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Cloudy, Gray and Gloomy!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:13 am

I was thinking that it had been a long time since I had written a blog here. I checked and it's been seven months. Where has that time gone? I guess I have been neglecting my posts on here, too.
On Saturday, I went around and found all my peat pots that I had from last year. I have several sections of small ones and about 20 three inch ones. I found some flats that I purchased plants in from Home Depot. I found some trays about 3 inches deep and 15 x 18 inches in size. I had two bags of potting soil. I filled all the peat pots and flats and trays with the soil and planted some seeds.
I am starting everything in pots and containers this year because there is a side effect to feeding the birds. They seem to think that any seed that you put out belongs to them. We have been feeding them twice a day but I think when it gets a little closer to spring we may eliminate one feeding. There are so many of the big birds and even more of the cardinals and little birds. But, I'm off the subject. I do tend to ramble at times. I had the pots and containers and flats sitting on yard tables in the back. I watered them yesterday because they were dry, especially the peat pots. This morning it was cloudy and gray and foggy. It was misting most of the day. I checked the weather and it says only 50 degrees tomorrow and 35 tomorrow night so I decided since I had that greenhouse that dr fixed for me from the windows that I should move them inside. The seeds haven't come up and the soil won't freeze but I thought I'd move them inside anyway. So, I loaded them onto the garden wagon and dr pulled it around to the greenhouse. As I was loading and unloading the garden wagon I noticed something that I hadn't thought about. Some of those birds had been checking to see what I put in those containers and peat pots. Now, I will have to wait and see what comes up. I'm sure that some pots will not have anything growing in them. But, I did put more than one seed in each pot so maybe they didn't look too hard if they found just one seed. I have peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, peas and beans and marigolds planted in the containers of various sizes. I do hope that something comes up. I can plant them in the vegetable beds and flower beds when they are a reasonable size and the birds should not eat them. I'm hoping when we cut down on the feeding that some of them will move to somewhere else.
I was talking to a friend the other day. They live several miles from us. They, also, feed the birds. They have the same ones that we have and in the same large flocks. She said that to get rid of the black birds they quit feeding them altogether for close to a week. The big black birds leave and when they start feeding the birds again only the cardinals and little birds come back. I might try that but I think I will wait until the weather gets a little nicer.
We've had a colder than normal weather this winter but not near as bad as the northern climes here. We only had a dusting of snow one time. Wannabe has had snow upon snow upon snow. She has also had the minus wind chills. Some nights were minus 20 to minus 40 below zero. I'm glad I'm living in Texas. We had a week when the nights got down in the 20's but without a minus in front of them.
We have had many, many gray, cloudy, gloomy days. We have rain, rain, rain, rain. But, it's not actually rain. It's drizzle, drizzle, drizzle, drizzle. Today, you could go out and walk around and come back inside. You didn't even get wet. But, it was misting and you could feel it on you face. You could see it on the truck windows. We went into town and with the wipers on intermittent low the window stayed dry all of the time. I finally turned them off and the breeze kept the window dry.
I get a little depressed with all the gray, cloudy gloomy days. I try to keep busy with my sewing and playing some computer games and of course, I come and check what is going on in the garden world but haven't been posting much. Who wants to catch my gray, gloomy weather?
Maybe when March gets here it will turn to better weather and spring will arrive. I'm sure that last year I had planted peas and spinach and cool weather crops by now. I'll just wait patiently and see if anything comes up in those pots. I may even dig in the dirt in the backyard garden and plant the spinach and beets and see if the birds discover them. I could get some netting and cover the seeds until they grow into plants.
So, you all have a good gardening week and I hope the birds don't discovered what you've planted.


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