remember to leave a couple of them at the side of the yard when I am digging the others up. He liked the purple Scabiosa in the wheelbarrow because it looked like purple Dandelions. I showed him the two pumpkin vines that are really starting to take off and waited for what I knew was coming next....he started jumping around, clapping his hands and licking his lips. He loves pumpkin pie without the crust, me too. So I make pumpkin pie for everyone else and a big bowl of crustless pumpkin pie for the two of us. I don't expect Lisa to have the time or dog/child free space to grow a pumpkin vine so I think I need to see about putting a third plant out there so he can have all the pumpkin he wants.

I had shown him a few weeks ago how to rub certain plants with this fingers and smell his fingers ....lavender, mint, rosemary and the lemon balm in particular. So he was instructing Lisa on the proper way to do it when she came out. She really liked the lemon balm, I gave her some cuttings to use in making a pitcher or two of tea and I will dig up one of the smaller plants for her to plant in her yard.
Last winter I designed a Harry Potter garden for her but we just never got the chance to get it started this spring. I think next October she and I will have to designate a weekend specifically for doing that.

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Gardenstew wrote on Tue May 01, 2007 6:31 pm:

A Harry Potter garden Toni? Do tell :)

It's relieving to hear that you have gotten much rainfall already this year, I remember the troubles you and FRED had last year. Not very healthy for any gardener's confidence.

Sounds like little Nicky is definitely a gardener in the making.

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