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More gardening and herbs, too.

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:34 am

Seems like I haven't stopped gardening since last spring and summer. I planted a fall garden and kept it going all winter. I still have a couple of things left from it. Kale, swiss chard and carrots and some lettuce are still growing. I picked half the swiss chard last week and put it in the freezer. I'm going to do the other half as soon as I get the time. I still want to do the kale, too.
So, I started spring gardening as soon as plants came into Lowe's and Home Depot. I kept the tomatoes and peppers inside for about six weeks until they got to big for those little six paks they came packed into. I planted them all outside a couple of weeks ago, maybe three weeks. They are doing good and some have flowers. I want to fertilize them with Miracle-Gro this week. I watered them good yesterday. I planted pak choy, a Chinese vegetable. It is a cool weather crop and it already flowered and went to seed. I guess it was already too warm for it. The arugula and raddicio aren't doing too well either. The snap peas have lots of flowers and some small peas. I wanted to pick some and add to salad but decided to wait until there are a few more out there. The radishes that I planted earlier are getting big enough for slicing for salad, too. The smaller ones that I planted in the front yard got flattened by the rain last week but they are coming along now. The first row of beets need thinned out so I will pull some for using the leaves in salad, too.
So, I have, arugula, raddicio, pak choy, snap peas, tomatoes (Roma, Early Girl and Celebrity, 29 in all), radishes, pole beans, beets, red onions, zucchini (23), bush beans, wax beans, yellow summer squash, Peppers, green and yellow banana and some minature mixed colored peppers, carrots, kale, swiss chard, spinach and lettuce growing right now.
Today I planted sweet basil, Siam Queen Thai basil, oregano, true lavendar, cilentro, sweet marjarom, commor thyme, garlic chives, chives, and lemom balm. I have already growing apple mint, spearmint and oregano.
We have 5 peach trees, two that Toni sent me and three larger ones that we planted last fall. The three bigger ones have small peaches that will have to mostly come off because the trees branches aren't big enough to support them yet. I have a plum tree in a bucket that needs planting and a pecan tree that needs planted into the ground. I have six crape myrtle trees growing now. I bought them at a yard sale year before last and wasn't sure they would make it but they are doing well.
The red blaze climbing roses are doing well and blooming like crazy. I will post more pictures of them soon.There are ten of them. There is one bush rose but I have no idea what kind. Some one gave it to me and it wasn't marked. I have a star jasmine on the fence and it's about six foot high and beginning to branch out. I have a honeysuckle on the front fence that hasn't died yet.
When we moved down here two years ago in April there was nothing. They just bulldozed a yard out of a thicket of trees and brush. I've been digging roots and cutting little trees that pop up and trying to get things to grow. I didn't plant grass but the yard is green. Some kind of grass, but mostly weeds except for the stuff I planted.

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