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The day after Christmas

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 4:58 am

When we got up this morning it didn't feel like the day after Christmas. Now, I don't know how it's supposed to feel, just that it didn't. I was going to make oatmeal for breakfast but dr wanted to go to Prescott to a sporting goods store sale. We stopped at McDonald's for a bagel with eggs and sausage. We went to the sporting goods place. It's mostly gun stuff so I stayed in the truck. He said it was really busy so he was going quite a while. We really didn't encounter a lot of shoppers at other places. Costco wasn't any busier than usual and no one seemed to be buying large amounts of stuff. We stopped at K-Mart pharmacy and that store was practically empty. WalMart had a lot of cars but they generally do so it didn't look to be any more busy than a normal day. We didn't stop there. We stopped at the grocery store to fill our water bottles and buy some dog food and it was mostly empty. I don't know where all the after Christmas shoppers were but not where we were. As usual we just went for a few things and ended up being tied up most of the day. I guess it's because things are so far from where we live. Small town living does have drawbacks but it's better than city living any day.
I found out from Tom yesterday that I made our motel reservations at the wrong motel so this morning I called and cancelled them and got new reservations at the right motel. I did call the right motel first and made sure I could get a room before I cancelled the reservations at the wrong motel. I was surprised when there wasn't a cancellation fee. But at least we are going to be in the right place now, not ten miles down the road.
I didn't get the yard raked but I guess there is always another time for that. Maybe tomorrow morning if it doesn't start to rain or snow. A mix is predicted. Yuck!!! I just got snow on Friday. It's too soon for more snow. Maybe it's a good thing we are going to a lower altitude. Nothing but sunshine for down there. Sometimes the storms stay in the mountains and go around the valley.
DR says he is feeling better today but Dan is still coughing. I think because he isn't getting enough rest. He's had to work. His ass't went away for the holidays and couldn't work for him. Chance says I should do something for her. Maybe it's time for her to go to bed. Dooley

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Quiet Day

Category: Holidays | Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2006 4:28 am

We had a rather quiet day. Dan didn't come over last night. He still has crud and was tired. We slept in this morning and had breakfast before we opened gifts.Chance was the most excited about her gifts. DR took off the bows and let her open them herself. Then, she took the one out and hid it so it can age. She isn't playing with the one shaped like a hot dog either. She went and got an old squeaky when dr told her to go get a squeaky. But, now she just wants to nap. It was really nice so she spent most of the day outside barking at things once in awhile. DR has some crud too and was tired yesterday. He says he felt better today and isn't coughing as much.He's used a box or two of kleenex though. We had rib roast and baked potatoes and pie for dessert. A friend of Dan's stopped by and we had tea and talked awhile and they left to go back where Dan is housesitting. I talked to both of the other boys. Neither of them had a white Christmas though Andy said they had slush and snow yesterday. We are meeting Tom and Erin and Kirsten in Phoenix on Thursday and Friday he is beginning his run. We didn't manage to get in the same motel because I thought his motel was on I-10 and it wasn't but we aren't too far away. Anyway things will work out. We are also planning on spending time with Erin and with our friends from Goodyear. So, we still have some Christmas coming up. Dooley

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Christmas Breakfast

Category: Holidays | Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 3:46 am

