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What shall I do today?

Category: Choices | Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2009 7:45 pm

Choices or decisions! I'm not too good at making either. I never have been very good at it and if I can get someone to make it for me, well and good. Today is my day off. I don't know day off from what because I can have any day off that I choose to take. Today is December 6th. Isn't the month just flying past? Is anyone ready for Christmas? I decided that since I've taken up sewing everyone will get homemade gifts this year. With the postage it won't save money but homemade is nicer than buying the quality merchandise that they sell these days. I have 5 tote bags made for the family. I have about a dozen items to finish. I think I have them all cut out. Nope! I just remembered one. Darn!! Now, I will have to clean off the island table, again. It is filled up with Christmas dishes and cups that required washing after unpacking them from their year long storage. I washed them before I packed them but they still need washing before using them. Go figure! I have cookie books cluttering up the space too. I can't figure out which cookies I want to make. I have those tins to fill but maybe a couple of weeks to get that done so they can wait a few days. I hauled the Christmas tree out on Friday and dr put it together. I sort of thought of going out in the woods here to look for one but with the deer hunters and wild pigs that is not such a great idea. We always had a "real" tree when the boys were growing up but now have resorted to a tree that comes in a box with lights already attached. It sat there until last evening when I decided to put garland on it. Now, it's mostly decorated. I say mostly because there are still some ornaments in the box and maybe as I walk by one or two might get added here and there. A couple of bears made it under the tree already. The little bears are clamoring for their tree. I'm going to scale down the size of that this year or I'm going to try to scale it down. I think too many small bears made the trip to Texas. A lot too many big bears made the trip, too. I don't know how that happened since I know we gave away about a dozen bags to the police and fire departments and the thrift shops.
I've started on the Christmas cards. In fact, four of them are already in the mail. Now, I have a few that might make it into the mail tomorrow. Then, I have quite a few left. I was hoping to say I have them about done. My problem is my dad. He's been gone now for about twenty years but he's still giving advice and I'm still following it. He said over and over during his lifetime. "If they can't be bothered to write a note or include a letter why bother sending a card." So, all of my cards include a short note or a long letter. The problem is to decide just who merits a short note and who gets a long letter. I guess letters go to the ones I don't write to on a regular basis or talk to regularly all year. Some are friends that I write only occasionally. But, it always takes me too much time to get the cards done. I used to do them on Thanksgiving weekend or at least start them but I guess I've fallen down on that lately.
Let me see, cards, cookies, small bears, presents, keeping the table cleaned off. Have I forgotten anything. Oh, that pile of cedar branches and the pine cones left on the front porch. I should do something with those and I sort of want to try to make a fan out of some of them. What should I do with it? Then, there is the Christmas party for the Writer's Guild on the 15th. I need to make rolls and ambrosia for it. That can be done that day though so it can wait. Now, that doesn't say that we won't go and do some Christmas shopping either. How can I make a Christmas tote or apron or whatever for dr when he lives here in the same house.? He has already bought presents for me but he orders things from the almost daily catalogs that come in the mail.
Oh, I almost forgot the dollhouse that our neighbor bought for two little girls. dr is refurbishing it and I have to think about decor and furniture. I found a pattern for making a sofa, chair and beds. No tables though. I will watch the thrift shop to see if anything shows up there. I have a small table but it's still too big for a dollhouse. Maybe that's what I should do with today. Get out that pattern and see how difficult it will be to make those things. After all today is December 6th and time is going past at a faster rate than I move these days. I will soon be 69 and will have caught up to dr again. One of these days I will have to think about taking a day off.

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Spring and choices or decisions!

Category: Choices | Posted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 1:22 am

