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Gray Day

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 7:59 pm

It's a gray day. Forecast is for scattered thundershowers. I do so hope they will scatter this way. I went out and watered this morning hoping that would help. It will probably wait until we have to go up the hill for work. A good rain or even a small rain would help all of the plants. They perk up when I water them but by the end of the day they look droopy again. I check the ones in the pots everyday to see if the soil is dry. I hate when I plant something and it stays the same size because the food and water seems to just be keeping it alive but not growing.
The neighbor gave me some apricots this morning. Our trees were hit with frost and all the little apricots fell off. But a few miles from here and a slighly lower altitude the frost missed so there were lots of apricots. Our neighbors got apricots from some people who weren't using them and brought them to church. There was enough for two apricot tarts. So, I made one for us and one for the neighbors. Sugar free of course. Both of them. The neighbor lives in a small trailer so in summer they don't bake because it really turns the trailer into a furnace and even their cooler takes ages to cool it. Our house stays cool for the most part. We don't use any cooling, cooler or air conditioning. Only ceiling fans and one or two floor fans. One for the computer corner. Usually if I open a window a breeze comes through the house. Today, the door is shut for some reason.
Guess I should decide what to make for lunch. The tart is still too hot. It will make a good snack after work, I think. Dooley

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dooley's day

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2007 4:29 am

I was going to write about my day, but I think my nap is wearing off. I may need to make it an early night. I was really tired when I got home from work last night but my knee was aching so I didn't sleep well. I woke up early and since we were planning on going up the hill for a few things today and I hadn't watered anything yesterday I got up and went and watered everything. Chance usually loves to "help" but when she sees me hooking up the hose she disappears. Water is definitely not her favorite thing unless it's in her water dishes. She has several of these around the yard and house.
We went to breakfast while we were waiting for the bank to open. Then, went up the hill. dr had a list of yard sales. But, it heated up early and he decided we would only do one or two. But, it seemed like every time we turned a corner there was another yard sale. We had to stop a couple times for something to drink because like a dolt I didn't take the cooler with water bottles with us. In summer, we almost never leave home without water with us. It gets too hot. Some sales were bummers but we found quite a lot of things. dr found stuff to resell at the flea market. I have to work 8 to 4 tomorrow or I can leave a bit early if it isn't busy. I can't decide if the street fair will make it busier or not. It's a couple of blocks away from the library. It may just make people put their stuff in the drop box. Monday may be twice as busy. Our volunteer for tomorrow isn't coming so we will be short one or two hands. We stopped for pizza for lunch and bought the few things we went up the hill to buy and came home. I bought new pillows for myself and I'm going to cover the old ones to put on a bench out in the little back yard. We have a back yard, a little backyard and a lower backyard. We have the workyard, the driveway yard, the "herb" garden, the upper front yard and the patio front yard and in front of the house. These are all definite, distinct yards or areas. Oh, there's the garden area too. Most are fenced except some run from one to another. Since I hurt my knee a lot of them are in sad shape. Since it's been getting better I've been trying to get things caught up. dr helped last week when he cut the bee plants down. He says he'll run the lawn mower over it this week. But, I'd rather he didn't since he has allergies that kick up and then he loses more of his hearing. Oh, well! It will get done as it gets done. I do have most everything planted now and a lot of it is in pots that don't have to be weeded. Some things need more water now that it is getting hotter. It will be 93 tomorrow, it was 95 today. But it is in the 90's or above, probably until October. With no rain some of the problems will take care of themselves. I just keep watering where I want things to keep growing.
I took a nap when we got home. Chance woke me up. I think she was trying to see if I was okay because I don't usually sleep during the day. Dan stopped to pick up the beer glasses we bought him and Laurel at a yard sale today. They were German and really nice glass with a silver rim. Only $2.00 for both of them. Those people were really high for the ordinary stuff but cheap on the better things. It's like they didn't know what it was all about. I only paid a dollar each for those wooden planters. I paid 50 cents each for the garden books. They had a lot of craft books but I don't do crafts so much anymore.
After my nap I took a few pictures and then went and made supper. I made battered cod and cole slaw. We decided to eat outside. But, the orioles sat in the grapevines and chattered at us because the feeder was empty. So, in the middle of eating, I got up and went and filled the feeder. Did they appreciate it? No!! They said they couldn't eat with us sitting there. So, I got up and brought my plate inside to finish eating. Geeze, Louise! Now, I'm thinking I will have to go to bed because my nap has worn off and I have to get up at 6 am and that is a lot earlier than I usually get up. Mayer Daze is tomorrow but I won't be here. Dan's library is having a book sale. They have started the new addition to the library. It's going to be a 26 by 40 room. It takes up almost all the lot space they have. Only, the county is buying computers this year so there isn't a budget for furnishing. They are going to put out a donation jar and see if anyone will donate to it. They generally do fairly well. Someone will give them some money to help with it. They were building forms for concrete footing and the floor today. They were hoping to pour the stuff on Monday but he didn't think they would be done by the end of today. I bet that tomorrow a lot of people will stop to see what is happening. The parade goes right past the library and the barbecue is across the street at the recreation center. Well, that's it for this day. Dooley

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