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Didn't get finished!

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Tue May 29, 2007 3:32 am

I didn't get finished. The day wasn't long enough or I took too many breaks. I did get the 20 or so pots filled with a mix of garden soil (bought in 2cu ft bags) and composted manure. I used three bags of soil and two and a half bags of the composted manure. The pots ranged from three to five gallon and 4 long rectangular ones. I have 20 tomato plants so I can put one to a pot and maybe two in the two larger pots. I want to put vegetables in the rectangular planters, starting with lettuce. I think I may still be able to grow it in the shade. It is supposed to be in the 90's for the next 10 days anyway, probably for the whole summer now. No rain in the forecast though. i may have said that in the earlier post. dr used his new gas grill to smoke some ribs. I finished them inside with some Dr. Stubbs barbeque sauce. Couldn't get sauce all over the new grill now. LOL. Made shortcake with strawberries and blueberries topped with coolwhip for red, white and blue dessert. It was actually purple by the time the juice from the berries mixed. But the berries were still red and blue. I think maybe I can plant the tomatoes in the morning if my knee isn't achy. I don't have to go to work until quarter to five. I start at 5:30. I don't want to lose the tomatoes because I didn't get them planted. I don't have my squash planted yet either. I need to send Glenda some seeds and some from the poppies too. I think I need to send someone elsse seeds too. I need to look back and find the address. I'll do that on my break tomorrow. Dooley

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Taking a break!

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Mon May 28, 2007 8:36 pm

Today was not a lazy day. It's beautiful out though it is getting warm. Going to be in the 90's for at least the next 10 days. Didn't see any rain in the forecast though. I've been watering everyother day but some things have been getting water everyday. I only water the trees once a week. This morning the apple trees got a good soaking while I was in the lower back yard cutting the bee plants out of the 50 ft flower bed that runs along the back fence. I let the hose run in it as I was cutting stuff. Kept moving it so the whole thing got a good soaking. I also done the butterfly bushes and the rose bushes. Those rose bushes that we bought just when my knee got hurt didn't get planted right away. One is about two ft tall and has yellow roses on it. One has died. One isn't doing well. I trimmed it back some this morning. I have some rose food I'll put on it later this afternoon. It's in full sun now so don't want to stress it. One butterfly bush is being chewed on by ants or earwigs. I suspect earwigs so tonight I will put out some earwig food. I have some already mixed up. I saw some crawling out of the mulch when I was watering it. I put the soaker hose on the new asparagus. It is growing well and I don't want it to die back yet. It should grow all summer and turn golden in fall before you cut it back. I forgot it so it got a good long soaking. I need to go and poke some holes and plant some squash. I haven't done that yet. I just haven't kept up with things. My knee is getting better. Just that one spot that still hurts if I do too much or do something I shouldn't. Like stoop down to look at something or twist is when I turn too fast. It will just take awhile to heal completely. I'm finally off most pain medication and the anti-imflammatory stuff. I don't like taking it for too long. I just quit after awhile. It doesn't swell unless I'm on it too long. Oh, well! Off that subject.
I went to get my hair trimmed on Wednesday. I told her just to here and put my hand where I wanted it cut to. Well, she said oh, chin length. I should have known. Her idea of chin length and my idea of chin length are two different things. It's too short. dr says it will grow and my hair does grow fast but I don't like it. The people I work with say it looks good and they like it and maybe it's just because I don't wear my hair short that I don't like it. She didn't layer the sides like I wanted it either. I wish I hadn't paid her. Well, maybe just the tip.
Guess I will go out and unstack the pots and fill them with dirt and see about transplanting the tomatoes. I have some miraclegro just for tomatoes to give them a start.
dr is smoking pork ribs on his new grill. I can't wait to eat but it's going to be awhile yet. I'd better go get some exercise so I can eat a little more today. Doolely

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Category: Yard work! | Posted: Fri May 25, 2007 10:35 pm

