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Another month gone by.

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 8:52 pm

I wonder where this month as gone. I thought it just started and now the calandar is reading the 17th. We've been busy this past month. We planted and planted and planted some more.
We took the gift I got in the mail and bought azelea bushes and flowers and more plants.
We have 14 azelea bushes, a purple honeysuckle, a carolina jasmine, a gardenia and a red tip phontinia.
The gardenia and the phontinia got mixed in with the azeleas so we found a place to plant them, too.
We bought a new area rug for the living room. The old one has been rolled up, standing in the corner. Today, we put it in the bedroom. We moved the one in the bedroom to the sewing. It took moving furniture and other stuff around and then moving it back again. I tried to dust in, around and under stuff while it was being moved. I did some of that yesterday when we moved the exercise equipment out of the living room and put it in the bedroom. Maybe when I can't sleep at night I can get up and bicycle for awhile. dr doesn't have the weight bench reassembled yet.I have my other weights I can use though. I should have those in the sewing room so I can use them when I'm sitting here thinking about what to do next.
I always thought the day had 24 hours but it seems like I just get started and it's time to quit. I have to have more rest periods and that doesn't help get things done.
The garden is doing great. The bush beans have blossems, the peppers have blossems, the tomatoes have blossems and little tomatoes, the first planting of the sugar snap peas are picked and frozen and the second planting has blossems. The pole beans are about a foot high. I still have 17 zucchini and they are setting buds. The onions are doing well but I do have to get out there and dig around them or they will stay skinny. The kale, spinach and swiss chard and beets are growing slowly but haven't bolted yet. I pulled all of the lettuce. It bolted and was tasting bitter so it became compost. I planted flowers in the beds where the lettuce used to be. I planted some bush cucumbers, too. The eggplant has nearly doubled in size. I generally plant ichiban but this year planted the larger Black Beauty.
The roses are still blooming. They must like this weather this year. I want to take some starts off of some of them and see if I can fill the whole fence up instead of just 30 feet or so. It may not be that much but they are doing really well.
I still need to pull weeds, cut little trees, use the weedeater and water things regularly. My lilac bushes are doing good this spring. The peach trees have peaches which need to be picked off before they break the branches. Toni sent us two more small ones. The pecan tree she sent me last year is growing fast now. It's almost two feet tall. I still have a plum tree in a bucket but we can't decide where to put it. The front yard has five peach trees and the back yard has six crape myrtle and two fig trees. Well, I'll find a place one of these days.
Maybe tomorrow I can get back outside again. We've been inside since Saturday or out and about doing things. Thursday is a wasted day, doctor appointments.

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