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Another day off

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2006 6:22 am

It's time for another day off. I have several things to do. First is to finish that zucchini jam and see how it turns out. By morning I should be able to tell how the ginger pear jelly did. The small jar was solid but the full jars were still a bit soft. DR put them in the refrigerator. The zucchini jam recipe is a bit complicated but I thought I should try the recipe before I began fiddling with it.I do want to reduce the sugar and maybe try to use pectin instead of cooking it down to the thickness I like. We shall see.
It wasn't so busy this week, except on Monday. Monday's are always busier. Prescott's new library opened this week so we don't have all their books now. Saturday there will be an open house at our library so people can look at plans for our new library and have some imput with the architects. Of course, maybe it won't be so busy anyway because Prescott is having their grand reopening the same day.
I did some watering today but do need to do some things outside tomorrow if it doesn't get too hot. It is supposed to be 91F. Wannabe said it will be in the 30's tonight. Maybe that means frost. I thought we might have an early frost because it's been cool, but it warmed up again. My rule of thumb is that September is down to 90's, October is down to 80's and November is down to 70's. December is down to 50's and January is a mixture of 40's and 50's before it begins warming up again with February and March being in the 60's and April and May in 70's and 80's again. Those are daytime temps. The night time temps can go down into the 20's during Jan and Feb and then go up until the last average frost date in late April. They say this will be a warmer than normal winter and a drier than normal winter so I can only hazard a guess at what it will be. It was 56F this morning. I know that for a fact but tomorrow?
I had my lab work done on Tuesday. Today the doctor called. The thyroid level was high so he cut out the replacement hormone. Now, it is lower than normal. He says wait another month and go have it checked again. Then, depending on whether it has stablizied or is still going down, he will decide what to do. I wish he had to pay for the lab tests he blithely says go and have done. Oh, well! I need to e-mail or call Andy and ask him what he thinks. He will have to discuss it with his medical person and call me back. He says his patients don't have too many thyroid problems. He's a pediatrician. So, I guess it's time for bed. Chance says it is. Dooley

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Back to work

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 4:07 am

Well, I had my day off and go back to work tomorrow. It's a short day, but the busiest one.
We got up at 6 am and went to the flea market. It was only 40F when we left. I wore two sweatshirts and a windbreaker jacket over a t-shirt. By 8 am I had shed all but the t-shirt and jeans, of course. It was 74F when we left at 2:30 pm. It was sunny with a light breeze. A truly beautiful day. I was lazy and almost went to sleep sitting in the chair. I only helped unpack and then pack up again. We stopped and brought sandwiches coming home. I made sausage and cheese omelets later in the evening. Chance thought they were good. I always make an extra for her if we are having eggs. Eggs help make a dog's coat shiny. Chance has two blankets on a large round, padded doggy bed. They were a real mess. I picked them up and folded them and made them flat. I couldn't see how it would be comfortable to sleep on the mess they were. A bit later I was making some tea and looked out into the laundry room. She was pulling and tugging and making an awful mess out of the blankets. I asked her what she was doing. She looked at me like I must be demented. Couldn't I see that she was making her bed? Dogs!!!
We did well at the flea market. Sold a lot of stuff that we sorted and packed on Thursday. Sold some things we'd had for a bit. Sold a couple large items. Not expensive, but large. Things that took up a lot of space. I bought a table and chairs. I went back and DR asked me what I bought. I told him a table and chairs. He looked at me and asked, "How big?" He was thinking about how he'd get it home. I showed him. The table is about 4 1/2 by 6 inches and the chairs match it in size. I'm going to use it for little bears. He was relieved that he didn't have to make room for a big table and chairs. I also found a little bear to buy. Only paid 50 cents for it but it's from 1959. DR bought a pig for me. It's a redware planter. I thought since it's a pig I should grow a vegetable plant in it. Something to eat. Maybe a herb? I could grow basil in it during the winter or mint. It's smiling and happy looking.
I have to get a picture of a big pot he bought too. It's garden junk. It used to have two handles but one is broken so it only has one. But I like it. It's that redware too. Pretty soon we will have so much in the yard and garden we won't have room for plants. Time for bed. Dooley

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A day off?