I know there is yard work to be done but I am being lazy today. My knee hurt when I got up but we went over to Cordes to get the propane tank filled so we can finally use our new gas grill this weekend and the driving actually made it stop hurting. I can't figure what makes it hurt and what doesn't make it hurt. Mostly moving too fast I think. They changed things around at work and there is four of us working from 6-9 now and 6 or 7 on Saturday. Saturday's are fine but we have to really work to get things done in the evening. We manage to get it done with all of us cooperating to man the checkin and checkout and shelve and watch the reference desk and the regristration desk. We're good. (Patting self on back) One of the librarians went to visit someone at the local hospital last Saturday and they were having a craft sale to raise money for the hospital and she bought everyone a bracelet. They are all on the same theme. People noticed this week that we were all wearing matching bracelets. It was really nice of her to buy one for everybody. She said it was to break the monotony of the month. I didn't think it was too monotonous with all the changes but I like the bracelet anyway. I don't wear jewelry much. My watch is broken so I put the bracelet on my left wrist and caught myself checking it for the time.
dr went and cut the bee field this morning. He didn't see many bees, but it is very windy today so they may be in hiding. We saw a very large dust devil when we went to the bank and stopped for lunch a bit ago. I can imagine what a tornado is like. The dust reached way up in the sky and was so thick that you couldn't see through it. We have them here frequently, dust devils, not tornado's. They can do some damage if they are big enough. Anyway, the lower back yard is usable now. He said I need to cut the clover or whatever out of the flower bed and I need to drag the hose out and water the rose bush and butterfly bushes. One is being chewed on by ants so if it is calm later I will have to spray it with something. I am going to take my book out to the little back yard and finish it in a bit. I may take the camera and see if the orioles come around. I've been trying to get a new picture of them but Chance seems to have put them on her list of things to keep out of the yard. I almost got a picture of a curved bill Thresher but again it was something that Chance didn't want in the yard. Birds and cats! Well, lizards, too but they moved too fast usually. We did have a three legged lizard last year because it didn't move fast enough. I thought it would die but I saw it later and it was still moving around so I guess it healed okay.
I haven't transplanted my tomatoes yet. Maybe later today but I think more likely on Sunday or Monday. I will water them again. I need to put the Miraclegro sprayer on the hose and feed everything. I may need to have dr buy some of it tomorrow. He isn't going to go to the flea market. With all the holiday things going on it wouldn't be worth it. Holidays seem to be outside family days here. It was busy at the truck stop when we went to fill the propane tank this morning. It was full of RV's, fifth wheels and trailers pulled by trucks. None of them seemed to know how to turn them around and were getting in the way of everyone. I was glad to get out of there without getting ran over by one of them. When we went camping it was with a tent and sleeping bags. Now, you have to have all the comforts of home with satellite dish and little quads to get around the camp ground. They go and park in regulated parks with neighbors driving the same kind of rv's and it's just crazy. Other than that are the ones that pile everything on a quad and take off across the desert or national forest, tearing up the terrain and leaving destruction in their wake. Guess I'm getting old because I don't understand all of it. But, with them all on the highways and in the country? I'm enjoying the quiet at home.
Kids are getting out of school in Prescott Valley and vicinity but here in Mayer they still have two weeks. They had a day added this week because vandals slashed tires on all the school buses on Monday night so they had to cancel school on Tuesday because there was no way to transport the kids to school. Makes you wonder what they thought they were doing. Oh, well I had better take my book and go get on with finishing the book. Night Whispers by Judith McNaught. Dooley

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I've been thinking?