The library has an annual Christmas breakfast. This has been happening for about 15 years or so. It's a potluck breakfast. The director makes egg casseroles. It's like baked scrambled eggs. He makes them 24 hours ahead and refrigerates them. Then he brings them in and bakes them in the community room kitchen. Everyone else brings something to go with it. We had sausage, biscuits and gravy, cheese and sausage, several kinds of sweet bread and cookies. There was a fruit bowl and juice and coffee. I made kringle. I made cherry kringle but I decided I didn't like how it looked so we ate it and I made a date nut kringle. It turned out much better. I threw out the directions and did it like I remembered it should look and it turned out great. There were only two or three pieces left. They put all the leftovers in the backroom for snacks and lunch. There is a refrigerator for things that need to stay cold. We had a good time. DR wrote a poem in tribute to the library ladies which the director read to start things off. We had a gift exchange. Everyone brought a gift costing under ten dollars. Then each person got a number and you went according to your number and picked a gift and opened it. Then, when everyone had a gift opened in front of them, they went according to number and everyone chose either to keep what they had or take something from someone else. I had two passes to the movies. Someone took them from me which was okay because we never go to the movies. Then, someone else took them and then someone else took them. I ended up with a chocolate pot (sort of like a teapot, only for chocolate) and some hot chocolate mix. The pot is two snowmen with brooms, etc. I took a metal basket, oblong in shape with circle medallions on the side. I really liked it. I filled it with pinecones and red christmas apple ornaments and put evergreen branches (small ones) around the sides. I put a green and red plaid bow on the front of it. Diane chose it to begin and Michelled took it from her. She told me she needed a centerpiece and she loved the basket and pinecones. The little apples just made enough color. I was thinking I should have put a candle in the center but couldn't think how to do it without it becoming a fire hazard. Oh, well! Maybe next time I'll figure it out. I know that they do make centerpieces with candles in the middle. Anyway, a good time was had by all. This was the first time I went to a breakfast Christmas party. Someone suggested that instead of coming early before the library opens for a party that next year we have a midnight mass. That turned into a running joke all through the meal. The director kept telling one lady if she didn't behave that she would really need that midnight mass. She has a good sense of humor and was making bad jokes about all the presents. So, I have to work tomorrow and then I have three days off and work one day and have five days off. I think that one day may be busy as people will have had Christmas and did their day after Christmas shopping and be ready to go back to normal before the New year. I am now ready for Christmas except for making a couple of pies. Oops! I got a gift certificate for a grocery store from the City of Prescott Valley and we went and bought a small rib roast with it. I need to take it out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator or we'll have really rare beef for Christmas Dinner. Oh, and I haven't wrapped anything but I don't have that much to wrap. So, Merry Christmas to everyone. Dooley

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It snowed on me!!!!

Category: Holidays | Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 1:18 am

Being my day off, I had to make a special trip up to Prescott Valley today to attend a Christmas breakfast at the library. When we left, we had to go around to Willow Creek Road so I could go and get my driver's license renewed. As I was getting into the truck a few flakes of snow began falling around us. As we went it got more and more until it was falling quite hard. We had to Walk Through Snow when we got out of the truck at the DMV building. But, there was no line. When DR went last year to get his renewed, the line was all around the building and it took us two hours. Today, there was no line and no waiting. We were in and out in twenty minutes. Now, I'm good until 2012.
We stopped at Habitat for Humanity because it is just a few blocks from the DMV building. We had to drive right past it to get back to the main road so we stopped. We bought a dining room table. Mainly it was on sale for half price and it's square with a leaf you can add and it takes up less space in the room. We seldom need space for six people anyway. I think it is a little taller than the old one or someone cut the legs off of my chair. But, it's a good looking table. Then, we went to Wal-Mart. It snowed on us the whole way. It made visibility poor in a few places. Of course, there was no parking close so we actually had to walk in it. We just got a few things I needed at Wal-Mart and then we were going home. But, I got in the wrong lane coming out and we had to turn a wrong direction so we went to lunch. I wasn't very hungry so we skipped dessert. I mean why eat cookies and ice cream or whatever when there is a ton of stuff home on the counter. So, we came home. I had to find the top of the other table and then we took it apart and put the new one in its place. It looks good. You can still see the top. Wait until tomorrow though. I decided I needed to take a short nap. I took my pooh lap blanket, sat down in my recliner, and a dog landed in my lap. So, Chance and I took a nap. Except, Chance had to stand up and look out the window. When I told her taking a nap meant laying down, not standing up she lay down facing the window and proceeded to growl at everything that moved. Finally, I told her to knock it off so she curled up and we both had about an hours worth of nap. I put a couple of potatoes in the oven to bake and I think I will grate some sharp cheddar cheese to go over them and I don't know what else and call it supper. DR has the crud and says he doesn't really want supper anyway. I think I may wrap some packages in a while. Then, I'll call myself ready for Christmas. I just have to work tomorrow from 8:30-4 pm and then I have three days off. Then, I work one day and have five more days off. Next week, 28th, 29th and 30th we are going to Goodyear to meet up with our oldest son. He's coming from California with his girlfriend and his daughter. He's going to run in a 24 hour race beginning 9 am on the 29th and ending at 9 am on the 30th. There are also 48 and 72 hour races. I cannot imagine running for 72 hours. You do get breaks for eating and napping but still 72 hours??
There hasn't been a lot to do at the library the last two weeks and I don't think there will be much doing tomorrow. I will probably have time to move the rest of the fiction books around. I started at the end of the alphabet and I'm to M's now so I still have about half of them to do. I need to move some shelves in the CD area too. Then, I will start working in the non fiction area to get them back in order again. Better go check on the potatoes. Dooley