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2006 4:31 am

Thursday we worked at sorting the stuff DR got from the shop going out of business. We sorted, priced and boxed it. DR had to move the pallets because he bought a small trailer to pull behind the truck so he can go to the flea market when I have to work on Saturday. It's a bit complicated but he thinks he can work it out. Anyway, yesterday I had a day off. DR said we could do anything I wanted to do. We went to Phoenix. DR doesn't like going to Phoenix. I don't either really but I wanted to go to a store called Sunflowers. It's an organic grocery store. I've been having trouble getting bulk fructose and some other things I wanted. I bought fructose, thick cut rolled oats, 9 grain cereal and polenta (coarse cornmeal). Then we bought a lot of other vegetables and some sausage made on the premises. We went to Tuesday Morning. It's a large variety sort of store. They sell odd lots and returns of an upscale sort. I was looking for a large teapot and found one there. We went to Odd Lots which is the same sort of store as Tuesday Morning on the other end of the spectrum. I found some tea there, not loose, but bags. I found fall stickers there too. I went to Ross for Less and found two large teapots. Now, I have three teapots that will make enough tea to fill my large mugs more than once. Brian bought things at a tool store that's sort of like the odd lot stores. We had a good time looking at all the things we didn't buy. We went to my sister's house. We hadn't been there since before it got hot. Well, maybe we went once during the summer. They aren't doing all that well. She is my next youngest sister. She needs an MRI, but she is VERY claustrophobic. She walks up stairs rather than take an elevator. Even an open MRI is too difficult for her. She has trouble with crowds too. She has good children though and they support her in every way. I think she manages because of them. Anyway, we stopped there and spent some time with them. We had breakfast in Phoenix. We didn't get home until 3:30 PM. DR was going to load the truck and go to the flea market this morning but was tired and thought he would get up and do it this morning but decided we'd go tomorrow instead. Tomorrow is my day off too. I don't mind going to the flea market with him sometimes. I don't work that hard. Mostly sitting or standing and talking to people. I want to come home early enough to find my fall decorations and put some up. Scarecrows, etc. I have a bear dressed like a wizard and one dressed like a witch. DR bought me some big scarecrows for the yard. I'm not sure where I put them either. I'll probably find them with the Christmas stuff the way things seem to work around here. DR bought a Chinese brass yard lantern today. He's going to take a picture of it so I can post it. It is very different. It's old and it uses a fat candle for light. I can't explain it exactly. A picture is definitely in order. I've been meaning to take my camera to work to get a picture of the plant on the table in the break area. It's a potted plant with big leaves. It sent up two stalks a while ago. Each stalk has a white flower shaped like a cupped hand with a candle in the center of the cup. Beautiful. But everytime I set down at the table I remember I don't have the camera. I'll probably remember the camera when the flowers fall off. I think I'd better go to bed. It's up early in the morning. Dooley

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DR has done it again!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2006 6:05 pm

Yesterday, I wanted to go to the Dollar Store to add more minutes to the cell phone that I never use. But, I would lose the minutes I had if I didn't add more. It is for emergencies to and from work. DR says I have to start using them for more than that. Anyway, we stopped at the bank. Across the street from the bank is a junque! store that is going out of business. They had piles of boxes stacked out front. DR wanted to stop and see what they had left. Well, now they have a lot less left. He bought all the boxes really cheap and is going through them to cull stuff he can sell at the flea market. Today, we went and she gave him a lot of other stuff. Just gave it to him. Is that a bargain or not? Yesterday we went up to work a little early so he could go to the grocery stores and get the produce boxes they will give away. He especially likes banana boxes because they are heavy duty and stack nicely. He did let me have my choice of things. I picked another small swan. This one is ceramic.
To change the subject a bit, we have had so much rain that I haven't needed to water much and I guess I forgot that I had to water. Now, it's been about 10 days and I watered the pot plants today. A couple of the small plants are in sad shape. According to the weather service the summer rains are over. We will have a warmer than normal winter with less moisture. So, I guess some watering will be in order now. I will not be watering the weeds though. They can just quit growing now. I need to put some plant food on the mums that I planted and DR says I need to feed the little trees before too much longer so they can store something for winter. It shouldn't frost here until mid-November, but I won't say that too loud. It seems lately all I have to do is open my mouth and say maybe it won't rain today and it starts pouring.
Oh, I'd better quit. I have to call the doctor about picking up a paper to take to the laboratory. They stopped my thyroid medication last month and I have to have the levels checked again now. Dooley

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This week?