Choices! I've always hated making decisions or choices. Here again I'm faced with decisions. I moved from Arizona to Texas. I had flower beds and gardens all set and every year I added things to them. I moved the vegetables around so they didn't grow too many years in the same spot. I grew things in pots if they didn't do well in the desert soil such as it was. It was very alkaline. So, now I am in Texas. What grows well in the Texas soil. It isn't the same as Arizona soil. It isn't even the same as the soil we had when we lived in Wisconsin. It seems to be sandy. I added some mushroom compost along the front of the house and raked it into the soil. Maybe I should buy a big bag of potting soil and mix in with it, too. When I planted my lettuce and spinach I mixed potting soil, MiracleGro moisture control soil and mushroom compost and it seems to like it. The spinach is outgrowing the lettuce two to one. I bought a new tub yesterday and will start some more lettuce and spinach. I'm thinking of adding a row or two of beets for the greens. dr likes the greens and they would add to the salad, I think.
I dug along the front of the porch to plant vines. dr put up fencing for the vines and tomorrow he is going to add a gate so we can close off the space. Chance will be able to go out with us in the afternoon and evening when we sit outside. I'm hoping the vines will grow up the fence and provide a windbreak and close out some of the afternoon sun. Now, I'm trying to decide if I need to dig it a little wider to plant some lower growing plants. Do I need something other than the vines. I know the morning glory vines have flowers at all the levels but I think the sweet peas only have flowers higher up or am I mistaken there. I think I will look for some more vines too. I found some hyacinth beans. I think Netty sent them to me and Glenda gave me some. I like Scarlet runner beans, too. I have a small packet of cardinal vines. I have a melon that my son Tom sent me that is grown mostly for fragrance. They are called pocket melons because ladies used to carry them in their pockets for the scent. I am thinking I will also plant some morning glories around Chance's fence in the back. I want to put some hollyhocks along her fence, too. Maybe some lower flowers. She likes to "stop and smell the flowers." I've seen her doing that sometimes. She loved the rosemary that grew in her yard in Arizona and I just might plant some more for her here.
So, with the big yard I still have a lot of space. I'm going to dig a circle around the windmill in the front yard and fill it with mixed flowers. I was thinking of planting the cottage mixture and the wildflower mix and a perennial mixture. I have a package of each. I also have some zinnia that I could mix in with them. But, dr thinks that would require a large circle and he thinks about four feet all around would be enough. That would make the bed eight feet across. I don't want something that climbs on the windmill though because I like to see it turning. Do you think beds dug around trees look good? There are several trees and bushes in the front yard. Some of them have oxalis growing around them and it looks good. Would it be too much to have circular beds around the trees if I have the big circle around the windmill?
I need to get a start on some green stuff like Swiss Chard before it gets way too warm for it. I did see some Swiss Chard listed that says it's tolerant of heat and drought and would grow through the summer. I'm not sure of that. It may be too late for Kale. I usually grow it more in the fall so it can go through a frost.
I have 10 different tomatoes and 8 different peppers and 18 different melons to find a space for. I know the yard is big but I really wasn't planning on digging up the whole space. Whatever I plant has to have a fence. I mean for the vegetables and melons. The neighbor works nights and he said when he came home at 6:30 am the other morning there were nine deer in his yard. He has dogs too and they didn't chase them. I just know they will move here if I don't put up a fence. In Arizona we had to put up fences, too. They were for javalina and cattle that roamed at will. Ranchers didn't have to have fences. If you didn't want the cows on your land you had to fence it. Most people did fence their yards. Who wants to clean up after cattle and javalinas?
I'm going to start seeds in my peat pots tomorrow, I think if it isn't too windy. I probably should have started them already but there is that word "decision" again. I'm really not good at making decisions so tend to put things off rather than making a wrong decision. I'd much rather someone else made decisions or told me I was making the right one. dr says I have to decide. He's not the gardener.
There is just too many choices here and I'm still learning my way around. I ask a lady at the garden center about the soil here and she told me she didn't know. She was just buying what her husband put on the list for her.
Does anyone want to make a list for me?

