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Family History

Category: family history | Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2008 9:23 pm

I have been writing a family history from my point of view for my nephew. It isn't all factual because my memory isn't clear on everything that happened 60 years ago so I add a little and make it into a story. But, it's all based on fact as I remember it.
My youngest sister was born about six weeks before I graduated from high school. My older brother was already married and had a daughter about two months old when Ellen was born. Wannabe was also working and going to school. There were six children in the family and she made seven. We girls were pleased because now the girls outnumbered the boys. It wasn't a big thing at this stage in life but if it had happened when we were younger we would have used it to our advantage. Anyway, Ellen knew nothing about our younger life. We were more or less settles in Wisconsin when she was born. I had finished high school in one school though we had moved house several times. As the older children left home finances became such that my parents were able to build their own house and the moving stopped for many years.
Ellen knew I write things so she asked me and Wannabe for information for Brennan. Brennan was born after my parents died and never knew them. Her two older boys were very young and don't remember much from those years.
So, I have been writing a family history of our younger years and also some stories of events that occurred during these years.
Someone started a thread about first, second or third generation gardeners. My family came from country people who always farmed. They didn't own their own farms but mostly rented land and grew what was needed to survive. I remember from very early always having a garden. My grandparents always had a garden.
From when I was four years old we helped in the garden. I remember carrying water from the washing machine and rinse tubs to the garden. I remember hoeing down the middle of the rows at age five. I helped dig potatoes and pick peas and beans. We never lived anywhere that we did not grow something unless we happened to be in an apartment in town. I can only remember living in town twice before I left home. I've always had a garden or at least a few things growing here and there in pots. Now, I'm getting a little discouraged by age, drought, grasshoppers and injuries. But, I guess since I have a few seeds sent to me by kind Stewers I will try again this year and see what happens. It will be all in containers as I cannot dig a garden anymore. Using containers is easier too and will use less water, I think. Flowers and such can be watered with gray water here but not edibles. I'm hoping we will get a little more rain before the dry period arrives. The high country has gotten a bit of snow and it all runs downhill so that helps. Our creek is still running water from snow melt so maybe our water table will come up some. It won't end the drought but it will help. I will try to post some family history stories here from time to time. As I said, they are strictly from my point of view and they are stories based on fact. Some poke fun at myself and some turned out to be more serious.
Have a good day. dooley

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