Oh, I can't take a picture of the snow. It's melted already.

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The tea party

Category: Holidays | Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 12:35 am

We had our tea party. DR made coffee which is a good thing because Joe doesn't drink tea. DR makes strong coffee and Joe like it just fine. Now, we are relaxing. I put a couple of potatoes in the oven to bake so we can have our supper in awhile. I'm afraid I ate too many cookies but when I think about it I probably did not. Talk, talk, talk, or as Wannabe called it chatting over tea.
Joe and Anna live across the street. Anna is Joe's aunt I think. She is 93 and has cancer and doesn't get out too much. She was pleased when I went over to invite them to tea today. I think because she is old and sick that people don't think to ask her out. Joe said she was watching the clock and reminded him that it was time to go to tea. She is quiet but listens and puts in her comments. She is so thin and eats very little but she had tea and the lemon cookies. I had some "store bought" butter cookies that she could eat.
Marilyn and Frank(not our gnome) live next door. His weakness is cookies and I always share what I bake with them. Joe gets his share.
When we were just talking and everyone quit eating cookies, I brought out Christmas boxes and told them that they were take out boxes and they should fill them with whatever they liked because there were a lot of cookies. So, they filled their boxes like a kid in a toy shop. I gave Marilyn an extra box to fill for the older people who live across the big street. (It's paved, ours is not so that makes it the big street) After everyone went home I filled a larger box with cookies and some little hard Christmas candies and delivered it to the kids at the end of the street. I still have to fill a box for the couple that live across the alley but that's for tomorrow. Then, I will have enough to take a box to work. I hope that uses up most of them so I don't have many left to eat myself. I saved the zucchini coconut bars for dr. Now the countdown to Christmas. Dooley

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A strange library day!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 3:52 am

Today, I moved every fiction and mystery book in the Large Print section of the library. That's 4 and 1/2 sixteen foot rows. Each row is seven shelves high. That's 16 times seven times 4 and 1/2. I wonder how many books that was. I'm tired I think, I was trying to figure out how many books by averaging the size of each book at one inch but it doesn't caculate. Anyway, I moved some of them twice because when I got to the end I still had some books to move so I had to go back and rearrange the beginning to fit the others at the end. But, it is all done. Now, it will just take a bit of tweaking here and there as books are returned and checked out to make sure they all fit. The next chore will be to move some shelves up or down to make the music CD,s fit their shelves. Then, the fiction section needs moved toward the end of the alphabet section because until they were finished changing the book labels they weren't certain how much space they needed so the books are packed together at the beginning of the alphabet and there is a lot of room at the end of the alphabet. This is all to make more efficient use of space until the new library is built. Ground breaking is in April and finishing is the next April and occupancy is in June of 2008.
But, no amount of moving books around is going to make more books fit on the same amount of shelves. They did delete old and worn books and books that haven't been checked out for at least two years. That did more than anything. But now for awhile it will be easier to shelve books.
I had my six-month employment evaluation today and got good marks all around. So, I am relieved that is done. They gave me the paperwork in October and just got to do it today. It has to be done by Tuesday. It was a very slow day bookwise today. That is why I had time to move every book in the library and the one in the next town. Well, it seemed like it. The bookdrop was almost empty. No one was coming to bring books back. No one was coming to check books out. Everyone wandered around looking for things to keep them busy. Desks got cleared, shelves got neatened. Books got moved. It was a strange library day.
Everyone is predicting snow in the high country and rain here but the weather service that I have on my desk top is still saying daytime temps in upper forties and low fifties. That sounds like rain except it will go down to 30's at night or 20 or 10 or below zero depending on who is doing the talking. It is windy and cloudy and it's in 40's now so what the weather will be tomorrrow is anyones guess. We will have some but I don't know what it will be. I just hope the snow stays in the high country.
I didn't do anything Christmasy today. I guess tomorrow morning I will clean off the table so my neighbors will have a space to eat their cookies and drink their tea. Must be getting close to bed time. Dooley