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 4:28 am

This week has past by in a blur. It was a very busy week at the library. Thankfully only a week or so before Prescott gets their library opened again. Our bookdrop cart was half filled with books that we had to put in the transit tubs to be taken to Prescott library. Prescott Library has their own drop boxes but people seem to think since the library isn't open that they can't use their dropboxes. All I did on Monday was check in books. I didn't get much shelved. On Tuesday it was busy. I got all but one book shelved. It was one that someone left on a table at closing. I started back to put it away but someone grabbed it and put it back on the cart and said it was time to go home. On Wednesday the carts were again full. I didn't get to shelve much that night. We were one person short and she usually sat at the checkout desk. We had a new volunteer. It was her very first day but she volunteered to stay until closing. She called her husband and told him to feed the kids. But, she needed a lot of help because it was her first day. Of course, the difficult people picked the night to come. One lady came in with two suitcases of books and a bag of books. They were all overdue. She said her son had been in the hospital and she forgot all about the books. Well, I can see that. I probably have not worried about library books either. But, you cannot check out books if the computer says you have a fine. There was a fine on all of the overdue books which she was going to pay and then she wanted to check out the books in the bag again. Which would have been fine but she didn't bring all of the overdue books back and one of the DVD's was missing the disc. She only brought back the case. So, we had to renew the books she didn't bring back and the librarian had to be called to use her password to renew the DVD because it wasn't in the case. Then, some of the books she wanted to check out again couldn't be checked out to her because other people had holds on them. You can't expect a new person to know all of these things. Volunteers can't handle fines either. It wasn't hard, just time consuming and a line formed. I didn't get much shelved. So, when I went in on Thursday the carts were all full. Another lady from the day shift worked until closing and we got everything shelved but one cart of fiction. When I went in today there wasn't much to shelve and I thought I would get other things done. Wrong! It was a steady, busy day. There was an art fair in the part surrounding the building so there was a steady stream of people and the dropbox was full when it came up in the afternoon. But, we did manage to get everything put away. It was a strange day. One would think in a library the days would be all the same, but each one is different. I guess that's what keeps it from being a boring job.
Wednesday we went up to Prescott about noon and did some shopping before I went to work. We stopped at the Chinese buffet for supper. I bought DR a flannel shirt for his birthday which was back in June but I hadn't given him anything because I didn't know what to give him. He was looking at the shirts so I told him I'd buy him one for his birthday. He chose a red plaid one. He liked it so well that he went back and bought two more the next day. Now, he'll be warm this winter. Friday was my day off. We went to a couple yard sales but there wasn't much happening. After noon, we decided to go for a ride and instead of riding up the hill we went down the hill. I was still wearing my long sleeve shirt. When we got down the hill I had to take it off because it was in the 90's and dry. HOT!! It was only 50 here this morning. Only 62 at 9:30 when I got to work. Anyway we went to the outlet mall. We walked around and went into all the kitchen shops. DR bought some bottles of marinades. I found two sweaters at the Bass outlet. They were on a sale table. We were going to get ice cream before we came home, but for what they wanted for ice cream you could buy a whole carton at the grocery so we decided to come home. I do not like coming up that hill. It's much more difficult than going down. It goes from 2,000 foot to 4,000 foot in six miles. Big trucks are supposed to keep in the right lane but they never do and you come around a corner and there is one right in front of you doing 40 and you are doing 65. Yuck!! There are more accidents caused because some trucker doesn't stay right like he is supposed to do. But, we didn't have a problem and got home about 5:30. Just in time to make supper. I heated up stuffed peppers I had in the freezer.
So, my week is past and I guess it wasn't too much different from other weeks. Oh, I guess I made the jelly somewhere in there too. And DR build a couple little shelves over the sink. I have a day off tomorrow and DR says we are staying home. I wonder! Dooley

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More rain

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2006 3:01 am

I woke up this morning and it was raining. Again! It rained all the way to work, but not like Thursday night. It quit about mid morning. It was cloudy and wet all day and then when we was coming out from work it started raining again and it rained all the way home. It's stopped again. The forecast for tomorrow is partly cloudy. I think it will rain everyday for a year. Dooley

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Stormy night!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2006 11:16 pm

