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We got rained on again, again and again

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:11 am

Today, being a shopping day we went to Huntsville. We left home in the fog and stopped and had breakfast and went to the bank. Then, we started to Huntsville. It was still a bit foggy and I had my lights on and wipers going intermittently. We drove in and out of fog and it got a little misty as we got closer to Huntsville. Our first stop was Home Depot. I wanted some wildflower seed mix to put in the front yard where all the little stumps and roots are now. We went into the garden dept and I bought 8 small Early girl tomatoes. I know it's early and if I put them outside they will need to be covered at night for awhile. But, they were about 40 cents each. We also bought a pot of Greek Oregano and a pot of Sweet Mint. dr bought a metal trash can to hold hot ashes until they cool.
Second stop was WalMart. I wanted to get a few things in the grocery section to make some cookies to take for snacks and lunch at the Writer's Guild Sale. It's potluck for all the authors and guild members. I heard thunder and told dr I bet it's raining. He didn't want to hear about it. I went ahead to the sewing dept and bought some thread. They were out of the ribbon that I wanted for bookmarks. We checked out and sure enough it was pouring rain outside. We had parked just five spaces out from the store but we were soaked when we got the bags put in the back and ourselves put in the front of the truck. We wanted to go to HEB next so the lights and wipers came on and I backed out and went out the exit and started toward HEB. It was pouring rain so hard I could only follow the next car by following the tail lights.We drove through some water flowing across the street and some in low spots in the street. We made it to HEB and I parked in a space right up by the overhang of the store. We got soaked by rain getting from the car to under the roof. Our feet were wet from the water running through the parking spaces. Of course, it was still raining when we came out and there were people blocking the overhang waiting for the rain to let up. If they waited, they waited a long time. We loaded our bags and got into the truck, more wet than before. We decided to go for lunch while we waited for it to stop or slow down some. Lights and wipers came on and we slowly made our way to the street. Pouring down rain making it difficult to see again. We got to the restaurant and I turned into the parking lot. The restaurant is built into a slope so the water was running down the slope across the parking lot. I went through the water up the slope and parked by the door. We, again, got wet going from the car to the door. We were not alone as the restaurant was almost full of people waiting out the rain. Most were equally wet.
They had to shut down one section of the restaurant because water was coming under the back door and making the carpet soggy wet and slippery. The water in the parking lot was up to the bottom of the door on some cars and people were running to move them up the hill some.
It did slow down some by the time we were leaving so we didn't get so wet going back to the truck. We stopped for gas but the pumps were under an awning/roof so that was okay. We started home, but didn't get far before the rain started coming down in buckets again. Lights and wipers came on and I slowed down to a crawl. Good thing most of the traffic was on the interstate road. I didn't have to worry too much about someone running over me or me hitting someone in front of me. Would you believe with the poor vision that some people don't use their headlights? It took us more time to get back to Madisonville and the rain was stopping when we got there. We decided not to stop for anything in town and proceeded on north on the highway. We didn't get two miles down the road before...not rain again, but SUNSHINE! We had sunshine the rest of the way home. The creekbed that thinks it's a road down the hill to our house wasn't too slippery and we made it without sliding this way and that way.
We unloaded our purchases and then, we went and changed out of our soggy wet clothes. Ha! Warm again! I think I will stop going shopping because the same thing happened on a bit smaller scale last month, only we were in Bryan instead of Huntsville.
We've had four or five rains like that in the last six weeks. The cattle tanks are full, the ditches are full and the fields look like lakes. But, the weather people tell us the drought is not over. It will be back full force in the summer. Thanks, guys, you sure know how to spoil a good thing.

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Yard and gardens!

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:54 am

I looked here and saw that I haven't wrote a blosince November. My I'm getting lazy. So much has happened that I'm not sure where to begin so I will tell you about my yard and gardens. You all know that it was carved out of a small woods so there are roots and small stumps everywhere and whenever we dig a space we have to also dig roots. Then, those little youpon trees travel by root and come up again where we just dug them out.
In the back yard we make a small garden, put down black plastic and cut holes in the plastic for the tomatoes. That was accomplished last year. There are eleven rose bushes, 10 of them climbing around the fence. I tied the longer branches to the fence last fall and have started pulling some smaller ones toward the fence. They didn't lose their leaves this year. Well, not all of them. Now, they have new leaves and are getting a few buds. I hope it doesn't freeze them. Along the east fence I planted two rows of green peas and a row of rose radishes. It said they were salad radishes. The radishes and peas are about two inches high. When it's warm they grow and on cooler days they just sit there. The aurgula and the pak choi are coming up but the raddicio? is not up yet. I should have read the directions better there. I thought it was like leaf lettuce but it gets heads so I will have to thin it a lot. I wonder if I can wait until it's big enough to move somewhere else. I started to clean out the holes from last year but haven't finished that yet. I cleaned out the flower pots that I had marigolds in last year though. I still have some larger pots that need to be cleaned out. I stood and looked at them today but couldn't decide if I wanted to do them yet so didn't. I took my pointed hoe and dug up thistles and clumps of weeds for the goats.
Chance helped me with that. She filled in the holes left with her nose.
I have five crepe myrtle and two small fig trees in the back yard but they haven't started to bud yet.
In the front yard, I have the small bed of pansies. I put mulch on them today and filled in the spaces with turtles (not real ones). We have the winter garden (8x8). It still has carrots, swiss chard, kale and I just planted two rows of spinach and a row of swiss chard. We dug that 4 x 16 bed last week and have it about ready to plant. Would you believe that when I was hoeing weeds today I found some already growing there. I have four circular beds 4 to 6 ft across with lettuce/mesclun growing. What I had for winter bolted. I haven't pulled it out yet though. I wanted to see if it would seed itself. I did dig around and plant new seeds where there was spaces from cutting the older stuff. I have some black plastic along the front of the house that I want to take up and dig a bed for herbs there. We have three peach trees that we planted last fall and I noticed that two of them have small leaves and some flower buds. I hope it isn't too early for them. dr says they have to have time for growth so we will need to pick the fruit off this year anyway. (sigh) I went around to the end of the house and checked on the daffodils. They are blooming and making a cheerful spot. The pansies and allysum that I planted there are looking good and I noticed some of the freesia that I planted last spring are starting to come up. I carefully hoed between things to loosen up the dirt. The iris that I got from toni aren't getting buds yet but the greenery is doing nicely. So, that's my garden and yard up to date. It still needs lots of work. More in the front where those little youpon keep trying to take over. It's getting nice enough to be out for a couple or three hours a day. The doctor said I need to get more exercise and being outside is g more fun than that exercise bike or weight bench.

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