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon May 21, 2007 4:59 am

I've been thinking (I do that now and then) that it's been awhile since I wrote a blog. I'm not sure why other than I've been keeping busy with things. I keep finding things to plant and then I have to water them. It's been so dry here that I've been watering a lot. I still haven't figured when to water the plants in containers. Sometimes they are too dry and sometimes I drown them. Some days I'd rather not water but then I think that I bought those plants and someone else would have enjoyed watering them so I'd better get myself out there and do it. Some are growing and some are just sort of sitting there. It's been in the upper 80's and low 90's and no rain. We see lightening and hear thunder but no rain. There was a lightening caused fire about 40 miles from here but it's out now. It wasn't a cause for us to worry. Sometimes things seem close in miles, but there are mountains between us so it isn't a worrisome thing. They are issuing warnings and closing things early this year. Wouldn't you know there are still city people throwing their cigarette butts out along side the roads. That's a sure way to start a fire. The other is stupid people thinking they can prevent a fire by putting their fire in a ring of rocks. They don't even think about the sparks that fly into the air when they THROW another log on the fire or stir it up with something. One of those sparks has to land on a dry piece of grass or bush and it's an instant fire. But, they didn't cause it because their fire was inside a ring of rocks. Stupid people!
I've been busy at work. When we get a slow day, I've been re-arranging things and putting the paperback book section in order. When I started things were in order only by author. I worked and got the fiction in order by title and author. Then, I did the large print section and worked on the nonfiction section. It has to be done first by number, then by author and then by title. The paper back section seems always to be out of order. But we had a couple slow days this week so I did a row at a time. I moved the books to a table, put them in order and put them back on the shelf. I only have N thru Z of the mystery section to do. Westerns are done, SciFi's are done and the first half of fiction are done. The last half of fiction is being sorted through and some are being deleted. So, I will do them after so I don't have to waste time on books that are coming off the shelf anyway. Gloria has been working on nonfiction. We both still have our regular shelving and the check in, checkout and regristration work to do. We are getting a three percent cost of living raise the lst of July. I have an evaluation coming up so I'm hoping for a raise there too. My knee is getting better. A couple of days last week it was really painful but Saturday and today it was better. Today, I left the brace off of it. Some days I think it is the brace that is irritating it. When it's hot, it gets sweating up it and rubs the wrong way or something. I guess I will need to wear it to work though.
Friday was a busy day. I had a meeting from 9-10, then I had to go get some bloodwork done, then we went to five yardsales. Then, we had lunch and took the truck for a check. Then went and bought potting soil and some blocks dr needed. Then to the grocery store and home so we could go to the bank before it closed.
We've been working on the little backyard to make it more livable during the summer months. We bought an "Instant" canopy and put it up. dr tied it so the wind won't blow it away. Chance loves the extra shade during the day. I'm going to make cushions for the bench and put some flowers out there. We found a little round table to use for a plant stand. It doesn't look like much but it's heavy. It should hold plants quite well. We want to get a load of river rock to put down so it won't be dusty. dr is going to build Chance a new deck under the grapevines. Since I cut out dead wood and fastened up the vines they are really growing. I've been watering them with the rinse water off of my dishes.
I went out to the other back yard today to water the apple trees and the butterfly bushes and the rose bush. I stopped and watered the long flower bed, too. It has Mexican Primrose in it. They have been blooming for awhile now but I haven't gotten a picture of them. I almost didn't want to go out there. We put some pasture mix out there last year so it wouldn't be just rocky dirt. We didn't get it cut yet and it's about two feet high and blooming yellow flowers. It if just full of bees. But, they didn't pay a bit of attention to me and I got things watered. I put soaker hose along the asparagus bed. The new ones aren't very big and I don't want them to get too dry. I have a few other seeds scattered in there and all those hollyhocks. They aren't growing very big this year because it is too dry. I could put soaker hose through them too I guess. But, I've been trying not to do too much and delay the healing on my knee. As it is, I probably do too much. I bought all those pots and have to fill them and transplant those tomatoes. I had 20 of them but something ate the top off of one so I had 19. Today when I was watering, I saw that it is getting new leaves so I guess I have 20 again. I have ten pots so that will be two to each pot. Maybe tomorrow, but I do have some other things I want to do. When we went to a yard sale on Saturday I got enough material to start on Jacob's dinosaur quilt so I've go to come up with some sort of a design. Darn! I meant to call Andy and I forgot and it's too late now. I'll have to do it on Tuesday. Better go and see if Chance is ready to go out to bed. She must be in the bedroom with dr. She isn't under my chair. Later

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Category: Yard work! | Posted: Wed May 09, 2007 7:20 pm

I finally finished working on the grape arbor. We haven't done much with it since we moved here and there was a lot of dead wood and the vines were growing every which way. One is way up a tree and I left it there. But, I cut out all of the dead wood and tied up the vines hanging down and moved some that were escaping the arbor. The ones on the fence were trying to go up a tree so I pulled them down and tied them to the fence. We want to turn the little back yard into a patio area. dr is going to build Chance a deck under the grape arbor to replace the old dog house. She can see the alley from there and keep an eye out for things that don't belong. She barks them away. We are thinking of putting up an awning of sorts and putting our lawn table and chairs under it. We bought a gas grill and dr got it all put together. We just have to get a gas bottle for it. But, we thought if we were going to cook out there we should be able to eat out there too. We'll need to get some of those candles for mosquitos and bugs. We don't get too many mosquitos here because it is pretty dry. Maybe we'll get some river rock to put in the area. That's what we put in the front patio. I need to make some cushions for the bench that's there. I can put some of my potted plants there and it will look nice. That little candle lantern thing we bought at one of the yard sales will go nice out there on the table. We sat out there and had breakfast the other morning. But during the day the sun is hot there. There is just so many things that need to be done and I still have to go slow because of my knee. It is a lot better but still going to fast and doing too much makes it ache at night. So, I'm done for today except for work tonight. 5:30-9pm today. Well, I bought some begonia's and petunias last night when we went for patio blocks to set the grill on. I guess I should put them in pots. That's not work, is it? I should water the small tomato plants since it's getting hot and they are in the sun. I think I should move them where it's not so sunny all day. Until they get a bit bigger anyway. That might be termed work though so maybe I will just water them today. Chance gets worried when we start changing things around but this will give her more shade during the day, too. The orioles are getting used to us being out and around the area and were sitting in the grapevines while I was trying to work there. They were mainly worried because the feeder was empty. They empty that big feeder everyday. I should buy sugar by the 50 lb bag instead of a 5 lb bag. The little hummingbird feeders don't go empty so fast unless the orioles try to eat out of them. I think I will go and see what dr is doing now. He went back outside. It's too hot to do much outside now. Dooley

