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Wow! It's been a long time!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 1:45 am

It's been a few months since I wrote a blog. I'm not sure why. I was trying to write one about once a month. I'll just blame it on my medication. When a medication has side effects, you can blame all sorts of things on it. Actually, I'm doing well enough that I seldom think about the medication. I do take one pill every evening but it's a lot less than some people have to endure so I count my blessings.
It's been a hot, humid and mostly dry summer. Spring wasn't too wet either. My garden is done for the summer. It was a chore keeping it going in the heat but last week a deer found it. I have a fence and we haven't been bothered by deer since we moved here to Texas. I know some people have problems with them though. I think the reason is the oil people have disturbed their habitat and they are moving around more. There are several oil sites within five miles of here and one just up the road from us. It's between here and where we get to the highway going into town. Those trucks are in and out all hours of the day and night and they are noisy and dusty and generally a pain. But, with all the noise and lights and trucks the deer don't know if it's day or night or where to go to bed down. So, they wander up and down the roads. I have a bird feeding station in my front yard. I have three or four tubs for water. Two larger ones with rocks in them for standing area and some smaller ones for drinking water. They use them all for drinking or bathing. There are two bird feeders. The birds don't mind sharing it seems. The deer comes and clean up the corn they spill on the ground. There is a resident squirrel that comes every day too and once in awhile, a rabbit. The deer just ate about three quarters of our peach tree. It didn't have any peaches because a late frost got the blossoms. The deer did eat every tomato on the plants. It didn't care if they were red or green or yellow. It didn't seem to care that the plants were not all green any more, just a mixture of green and brown. I keep watering them, hoping they will come back when it gets cooler but I think it may be a hopeless case. I have a pot of lemon verbana sitting right next to the bird area and it's just fine. I suspect they don't like the smell. A friend told me to get smelly baby powder and sprinkle all the plants. I did that and so far they haven't eaten any with powder on them. I sprinkled all along the fence thinking they wouldn't like it either and not jump it but the water tub is empty every morning. Maybe I should put a tub outside the fence but I don't want to encourage other wild animals to hang around. There are wild boar and skunks and well, some not so nice things out there.
I still have a few things in the back garden. Mostly eggplant but lots of weeds. The crepe myrtle is doing great and getting bigger. They had lots of blossoms this year and a couple still have some flowers. The heat got some things and Chance only has rosemary right now. I sprayed the little fig trees the other day. They have some fungus and the grasshoppers are nibbling. The spray is supposed to stop both of them. I think it may be time for another course of it. The land across the road is like a large green jungle. You can't even walk through it. So, why does all the animals and bugs think they need to come and eat my stuff.
I've been sewing off and on and going to a market or show once in awhile but it's really too hot to sit outside right now. I'm making shopping bags right now. A friend from the thrift shop wanted me to make her 30 shopping bags and she would supply the material. So, I told her that I would. Her mother passed away and she didn't get me the material until last Monday but she didn't need them until August 12th so I have time to get them done. I have 25 of them done this week. I only have five left to do and about 10 days left to do them so I think I will be okay. She brought me three kinds of print material and I had some plain material so I made contrasting handles. She was okay with it and I think they look better than all print ones. She was pleased with the samples that I showed her. I'm taking tomorrow off completely from sewing. Brian and I are going to go out somewhere. We call it a shopping day but we do a lot of other things and stop for lunch somewhere. It's just a get away from it all day. You really need one of those at least once a month. Our truck has lots of miles on it from our get away days.
We decided that as we are getting older (not old) that we needed to sort through our things and eliminate the clutter around here. Well, you know how it goes. You eliminate two things and bring home three. Brian is going to build another shed to put some of it. I was sorting what I wanted the grandchildren to have and putting a label on it. That isn't going too great either.
I have a grandson who will be six in a couple of weeks. He is in first grade this year. Brian has a niece with a little boy who is five. He will go to kindergarten. Fintin was telling his mom it wasn't fair because they got all the mail and he never got any. So, I started sending him something every couple of weeks. Sometimes a letter, sometimes a card, sometimes a book..I thought if Fintin liked getting mail then Aidan would like getting mail, too. So, now I send them both mail every couple of weeks. When I send a card or a letter I try to add something of interest to them. I sent a package of flower seeds and book marks and little pictures. The other day I found some 4 x 5 stencil cards that I'm going to put in cards, one or two at a time. There are about 30 of them so that should give them something to do if they use the stencils to make pictures and paint or color them.
So, that's what I do to keep myself busy. No tv, just computer and sewing. Brian does outside things and reads a lot and we both write and belong to a Writer's Guild here in town.
We still keep our hands in the dirt and pull lots of weeds.


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