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Tea and cookies

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2006 5:42 am

Well, I invited some neighbors for tea and cookies on Sunday afternoon. Then, I decided I'd better make some cookies. Yesterday, I made coconut butterballs, Russian teacakes and I made a refrigerator cookie called Ginger Almond Cookies. I almost didn't make it because it called for 4 teaspoons of ground ginger, 1 tablespoon of cinnamon and l tablespoon of ground cloves. Sounded kind of spicy to me. But, they aren't too bad. I was going to bake them when I got home last night but I was tired. I baked them before supper tonight. Today was my day off. We were going Christmas shopping and I guess we did. We went to yard sales and an estate sale. We did buy Dan something and I bought some books for DR and Dan at a yard sale. I did buy something else for Dan but I guess I'd better not put that here as he reads blogs sometimes. We had addresses for all of these sales but we don't know our way around Prescott Valley so the addresses didn't help much. I just drove down a main street until I saw a yard sale sign and I turned. Then, when I was trying to find my way back to the main street we blundered into one of the ones we had an address for. That's where I bought the books. Then, we stopped at another one and I headed back to the main street and went that way for awhile and found another one. Then, having not found the estate sale we headed for Big Five to look at jackets for DR. When we turned onto the street for Big Five there was the sign for the estate sale so we went there. DR bought a lot of train magazines there. I just bought a lot of small things and a stocking cap for myself for when it starts to snow. The weather forecast for tomorrow is clouds moving in and windy conditions. Then, on Sunday, rain and only in the 40's. Snow in the high country. More snow on Monday and Tuesday. I hope they mean the rim country and not us, but it said it could get down to 3,000 ft and we are at 4,200 to 4,500. I guess that might mean us. I think I may have to drive to work or home in the snow this week. Then, it will start to warm up again and be in the upper 50's next week. Yuck!!
Anyway, we went to WalMart to pick up prescriptions and looked at jackets there and he found one he liked that was on sale. It's not a heavy jacket but he wasn't looking for something heavy. He likes to wear layers. We went to Costco and bought a pizza for supper. We had a polish sausage and a coke. Then, we came home because we wanted to go to the post office before it closed the windows at 4 PM. I came home and baked those ginger almond cookies and made the pizza for supper and went and took a shower. Then, I made some more zucchini coconut bars. I still have to put powdered sugar on them. Maybe in the morning before I go to work. Tomorrow after work, I want to make some shortbread cookies and some lemon bars. I was going to make rolled and cutout sugar cookies but they take longer and I'm not sure I want to do it tomorrow night. I need to stop and get some fruitcake mix so I can make stollen for Christmas morning. I want to get some almond filling so I can try the kringle. I might be able to do that on Monday morning. The package of dates that I thought I had turned out to be figs so I need to find a recipe for fig bars now. And I still don't have my Christmas shopping done. We did get the package mailed to grandma this week and the woman in the post office said it would take two or three days, like I believe that at this time of the year. I may still send her a package that she can enjoy for New Year's. I think that maybe I should go to bed now. I have to get up early. Dooley

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Days off!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2006 4:31 am