It was cloudy all day yesterday. When we started to Prescott Valley at five pm it was thundering a bit and there were a few sprinkles. We could tell from the sky that we would drive through rain on the way. Little did we know~~~The rain picked up as we hit the highway. By Poland Junction it was raining hard and I had the wipers on full. By Humboldt, the wipers did not keep up with the rain. I could no longer see the road in front of me or to the side of me. Visibility was down to zero. I could see nothing outside of the cab of the truck. I was down to 25 mph but I was afraid to stop because I couldn't see where I was at and couldn't see the shoulder of the road or the ditch. I kept going, hoping anyone behind me would see my tail lights and anyone coming toward me would see my headlights. After about three or four miles, it lessened a little and I could see tail lights in front of me and then at the intersection for Dewey and RTE 169 it let up enough for the wipers to clear the window but it was still raining quite hard. Traffic picked up a bit going up the hill into Prescott Valley, but thankfully people were driving sensibly. We made it to work okay. I took DR in the backdoor with me so he wouldn't be soaked going around to the front. No one minded. I was shaking for half an hour after I got there. The library building has glass walls all around so we could see the rain and lightning outside. It thundered continously for another hour and then slowed down to a nice steady rain. It rained almost all night. Lights were out all over, but the section with the library was still working. The saving grace was there was no wind. I couldn't have driven with a strong wind too. As it was there was some hydroplaning and the truck was sliding here and there a bit. Not really bad, but scary. I think that is the worst I've ever driven in all my 65 years. Well, make that 47 years. I was 18 when I started driving.
I don't know how much rain was in prescott valley but the tub in our yard here has two and one half inches in it. Everything is very soggy.
Today was my day off so we went to breakfast and then did the round of the thrift stores and garden nurseries. Didn't buy much, but a gnome did find it's way into our truck. DR thinks it's a shoemaker. I'm not sure. DR bought me a set of insulated mugs and thermos and soup jar for taking to work when it gets colder. That will be nice for lunches on Saturday. DR also bought a giant thermometer that we will be able to see from inside the house. It must be 16 or more inches across with big numbers.
It was busy at work. Good thing I only worked three days, though I still have tomorrow to work. Tuesday, I didn't get to shelve much, there were just too many check in books. I must have checked in over 200 videos and even more books. Tuesday night I was the only one shelving and had to stop and help with check out too. We finally caught up from the holiday and so last night there were three people to shelve and almost no books because the storm kept almost everyone home. There are 12 public computers and there is always a waiting list. Last night there was no more than three in use at any one time. I spent the evening moving books around to make more space on shelves. I needed to do that for sure.
I can almost see the weeds growing so I'd better go with Chance to check things out. She is patiently or not so patiently waiting for me. When I get up she will be out the door in a flash and then come back to see what's keeping me. Dooley

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Holiday's over!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 4:58 am

The holiday is over for this year. I think the next holiday with days off is Veteran's Day on November llth. Then, Thanksgiving and then Christmas. The year has just flown past. My youngest son had his birthday today so I called and talked to him for awhile. He lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He says he has to make a pie tomorrow because he thinks his wife wants a pie. I asked him how he knew she wanted a pie. He said for his birthday she gave him pie weights, rings to go on a pie to keep the rim from getting two brown and a bag that you put your pie dough in and roll it out and it makes a perfect circle to fit you pie tin. They both work and they both cook but he loves doing desserts. He got something to make creme brulee too and an automatic frother for cappacino?. Ben goes back to school and Wendy has to go to the office so Andy is going to hang out with Jacob and make pie. Jacob is only four so he doesn't go to school yet. He goes to day care three days a week. It's getting toward fall there. There will be frost by the end of the month, maybe. He says it's been extra warm there this summer.
What did I do with the rest of my weekend. Not much. I watered everything yesterday. I finished a book I was reading. Now, I am reading a book about greenhouses. I'm not sure that I will put anything in mine this winter. Well, maybe the geraniums and maybe the spider plant. I don't have much room inside for plants. Too many bears I think. I am really running out of room for bears. But, when I see one that needs rescued I can't resist buying it. I bought two last week and two the week before. Chance has almost as many squeaky toys. They are all over the floor. It's like little kids. I pick them all up and put them in the basket and pretty soon she has her nose in the basket. She takes them all out and lines them up on the floor. Pretty soon they are all over again. It's not so bad unless she takes it in the bedroom. It's pretty bad getting up in the night and stepping on one. It scares you half to death. Makes much more noise when you step on it in the middle of the night than it makes during the day.
Today, I was going to clean house and run the vacuum cleaner. It didn't get done. The cupboard with all the storage containers got cleaned. I saw a bug and had to take everything out to track it down. So, I cleaned it all and threw out all the lids that didn't have a box anymore. I wonder what happened to all those boxes. It's like socks without mates. I don't have a dishwasher to eat the boxes. You'd think it was the lids that would disappear.
I made apple raisin pies. We gave one away. Half to two different people. We ate some for supper. It wasn't the best pie I've made. DR didn't eat the grapes so I'll do something with them tomorrow. I can't leave them or they will draw fruit flies. The house flies know it's getting on toward fall. We had to go buy some fly swatters on Sunday. They just seem to appear at this time of the year. We didn't have flies at all until this week.
Tomorrow will be a busy day at work. It will probably take a day or two to get caught up on things. I was moving books around in the large print section and I didn't get it all finished on Saturday. It will wait until I have a few minutes at the end of the day and I will finish it. I only have M's to do. One day I started with A and the next day I started with Z. I had to moved them all around to make space at the end of each shelf. It works better that way.
It rained this afternoon. The showers have been going all around us the past few days. Today, I decided to take a nap in my recliner chair. It didn't work for a couple of reasons. I just got to sleep when there was a big boom of thunder. Chance had to go the the window and bark at it. I told her to go outside. DR came in to turn the computer off. Chance decided if she couldn't bark she would set on my lap. She doesn't sleep well on my lap. She can't get comfortable. She turns circles and whines and then she heard some kids and took off flying to see what they were doing. They were on the way down the street before it started to rain. I bet they just made it home before it started. It poured buckets and the street looked like a river. it only rained about twenty minutes but we got about half an inch. There were puddles everywhere. DR and I went outside when it stopped. We live on a dirt street. The water made beautiful patterns in the dirt as it went down the hill. Every little rock sends it a different way. So, things go on even on holidays. Dooley