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Remember the excitement from the other night

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 5:53 am

It was in the paper today. The high speed chase that we almost ended up being mixed in was two 15 year boys who stold the car in the morning. A man left his keys in it and went in to buy some mints and cigars. When he came out his car was disappearing down the road. The police soon spotted it and gave chase up to 110 mph until the morning traffic became too thick and they gave it up. In the evening, a DPS squad spotted it coming north on I-17 and gave chase at 100mph. They left the interstate and proceeded north on Hwy 69. We were going south on the way home from work. The paper said they were doing 100 mph when they went through the intersection where we were waiting to see what we should do. At this point there were about 12 to 15 cars chasing them. They went through Prescott Valley on Hwy 69 doing this speed. They made a right turn onto Glassford Hill Road and made a u-turn and started back to the highway and the car ran out of gas. They were immediately surrounded by all types of squad cars. Now, they are sitting in the jailhouse facing all sorts of charges beginning with car theft. What do you bet that man didn't learn anything and will leave his keys in the car again? The boys might never become eligible for a driver's license. They must have been good driver's though or one of them was because he didn't hit anything and he had to weave in and out of traffic and elude those policemen.I'm just very happy that nobody (and that includes us) was killed in either of the chases. Dooley

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More plants and a little excitement!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Tue May 01, 2007 5:22 am

dr asked me today if we could stop buying plants. I have quite a few more pots I could fill so I'm not sure if I can stop buying plants or not. Yesterday we went to breakfast and then stopped at Home Depot. I bought a pink lemonade honeysuckle bush/vine. I planted it on the fence where morning glories were last year. I was thinking it wouldn't grow so much this year and next year I could move the morning glories. (yeh, right) We bought some tomatoes. Three bigger ones, a yellow pear, an early girl and a green zebra stripe. I've never had a green zebra stripe tomato. It says it's a yellow green tomato with darker green stripes. Very sweet and quite prolific. Okay. Then, we got a six pak of Celebrity tomatoes. Today I planted each big plant in a pot. Tomorrow dr will plant the six little ones in a space in the side yard where I have a few herbs. I also bought two small lemom verbana plants because I had them at another house and the smell sooooo good when you brush against them. These are very small so I put them in pots to get them started before the stray cats lay on them. I bought some snapdragons which I put in pots. That's all for today. I did water the rose bushes and seeds that I planted last week and the new asparagus. I also discovered that I don't need to water the plants in the pots every time I walk past them. I think I drowned some of them. We'll see. Maybe when it gets hotter they'll need more water but for now they need less.

It was a very busy night at work. They were short of people on the day shift and there was a backlog when I got there but you know, there were only about two dozen books left when it came time to come home. Having another person to share the load is good. We still all do the various jobs that need to be done but it gets done more quickly. But, one of the full time night people is going on days so we'll see how we miss her.
Coming home we almost got caught up in a high speed police chase. Coming down the long hill from Prescott Valley to Dewey a lot of police cars with red/blue flashing lights and sirens passed us going very fast. As we topped a small rise just before the first stop light there were police cars all across the road and a policeman was waving a red light. I couldn't decide what he wanted me to do so I stopped back from the red light several car lengths. No one was in front of me and the light was red. It's a good thing I stopped back from the red light because those police cars were parked across the road because other police cars were chasing someone and they were trying to block him. But he went off the shoulder and up over the curb and cut right in front of me and went on up the highway. Three or four police cars were right behind him and quicker that you could blink the ones that were parked across the road were turned around and following them. The policeman who was waving the red light was in his car and off up the road lights flashing and sirens blaring. In the next few blocks several more police cars passed us going the direction of the person they were chasing. I hope they got him stopped before he got into the city traffic. I'm VERY glad I was confused about why the policeman was waving that red light and what he wanted me to do. It kept me from pulling up to the red light. I know now that he wanted me to turn right and get off the main street but it all happened so quickly that I hadn't figured it out. So much for the nights excitement. Guess I'd better go and see what else I can get into before bedtime. Dooley

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