Days off sure go faster than work days, even when you work 3 or 3 and 1/2 hours a day. Friday, I had a day off so I decided since I had those new books to read I should make that a priority. I finished one and decided not to read one and half finished another. One is not started yet. Then, I worked on Saturday. Saturday was a very slow day. People were Christmas shopping or making cookies or something besides reading. I got all the books shelves, helped a new volunteer understand the system and rearranged the music cd's. I had lunch in there somewhere, too. The new volunteer is sharp. She picked up the routine very quickly and needed little help after that. She works five days a week in a credit union and still decided to volunteer at the library 4 hours on Saturday. A good person. DR and I stopped on the way home for dinner. He had a busy day at the flea market. He bought me an early Christmas present but I can't tell anyone what it is before Christmas because then it wouldn't be a surprise. He knows what I am getting him because I mailed ordered them.
Don't ask me to explain that either.
Today, I was going to get a lot of things done. Mainly I wanted to get the dining room table cleaned off. It seems that every where we have ever lived there has been a place that collected clutter. In this house it is the dining room table. I'm not sure why unless it is the least used space in the house. I mean it's bigger than the two of us need so there is a lot of space on the other end and pretty soon it looks like it might reach the ceiling and topple over. Then, I have to sort through the clutter and throw away the unwanted portion. I did that this morning. Now, there is stuff for Grandma's Christmas package which I will put in the box that I got from the post office. There are some Christmas cards that I have got to finish. The kleenix box is there. I guess it can stay. I emptied out the flowers from Thanksgiving. They didn't smell so good anymore and were all droopy. Our friends brought them for Thanksgiving and they graced the table for a few more days. I moved the dishes that DR bought me at a yard sale last week. He bought them because of the design on them. The design is, you guessed?, Teddy Bears. I washed them and put them away. Well, we used some for dinner. We had bean soup. That's probably what we will have tomorrow night too.
I did make chocolate-cherry biscotti. I wanted to make some other cookies but didn't quite get to that. I did more Christmas cards. They are almost finished now. Of course, I spent a "little" time on Gardenstew and the new PetFighter forum. Not too much though. DR brought the Christmas tree from the shed and set it up. We use an artifical one now. I thought about decorating it but since the ornaments are still in the shed decided to wait until morning. It is easier to do it during the day when you can see what you are doing. Oh, DR brought me a new bear yesterday. Well, it's new to me. It's sort of large. It sets on the floor by the tree now. I guess it will settle in somewhere. I hope it doesn't decide on my chair. Since DR bought it, it could settle into his chair. It is big enough for a chair. He bought it because he liked it's face. The man didn't want too much for it either.
I mostly read the Sunday papers. We get two of them. Well, we go to the store, they are not delivered. We get the one from Prescott and the one from Phoenix. At this time of the year they are mostly ads. There are some store ads that go automatically into the trash can. Some stores that have large advertising sections and when you go to the store they only had one or two so they are all sold and there are no rainchecks. That's not exactly legal, but they don't seem to worry about it. One is a large chain so they probably would pay the fine and expect that you will buy something else as long as you are there. I quit shopping in those stores a long time ago. You can usually find the same thing at another store for the same price. Have you ever noticed that stores usually have the same things on sale at the same time? I laugh at Thanksgiving because each store advertises that they have the lowest price and the prices are exactly the same as all the other stores. I'd call that price fixing myself. Oh, well I guess I've rambled along here and gotten completely off the subject so I'll quit for today. Dooley

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Time is flying

Category: Holidays | Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2006 6:52 pm