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New Yard and Garden

Category: Choices | Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 4:23 am

It was a nice day today so I went outside and sat for a bit, just looking around at things. I took a couple of pictures which I will post tomorrow. I might even take a few more pictures to post for you to see what I have to work with. My son sent a lot of seeds which I posted a list in Veg. Gardening. I made a list of the vegetables I would like to plant and annual flowers that I would like to plant. I saw some Gladiola bulbs today but didn't buy them. I will one of these days. I have a small amount of money to start with but I'm not sure where I will start. Peat pots for sure to start the tomato and pepper seeds. Most melons and squash do better started right in the ground. Some are cool weather vegetables which could go in soon and some are warm weather vegetables which can wait a bit. I like annual flowers to fill in spaces while I wait for perennials. How many perennials do I want to plant? We are just renting the house, Of course, we were just renting the last one and I nearly filled up the yard with stuff. I figure that it's where I live and why should I not make it like I want it as long as I live there. Should I not have flowers just because I don't own the property. The owner said, "Do whatever you would like to do." She says she doesn't have a green thumb and knows nothing about gardening. She also had grandchildren running all over the yards. She was away so much she didn't have time to garden anyway. So, I will plant what suits me. Maybe more garden but with lots of flowers intermingled. I can fill up the yard. Maybe even this year. Well, with my knees not so good it may take more than this year to get it done but I'll get a good start. I hope we know enough people who like melon. I don't think it freezes too well. Can you make jelly or jam from them? I know you can make pickles out of watermelon but do I want to do it. Today, a little narcissus bloomed. It was already growing so I can't take credit for it. I have a good start on the roses but didn't finish them yet. It isn't supposed to freeze or frost for a few days so I have some time to work on them. I'm thinking I need to widen the bed around them and add some compost. Kevin was saying that the mushroom compost has a lot of nitrogen in it. We put sawdust on roses to add nitrogen so maybe I can put some mushroom compost on them. I'll mix it with some soil. That might work for now.
I'm just rambling here while I'm thinking about gardens. I won't have one big garden. I think some small ones to start with. I'll need to fence them because I saw a rabbit tonight and there is that armadillo and some raccoons. Yep, there is already lots of things wanting my garden, even the ants. Glenda says I have to get something to put around the plants as they come up or the ants eat them. That happened to some things in Arizona, too. I need some herbs, too. I'll try to grow another rosemary bush and some lemom verbena and some lemon balm and some monarda (bee balm) and thyme and the list grows longer. Guess I'd better go online and see what I can order. Since the post office doesn't forward catalogs I don't have any to look at here.
Guess I'd better go and sleep on it. I'm the only one still up and thinking about such things. Have a nice night.


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Getting things done!

Category: Choices | Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:43 pm

I think it's finally beginning to look like we may be moving. The living room and dining room are looking empty. We have a card table and folding chairs instead of a dining room table and chairs. dr loaded the truck for the flea market so that corner of the living room is empty. Well, except for empty boxes waiting to be filled. The shelves are emptying off very well. I cleaned the laundry room closet on Wednesday and packed small appliances. The other closet only has winter coats and the quilting frame. There is still dr's shelf to clean but he says he is going to get that done yet today. He worked in the small room on Wednesday and has it mostly done. We sold the little refrigerator so that's gone. My computer desk is going to the library but only after I'm done using it. I would put my computer on a table but there isn't one available right now. dr wants to move all the packed boxes to one place so he can see how it will fit into the truck. When we get everything into one place we can see how much room we have for other stuff yet. Right now, it's break time while I figure out our eating schedule. I have to pack a couple of boxes to mail some stuff to my granddaughter and to dr's mom. I've got it all sorted out. I empty shelves and move stuff around and fill up the shelves with stuff from other shelves and fill trash bags to go out on Monday. Just two more Monday's though. But gradually there are more empty shelves than full ones. So, all in all, I think things are moving along just fine.

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Plans are made!

Category: Choices | Posted: Sat Nov 01, 2008 2:47 am

It's getting closer now. Saturday, November 8th is my last day of work. Plans are being made and discarded daily. Sometimes plans are discarded before we finish making them. But, today we made two decisions. We stopped at the truck rental place and put a reservation on a truck for November 28th. That's the Friday after Thanksgiving. We found out that we can't tow our truck behind the rental truck because it's too heavy. To get a larger truck is not an option. So, we could either get someone to ride along and help drive or whatever. Dan and Laurel would go along but they would have to take time off from work and then they would have to fly back or something. It's the somethings that keep getting in the way of things getting done. Anyway we sort of solved two problems today by going to a travel agent and buying two one way train tickets from Austin to Phoenix. We will drive our truck, loaded fully, to Texas. Then, we will take the train back and go again in another 10 days with the moving truck. So, when we take the truck to Texas, we will be able to build a fence around the back of the house for Chance and maybe see about a doggie door for her to get in and out. We'll see about utilities and measure things and do a few other things that need doing. We'll also have a mini vacation away from packing. Of course, when we get back it will be a frenzy for a few days. Dan and Laurel will help us get the moving truck loaded and they will watch Chance while we are gone, either at our house or at their house. That's still changing back and forth. They have birds and two cats so I'm not sure how Chance would do there. She might give the birds and cats heart attacks. She hasn't really been in close contact with either except through a fence. On the other hand she might do very well after the first day. I guess he could try taking her and bring her back if it doesn't work out.
So, sometime the week after I'm finished at work we will head out to Glenda's for a week and then rest up on the train ride back and do it all over again a day or two after Thanksgiving. At least, we'll know the way the second time. We stopped at AAA this morning and got a TripTik. That's a map of the entire route. It's 58 pages long and each page covers approximately 30 to 40 miles. It seems to have all the quirks in the road and all the construction areas, all the places for gas, food, and lodging marked. When we went for a map I didn't expect something like it. We also got three regular road maps with the routes marked on them. If we can't find our way it certainly won't be AAA's fault. We got a car rental coupon, too. So, anyway plans are made. We'll see how long these last. dooley

