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I have a different Internet Provider

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 2:17 am

Since I got back on the computer at home in October I have been having problems with the internet provider. It was slower than dial up should be and half the time it would say that it couldn't find the page because it was removed or something. I'd go around about until I'd finally get to it. Then, they promised me something and two days later reversed it without telling me and added to the cost and overdrew my bank account. So, they are history starting yesterday. They don't know it yet but I will call them on Monday. I installed the new one yesterday and it was a lesson in frustration. I'm not too computer literate but the directions said, "put the disc in your D drive and follow the directions." Doesn't that sound simple? Well, it took about 4 hours. First, I put the disc in the D drive. Did it give me any directions? No! So, I went to start and found the run place and clicked on run. It started up and the first thing it did was put two numbers on the screen and tell me these were the local access numbers but I should check with the phone company to make sure these were really local and that I wouldn't be charged a fee. So, I called the phone company. Nine people and an hour an a half later I finally got to talk to a man who knew what I wanted and had the information. The numbers were indeed local numbers and could be dialed up without extra fees. So, back to the dialup installation. I got it all finished, clicked on the little icon and nothing happened. I tried it again and went back and redid things. Still nothing so I called the support tech. He walked me through the whole thing. I did all the things he said to do. Nothing! So, we went around their disc installation and made a new connection. It works! I still haven't gotten the email and home page working but I was so frustrated when it came time to make dinner and I was still working on it that I quit. If it works then I'll use it and do the details later.
I sure did want to overload those 8 people's ears (the ones who couldn't help me and transferred me to someone else who transferred me elsewhere who transferred me back to someone who had already transferred me. I wanted to just throw the phone through the window. The one that really got me was the automated voice who came on at one point and told me it was time to go, "Good bye." I just hung up and started over. Once I found someone who knew anything it took about 30 seconds to verify those numbers.
We had a couple of cold weeks. It started on Friday a week ago. We woke up to ice and snow and wind. It lasted a couple of days. It wasn't that the temps were so low (20's) but that the wind was blowing so hard. I covered up my newly planted lettuce and in the morning found the coverings and everything I weighed it down with out in the yard. My kale didn't survive it. So, I have little dead kale plants. The lettce that was coming up disappeared. The freesia and daffidols froze, well, the tops froze. I looked today and some new shoots are beginning to appear. Sunday and Monday were not too bad weatherwise. It was in the 60's. Tuesday it was cloudy and was going down into 20's during the night. It was forecast rain during the night and rain on Wednesday with 40 degs. Well, that didn't sound too bad. But, we woke up Wednesday morning to rain. Then, the wind came and it turned everything from wet to ice. Then it started to come down snow flurries. It didn't amount to much but the wind tumbled the temperatures down. It didn't get to 20 degs and with the wind chill it was probably down to near zero. We stayed in the whole day. Thursday it was 20 when we got up but it was supposed to be in the 40's so we got up and went to the library. It was closed until ten am but the librarian was there and let us inside. It was sunny and all the story hour children showed up for the Valentines party. By noon it was 40 degs and the wind had stopped and it felt quite nice.
Today, it was 66 degs and people were out in shorts and tank tops and t-shirts. I still had on my long underwear shirt and a sweatshirt. dr was wearing his padded jacket. We don't move as fast now and can't outrun a runny nose or sneezes.
But, I was looking at things outside this afternoon. My rose bushes have buds for new leaves and the daffidols and iris are coming up and the freesia still looks a little wilted. But, the coming few days are going to be in 60-70 range so maybe they will recover. As I was coming across the deck I stopped to look at the lettuce tub and there, to my amazement, were little green shoots coming up again. I hope it is lettuce and not just common ordinary weeds. I will keep an eye on it for a few days. The little trees that I planted in buckets on Sunday are still looking good. Tomorrow I will water them and maybe add a little fertilizer. I want to rake out my rose bushes and hoe around them and add that fertilizer that the neighbor lady gave me. She gets it from a local rancher. But it's aged so it should be okay. She uses it on her plants.
We moved the outside table from the front yard to the back yard because it's shady in front (cold) and it's sunny in back(warm). We'll use it more in the back yard. We'll get it an umbrella when the sun starts getting too hot.
Today, I bought a scrabble game to put on the computer so I will go and do that in a bit. I bought another disc at the same time. It's a teach yourself Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 in (I'd like to say three easy lessons but I can't do it)
It says it has 50 to 10 hours of training per Course and the disc has two courses, 14 chapters and over 110 ten lessons. Probably not easy either. I think if I did and hour each day it might take me a few months to do it. But, I need to do it. I bought a book but I can't figure out things from a book. I need a visual guide. It says it guides you through practical exercises. So, maybe I will be a little more computer literate in the future.
I'm off to make a cup of tea and to see if I can load the Scrabble game without tearing out anymore of my hair.

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