Time is flying and it seems that I'm at a standstill. The problem is there is too many things to do and I am not good at making decisions. It seems that many I am not good at making choices either. I only have the llittle bear tree up. The big tree is still in the shed. You can't put presents under the little bear tree. But, I don't have any presents to put under the tree. DR has one. I don't know what is in it though. He wouldn't tell me. The only thing I have is the gift cards going to Wisconsin. I have to get Grandma's boxes in the mail soon. They are going to New York. She says she doesn't have much room for things so I'm a little stumped for what to send. I have goodies and I want to send her some cookies. (Not made yet). I did send her some little snowflakes that I thought she could pin to her curtains. I am sending her a snowflake pin soon. She likes to wear pins on her blouses or tops. I don't know how many survived her move to the nursing home. Since they are small that seemed a good choice. I am looking for a suitable lap robe and I may just have to wait until after Christmas and make something.
We have the Santa and reindeer up, finally. DR bought it at a yard sale and it turned out too big for our little front yard. So, where to put it. It is now hanging from the front of our house. It looks nice when it's lighted up. Not that we see much of it since we work when it is lighted up. But, there are three evenings when we are home to see it. I guess we put it there for others to see so that's good. Our neighbor says it looks great. He has so many lights up that you can't see his house. He says he's going to steal my garland and bows but I don't know where he would put them. Sometimes simple is better.
I was going to put a little tree that is an extra one in the front yard where the pond tub is covered over for the winter. But, we don't really need another Christmas tree. I'm thinking I may wait until after Christmas and put it out with fruit and vegetables and peanut butter pine cones. The birds would get to enjoy it. The bushes and trees in Frank's(not our gnome) yard is full of birds. He feeds them all year long. He doesn't have a heated bird bath for water so every evening when the birds go to bed he empties the birdbath and everymorning he puts new water out. He gets up with the birds so they don't have to wait for the water that is not frozen or too cold.
I brought another cookie book home from the library last night. I already had a list made and yesterday I made zucchini coconut bars which were not on the list because I brought a cookie book home from the library. But, dr liked the zucchini bars. I had a lot of the grated zucchini in the freezer. I made the fruit and nut cookies. I made a raisin cake, very spicy. It calls for a glaze but I only sprinkled a cinnamon sugar mix over it. Much better, not TOO sweet. Last night on the way to work we stopped at the grocery store. I bought cream cheese, eggs and sour cream. I have lots of cookie making stuff. I hope the neighbors like the cookies. But, I have not had any complaints yet. This year they may not get too many if I don't decide what I'm going to do today. And, as if there weren't enough things to do, I have four books home that need to be read as soon as possible since they are new books and Dan lets me read them first. One is on diabetes. It's a good book to read at this time of year as it reminds me to watch my diet.
There is a Christmas breakfast at work on the 22nd. It's my day off so I guess I will go and then finish my shopping (or start my shopping) after. I am going to make Kringle. Now, I've never made a Kringle but it doesn't look too hard. It's a Danish that is very popular in Wisconsin. We always bought them. Racine, Wisconsin is the Kringle capital in the United States. Danish immigrants started bakeries there in the 1800's. I could just order one, but I just have to give it a try. So this weekend dr and I will sample it to see how it goes. I ask Andy to find me a recipe. He says since they are always so easy to find in Wisconsin he hasn't tried to make one. I forgot to ask him how his Cranberry Salsa turned out.
So, I put chicken in the slow cooker with tomato sauce and Italian spices. I think we will have spaghetti for dinner tonight. But, it's noon and I have yet to get anything done so I'd better hop to it. Dooley

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Little Bear Tree

Category: Holidays | Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2006 4:47 am

I decided that today was the day to put up some Christmas other than the wreath on the front of the house. I chose to start with the little bear tree. About 25 years ago more or less, I started collecting bears. We had a big house and a big tree. The top ornament always touched the ceiling. As a decorative touch the bears were grouped around and under it. Well, there were too many bears and not so much room. This was even before I had more than a hundred. Anyway we found this little two foot tree and set it up on a library table with the little bears grouped around it and it became the little bear tree. It still has some of the same decorations and has suffered some in it's travels but it hasn't missed a year yet. The display has grown. Last year it was on a round table with a Thomas Tank train. This year, no train. It has a house and some years, a pond with skaters. This year there is no room for the pond. Little bears from half an inch to about five inches have crowded around it. They set on benches, chairs, sleds, wagons and on the snowy surface. The larger of the small bears go on the shelf across the room where they can still see the tree. Larger bears all are grouped around the room. When the big tree goes up, some bears will be under the tree on sleds, etc. So, the bears have taken over Christmas, also.
I digress, I was about to tell you about putting the little bear tree up this year. Remember my saying I was looking and not seeing a place to put a tree. Well, we made a space. BUT!!!!!! We must have moved every piece of furniture in the house. Well, not the computer desk or the refrigerator. Chance got very worried when we started carrying things out the back door. Before we could make room in the living room, we had to make room in the small bedroom and the laundry room and some things are even in the dining room waiting for a final destination. But, the little bear tree is up and lighted. There is a space for the big tree which DR is in charge of putting up. He doesn't decorate it, he just puts it up. We used to always have a live tree but when the boys all left home we found it easier to put up an artificial one. That drew strong comments when they came for Christmas but we told them there was room for a real one and ornaments to spare, have at it. No one ever went and got a live one. Tom and Andy do have live trees in their homes though. Dan has an artifical one now. So, tomorrow I will do something else. After having moved things two days in a row, maybe I will put garland and bows on the front fence. Dooley

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