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Wishful thinking?

Category: Choices | Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 5:30 am

Wishful thinking? Oh, to be one of those people who just picks up the phone and a moving company comes and packs everything, even the dirty dishes and trash, and moves it where ever you tell them.
Today, we moved most everything out of the shed up by the back door. Then, we started moving things we know we want to keep into the shed. Then in the space we cleaned in the house we started stacking things we want to sell at a yard/moving/estate sale in November. It's a good thing we had to stop so I could shower and get ready for work or we'd probably still be at it. I'm happy the weather is clear for a few days because the backyard between the house and the shed is such a mess. That stuff has to be sorted and boxed either for the sale or for dr to take to the flea market. The saying, "it'll get worse before it gets better" applies to moving I guess. I may never go to another yard sale myself. How did we ever wind up with so much stuff that we just don't need to pack around. I found my box of mom's stuff that I'll move. It's smaller than it used to be because I gave some of the stuff to the boys as they got married and had families of their own. It used to have little sweaters and bonnets and baby shoes and momentos of early life of the kids. School papers and pictures and other assorted memories that mothers treasure but fathers say, "Are you keeping this junk?"
Anyway there is a never ending amount of stuff still to be done because I'm not one of those people who can afford to pick up the phone and call in the movers. dooley

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The Joys of Moving

Category: Choices | Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 7:14 pm

The joys of moving? Are there any? We've been busy for what seems weeks now sorting and boxing and tossing. This morning was trash morning so we went through cupboards and shelves tossing unwanted items. I took all the spice jars off the shelf and went through them. Toss the older ones, kept the jars. We buy our spices from a bulk place where we bought spices when we lived in Wisconsin. They sell over the internet now. We buy small amounts to suit us. I'll make a list to reorder when we get moved. Then, I went through the pantry closet and tossed odds and ends and bits of stuff not used in a while. Some bulk cereal not finished last spring, some flour not used but not enough to make anything with it. I still have a bit of that to do. We cleaned out the laundry room. Ugh! Cobwebs gathered on the back of shelves not cleaned lately. I used to do a lot more around here before I started working. One would think that working only 20 hrs a week and those in the evening that I would be able to keep doing most of the things during the day. Last night we went to Dan and Laurel's for dinner. It was a combined dinner for both of their birthdays this month. Dan baked two loaves of bread. It was great. One was Country French in a large oval shape. The other was dill bread in the tradition rectangle shape. I thought about it and I haven't made bread from scratch since I went back to work. I make quick breads and coffeecake and cookies but not the kind of breads that require kneading and rising and time. Friday we sorted out closets. Why keep things that we don't wear anymore or that don't fit anymore? Was I hoping that I might lose weight again? Off to the thrift shop with those things. Book shelves? I've pared down six large boxes of cookbooks to two boxes. That is probably one box too many as I seldom use a cookbook anyway. After 60 years of cooking who needs a book. You need two cups of flour, half a cup of sugar, a tablespoon of baking powder and half a cup of shortening of some sort and two eggs and enough milk to make a batter. Add apples chunked up, a handful of raisins and you have a coffeecake. You can vary it with fruit or spices but you don't need a cookbook to make it. Oh, you have to add a bit of salt to help it rise. The people at work wonder how I make coffeecake for work on Saturday morning. But, it takes only about five minutes to mix it all up and it bakes while supper is cooking. Sometimes a drizzle of frosting or a sprinkle of sugar goes on the top.
Well, anyway we've been busy cleaning things out. We've gathered so much and some of it is sentimental. How can you toss something that you have carried around the country for 40 or 50 years? Do we need it? Probably not but sometimes you just have to keep it anyway. dr says he's planning on shipping everything UPS, even the dog. LOL We haven't decided just how we will get it there but it will work out someway, somehow and come December we will be busy putting things away and wondering just what in the world we are going to do with such a big house. But, take my word for it, we will fill it up in a short time and wonder where we will find room for anything more. dooley

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Surprise or no surprise!

