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I've been busy!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2007 4:31 am

I've already posted a picture of the quilt. That's been a work in progress and will be for the next few weeks. It's cooler now since the rains started so I've worked more on it. Since the rains have started the weeds and grass have about taken over. My knee is not so great yet. Still can't kneel or stoop much. That little seat helps a lot. The problem is finding a time when things aren't wet or being rained on. The flowers are growing and the very small cantaloupe has grown to about three inches in a few days. The tomatoes have decided to put on new fruit and they are bigger than the marble sized ones we've been getting. Then, I work those 20 hours a week at the library. I was doing all the shelving but then Gloria started and she and I share the shelving now. We also share checkin and checkout and all the other little things that pop up every night and on Saturday. This week started out okay. Monday and Tuesday were normal evenings. But, Wednesday and Thursday the computers were down. There is a program that was designed for checkout but not one for checkin so those books for the two days were piled on tables and carts in the workroom to be checked in when the computers came back online on Friday morning. Wednesday night, Gloria sat at checkout and I started with 00 and went to 300 putting the nonfiction books in order. Then, I sat at the checkout desk and Gloria put from 745 to 790 in order. These are the craft and art books so they get a lot of use and are almost always out of order. On Thursday, I didn't work. Gloria worked with two other people. On Friday, we got up early and went to an estate sale. It was in an area that I hadn't been before and I made a wrong turn and got way out of the way before I finally conceded defeat and turned around and backtracked. It turned out that it was only a block or two from where I turned the wrong direction. It was a really nice sale and we bought quite a few things. dr bought some things to resell. We went and had breakfast but it wasn't a very good place so we won't go back there. It is an area that is pretty far away but we saw this one in the paper and it sounded good. Then, we had a few other things to do. I had to buy some gift cards at the bookstore for a couple of birthdays. I bought a big ceramic pot to repot the snake plant, which I guess I should have done today, but didn't. It's growing a few new shoots and will be too big for that small pot it came in. I went to work at 1pm and worked until 4 pm. The computers which were to be back online on Friday morning were just coming up when I got there. There were two ladies doing checkin and there was a couple of volunteers and the young adult librarian and the children's librarian and the director and assistant director and a couple of thousand books to be done. Everyone pitched in and started to work. As soon as a cart was filled with books, I put them in order and started to shelve them. After the first one the volunteers had the books on carts in order when I came back for another one. I did nine small three shelf carts full and two large three shelf carts full. Then, my knees were bothering me so I stopped and started putting other things in order. Some of the volunteers had left. The assistant director shelved video's and dvd's. The director did a bit of everything. The bookdrop cart came up and it was overfull so that still had to be done when I left. dr had gone grocery shopping and picked up a deli sandwich for supper. Saturday morning when I went in at 8 am. there was quite a few books on the carts so I put them in order and waited for the dropbox to come up. There was a new guy so it was a bit late and it was again overfull so it took us a bit of time to empty it and get the books checked in. I got to shelving and used the big cart before the library opened. Someone else volunteered to sit at the checkout desk so I just did checkin and answered the phone at the circulation desk and did new library cards. The children's librarian had to leave early because her husband called and told her they had to go to Phoenix because her sister had a heart attack and was in the hospital and they wanted them to come down. Gloria was sick on Saturday so that left us two short. The new guy was an hour late getting the afternoon bookdrop brought up so we had to rush to get it done. The checkout volunteer helped by checking the media material to make sure the right ones were in the right cases and all the cd's were in the cd books. Needless to say, I did not get those books put away. I worked half an hour past time and was ready to go home at 4 pm. dr spent the day at the fleamarket and was pretty tired himself. He didn't use sunscreen so he was a bit red, too. He stopped and got a deli chicken and we just had chicken and fruit for supper.
We had to drive through a heavy rain, thunder and lightning storm to get home. It rained all evening and into the night. It was cloudy and rainy this morning but we got up early and went up to breakfast at Golden Corral and stopped at a grocery store and a gas station and came home. I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and the pantry closet. They all needed it. Then, I sat down and put the border on the quilt. I think it might be about time for bed. dr and chance are both sleeping already. I do so hope next week isn't as busy, but there are those books I didn't get done on Saturday plus the Monday books to be done when I work 6 to 9 tomorrow. Maybe I won't do so much before I go to work. Some days I think I might be getting older. I do feel like it. Other days, I don't feel so old and then I get a lot done. I do want to get some more grass and weeks done tomorrow. If it's not raining that is. dooley

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Amish Quilt picture-Aug. 5th

Category: Amish quilt | Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 10:25 pm

Okay, I finished the top. Next step is to iron the seams flat and then measure the back material and sew it to fit the top. Then layer it and baste it and start to quilt it. The quilting will be a zig-zag, diagonal up one square and down the next, up and down diagonals across. Then, just the opposite on the next row so that the back will have squares when it's finished. Some squares will get small bears, etc in them. So, here is the picture. dooley

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Amish quilt update, Aug 2nd

Category: Amish quilt | Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 9:14 pm

I now have all 289 square sewn together. 17 rows by 17 rows. Next step is to add the three inch black border and then get the backing set up and pin it all together with the middle. Then, I can start quilting it. So far, there are 21 hours and 35 minutes into it. dooley

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