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Another Day Gone By

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Sep 02, 2006 5:58 am

Well, another day has gone past us.They sure go fast anymore. Days used to be longer I'm sure. It was cloudy, but it didn't rain. It was just hot and humid. I started the soaker hose on the squash and then moved it to the terrace area. Those tomatoes are just starting to bloom and those horned worms haven't discovered them yet. I picked a large squash this afternoon. I picked up a leaf to hook up the soaker hose and there it was. I have two BIG ones that I am leaving for seed. I planted yellow zucchini and green zucchini next to each other and they crossed. We have some beautiful green and yellow squash. My oldest son suggested that I leave one or two for seed and see what they look like next year. They are from organic seed so maybe we will get yellow and green squash.Might be fun to find out, but it is a long wait. Do you think I might plant one in a pot and grow it inside or in my poly greenhouse over the winter?
We went to Prescott Valley this morning for the staff meeting I had to go to and then went looking for yard sales. We bought a few things. I found two wire baskets. I thought I could set pots of plants in them and then plant them. I thought one had birds on the sides but Dan says they are ghosts so it must be for Halloween. I wonder what it was used for.
We bought some old kitchen utensils. We used to have a kitchen store called, "Laura's Kitchen" back in Wisconsin. We had a 60 foot wall of pegboard and we sold old Kitchen utensils and shelves of old kitchen pots, pans, molds, etc. We also sold bulk spices, herbs, tea and coffee. We had a penny candy counter that was about 20 feet long and filled with all sorts of candy that went from a penny up to a quarter each. We sold penny candy to Captain Kangeroo. He was a really nice person.
Anyway we are addicted to old kitchenware. I have castiron molds and muffin pans over my kitchen stove.
Brian bought some colored glass and, well, they called it a settee but it's not really. It's a couch that goes at the end of a bed. This one would probably fit at the end of a twin bed. He put a cover over it because it has to set in the living room until he goes to a flea market when it isn't expected to rain. Chance got up on it but when DR got the camera to take her picture she got down. Now, she won't get on it again. I wonder if she doesn't like getting her picture taken. Yesterday we went to a yard sale and they had a recliner chair for a child. DR thought of buying it for Chance but decided it was too much when she probably wouldn't sit in it. She only sits in ours because we are in them first and she thinks she's a lap dog.
Dan came in awhile a go. He'd been up to Prescott. He said it was raining up there. There is rain in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday, too. Nice weekend for a holiday. I have Monday off, but I have to work tomorrow. I don't expect it will be very busy unless it's raining and people can't do anything else. I think Tuesday will be busy because the book dropbox will have two days worth of books in the morning and there is an afternoon dropbox too so there will be plenty of books to shelve. These are very big dropboxes. Probably 3 foot by six foot and they are maybe four foot high. There are two smaller ones inside that are always full too.
Chance and DR have gone to bed. Not the same one. Chance's bed is in the laundry room though she would like it in our bedroom. She gets up too early though. I should go to bed too. I can't figure out how the days can be so short when they start so early. Dooley

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