Category: Choices | Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 7:54 pm

Sunday, we went to Phoenix to see my sister. Her daughter e-mailed me last week and said Maxine & Ed were having their 40th anniversary this week and they were having a luncheon for them on Sunday about 11 am. So, I e-mailed her that since we had been planning on going down for the last two weeks and hadn't made it we would come down. So, we got there at about two minutes to eleven. There were no other cars there. I rang the doorbell and no one answered. I rang it again and we had just about decided that we were supposed to go to her daughter's house. Then, Maxine answered the door, still in her gown and robe. She asked, "What are you doing here?" I told her, "We were invited." She looked so confused and wondered how she had invited us and forgot about it. Then, her granddaughter showed up with a gift bag in hand and said, "Happy Anniversary, Grandma!" Maxine sighed and said, "I'd better go get dressed. I imagine the rest of the family is on the way." Her phone rang and it was another daughter saying, "We're on our way." Maxine said that her husband had a bad night so she was just reading and trying not to wake him. He came up the hall, saw the people and told her she had better go get dresses. The day turned out well. They enjoyed themselves but she wasn't prepared for guests and wished they had given her a bit of notice so she could have at least cleaned off the table before they descended and piled it high with food bags and disposable dishes.
They had all chipped in and bought her a swing for the yard with the awning over it and little glass tables attached to the arms. The guys spent the afternoon assembling it and only had four bolts left over. She said it didn't break when they took turns sitting on it so maybe they were just extras. It's been my experience to have not enough bolts, not too many. We took her a comforter for their bed as she had told me a few weeks ago that they needed a new one but she hadn't found one she felt they could buy at the time. Ed is disabled and they live on a budget.
So, my question is, would you like a surprise party or would you like to know ahead of time? Her daughter said, "But, when I talked to you last night you were feeling okay." But, sometimes Ed has a bad night when he was fine during the day.
I myself would not like a surprise party. I would like to be prepared, especially if people were coming to my house. I sometimes leave dishes in the sink and my table is always piled with things. Somedays I wonder that we have a place to eat. It's definitely not a place for everything and everything in it's place at my house. dooley

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Frustrated is spelled dooley!!!

