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We all slept better last night

Category: Random bulletins from my brain | Posted: Sat Sep 02, 2006 2:17 pm

Randy got home from Chicago safely early yesterday afternoon.
We have a waterbed and after 5 nights of sleeping on a hard hotel mattress I know Randy slept better last night.
I do not sleep soundly when he is out of town because I am a usually a little nervous, so I slept better last night.

Now poor Rambo, our 9 year old Field Spaniel really doesn't sleep well when Randy is gone. He knows that he is "on duty" more than usual on those nights. Normally he will sleep in our or Amanda's doorway or in the hallway between the rooms. But when he is on duty, he stretches out in front of the front door or is on the couch in the livingroom. His sleep is interrupted by any and all sounds outside, even the ones that occur every night and are routine, like the neighbor leaving for work at midnight. The trouble with that is then he "woofs" at the sound waking me up and I have to go check it out which makes me nervous about what I will see outside....thanks a lot Rambo : )
Then since he is awake anyway, he makes the rounds of the house to check things out. I hear him come into the room, sniff around, snort and then hear the tapping of his toe nails as he goes to Amanda's room and back into the livingroom.
Yesterday when Randy got home, Rambo was sooooo happy. He got his back scratched and a peppermint. He trotted around the house checking things out. He went out back to do his business and check out the yard. Then he stretched out on the livingroom floor and in no time was sleeping so soundly that his snoring could be heard from the next room. I don't think he moved for a couple of hours.
His world was back to normal so I know he slept better last night too.

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dooley wrote on Sat Sep 02, 2006 3:10 pm:

Ohh! Your dog likes peppermints. I swear Chance can smell a peppermint from the backyard if I open one. She would eat the whole roll if I would let her. She prowls at night too which is why she sleeps in the laundry room with her doggy door available. I'm glad Randy made it home okay. Dooley

pondlady wrote on Sat Sep 02, 2006 3:52 pm:

Ursula, our rescued greyhound, is addicted to gingersnaps. She knows when the brown bag is retrieved from the pantry. Guard dog??? She does not know the meaning of the word, but she could escape any criminal by running away.
She sleeps all day, but she also sleeps all night. We could be murdered in our bed and she would resent the disturbance.


glendann wrote on Sun Sep 03, 2006 5:29 am:

Lol, I know its nice to be able to sleep nights and not worry.My Oreo likes peppermints also.He lets me know if he hears any strange
sounds outside but hardly ever barks.When he jumps up at a noise I awaken immediately.


jubabe296 wrote on Mon Sep 04, 2006 4:41 pm:

Toni I'm glad Randy returned home safely and everyone is sleeping soundly again!!Bert and Duke guard our house at night also. They sleep very lightly during the night and will bark so loud if they hear anything unusal. Bert sleeps under our bed,so you can imagine us almost falling out of the bed when he lets loose with a huge bark!!LOL!! Some nights we have to let them out so they can check and make sure all is ok!! We need to have a doggie door installed for them like Chance has so they can roam freely!! They also love sweets!! Bailey has the sweetest tooth of all! When we return home from shopping they try to rummage through our shopping bags to see what we brought home!!LOL!

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