Category: Choices | Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 9:30 pm

I'm going to quit going to doctors. All they want to do is send you to another doctor. Yuck!
Way back in February I had an appointment with the family doctor. His office called the week before and I had to come in right away on my day off because he had my lab tests back. It was an emergency. So, (on my day off) I went to the doctor. My thyroid levels were too high and I had no thyroid because I'd had it removed 27 years ago. So, I had to go to an endocrinologist. Time to get an appointment, (remember this was an emergency) two and a half months. She said my thyroid has grown back. Off to the hospital for a radio active (gamma rays) thyroid scan. Endocrinologist calls two weeks later. Scan not sufficient, back to hospital for ultrasound. Endocrinologist calls, must come in right away. Thyroid grown too large, must have either surgery or radio active thyroid treatment. First, must go to surgeon for biopsy. Time to get an appointment, (remember this was an emergency) two and a half months.
Another appointment with the family doctor to check my diabetes. Did he want to talk about diabetes? NO, he wanted to talk about a knee injury from back in March. I need to go to an orthopedic doctor right away. I told him that first, I needed to get through this thyroid thing. One thing at a time. He wasn't happy and when I went to pay, he had scheduled me for another appointment in September. So, I then went to the surgeon for the biopsy and lo and behold he did it the same day. The nurse called at the beginning of the next week and told me it was benign and I could call the endocrinologist and make an appointment for the radiation treatment. But, first I had to go back the next week to see the surgeon. Why? Because federal law says the results have to come from the doctor not the nurse. He tells me the very same thing she did.
I had to call the endocrinologist three weeks in a row before anyone returned my call and then it was to say I needed a lab test for thyroid levels. Meantime, back to the family doctor to have an x-ray of my knee which shows only slight degeneration due to arthritis. I knew that without an x-ray. Now, he says go to the orthopedic doctor. Endocrinologist office calls and says they sent paperwork to hospital and I will receive a call for an appointment. Lady from hospital calls (are you ready for this) two days later. Scheduled appointment for last Friday. Of course, the appointment for the orthopedic doctor was today. Only one month wait for it. Thursday, the endocrinologist office nurse calls and wants to know if I scheduled the appointment for the radiation treatment. I told it was on Friday. Well, I couldn't go for that without coming by the office for instructions. So, on the way to work we stop at office. Instructions are waiting. Preprinted pages stuffed into an enveloped which I had to sign for. Went to Flagstaff on Friday for radiation treatment. Had to see their doctor first which took all of 10 minutes. Swallowed one very large blue capsule (beta rays) and I'm shown the door. Long list of instructions to follow. No work on Saturday. So, today we got up and went to the orthopedic doctor. He wanted copy of x-ray from family doctor. Did anyone tell me? They did, when it was too late to do anything about it. It was on the voice mail when we got home on Friday. No time to stop to get it this morning. I would take at least three days notice. The orthopedic doctor seems a very nice man. He looks at knee, asks a few questions and says you need an MRI. Well, of course, I do. Receptionist calls the radiology clinic and sets it up for this coming Friday. It's an open MRI so it costs a bit more. Then, I'm to go back to the orthopedic doctor on November lst. He suspects a torn mensa(?) I suspect he'll want to repair it. Is there an alternative? Probably not one he will recommend. We shall see. Meanwhile I had to cancel my eye doctor appointment to fit in another (more important, of course) appointment. I have to call the endocrinologist to see about a schedule for lab tests to monitor said thyroid radiation. When do you think she will get to that? It only takes two to three months for it to work. Can you say frustrated? It's spelled, dooley.

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Another choice?

Category: Choices | Posted: Mon May 22, 2006 4:48 am

Well, now I have to choose. I'm glad it's not a decision. I would really be stumped for an answer. How does one decide what one's title should be. I've asked DR and Dan and they are no help at all. I guess I'll have to have a talk with Chance.
It was HOT and humid today. 94F. There were clouds toward the end of the day. Tomorrow some sort of cold front is moving through our state with high winds. The news was warning of wildfires if there are thunderstorms and spreading wildfires if there are high winds. There was a fire about five miles from us last week. It burned 32 acres. It was started by a hiker who made a campfire on bare ground. It might have been worse, except he had a cellphone and called for help.
On the way home from the flea market yesterday we passed an accident. I can't figure it out. A flatbed truck was hauling a load of ? It was a Weyerhauser truck so it had something to do with paper I think. It looked like bundles of something. It had caught fire and was burning. There were about 20 emergency vehicles there. A big bulldozer had pushed the load off of the flatbed and was spreading it out over the highway and the firemen were spraying it with their hoses. The fire had burned up the embankment and there were firemen up in the brush too. There were firetrucks from several towns and from the forest service. There were police and ambulances. There is always an ambulance at wildfires to take care of firemen who suffer heat exhaustion or burns.
We did well at the flea market yesterday but I'm wondering how because it seems we came home with more than we took. Two different venders gave us stuff they didn't want anymore. We bought a lot of stuff cheap. The people across from us bought a big house in Phoenix. An older woman had packed up and was going to move to another place. But she died so these people bought the house. They brought the boxes unopened to the flea market and spread everything out on the ground. Or just opened the boxes and let people dig through them. I bought a box of clothing. Almost everything fit. A few items didn't but I know some people that I will share with. It came out to about 10 cents an item and a lot of the items were designer name things. There were 17 long sleeve blouses, 14 short sleeve pullover shirts, 12 long sleeve pullover shirts, 6 pair of shorts, 3 pair of long pants and several hooded shirts. I really needed shirts too. So, it was a great buy. DR bought some things he wanted too. He bought a wooden ship model. It's an old model. I think it's the Constitution but I'm not sure. He bought a Chinese vase that I really like. We used to have a lot of Oriental things but only kept a few things that we really liked when we moved here from Wisconsin. Better go. Dooley

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