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Can I Be Finished?

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri Dec 18, 2009 2:39 am

Today, we went and mailed packages. I just used big brown bubble envelopes and I had eight of them. It cost more than I thought they should but they are mailed. Will they get there in time for Christmas? I don't know. I just know I finished sewing last night and mailed them this morning. My family knows that sometimes I am slow at getting things done but I think I am finished this time. I have one more thing to mail but I'm not at all worried about getting it there for Christmas. So, it will get mailed when it gets mailed.
So, am I finished. I still have one and one half sock monkeys to do. I have all the machine sewing done on the first one so I can take all the pieces parts to the farmer's market with me tomorrow and work on it there. Then, maybe I can do the other one tomorrow night and finish it on Saturday morning. It's been cold or raining since Thanksgiving so we haven't been able to set up at the farmer's market. No one in their right mind would stop anyway in the cold and rain.
Yesterday when we stopped at the thrift shop I bought more material. As I was wandering around after, I found this green board on legs. I stopped and thought about it and bought it. They didn't want too much for it. We brought it home and I lettered it to say, "Pea Pickin' Aprons."

We will set it out by the side of the street where people going past can see it. When we were at the Christmas Party for the Writer's Guild on Tuesday night some people said, "Oh, we saw those aprons there but we didn't know it was you!" Now they know it, we shall see if they stop to look. I'm hoping some other people will stop and buy something. It's supposed to be sunny and 65 degs. I don't think that's too cold to stop and walk around outside.
So, some things are done. I have things bought for Christmas dinner and I actually bought dr a present. Of course, he saw me checking out and wanted to know what I was buying. He approved so I can wrap it up knowing he won't be taking it back.
Maybe one day next week we will go shopping again and I can find something else.
I still don't have cookies made but we don't need cookies and if I don't get them done it will not be a great loss. So, I'm going to relax and go at a slower pace now until Christmas. I do want to go to the Second Hand Book Store but that too can be done anytime.
So, can I be finished, please?


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What shall I do today?

Category: Choices | Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2009 7:45 pm

Choices or decisions! I'm not too good at making either. I never have been very good at it and if I can get someone to make it for me, well and good. Today is my day off. I don't know day off from what because I can have any day off that I choose to take. Today is December 6th. Isn't the month just flying past? Is anyone ready for Christmas? I decided that since I've taken up sewing everyone will get homemade gifts this year. With the postage it won't save money but homemade is nicer than buying the quality merchandise that they sell these days. I have 5 tote bags made for the family. I have about a dozen items to finish. I think I have them all cut out. Nope! I just remembered one. Darn!! Now, I will have to clean off the island table, again. It is filled up with Christmas dishes and cups that required washing after unpacking them from their year long storage. I washed them before I packed them but they still need washing before using them. Go figure! I have cookie books cluttering up the space too. I can't figure out which cookies I want to make. I have those tins to fill but maybe a couple of weeks to get that done so they can wait a few days. I hauled the Christmas tree out on Friday and dr put it together. I sort of thought of going out in the woods here to look for one but with the deer hunters and wild pigs that is not such a great idea. We always had a "real" tree when the boys were growing up but now have resorted to a tree that comes in a box with lights already attached. It sat there until last evening when I decided to put garland on it. Now, it's mostly decorated. I say mostly because there are still some ornaments in the box and maybe as I walk by one or two might get added here and there. A couple of bears made it under the tree already. The little bears are clamoring for their tree. I'm going to scale down the size of that this year or I'm going to try to scale it down. I think too many small bears made the trip to Texas. A lot too many big bears made the trip, too. I don't know how that happened since I know we gave away about a dozen bags to the police and fire departments and the thrift shops.
I've started on the Christmas cards. In fact, four of them are already in the mail. Now, I have a few that might make it into the mail tomorrow. Then, I have quite a few left. I was hoping to say I have them about done. My problem is my dad. He's been gone now for about twenty years but he's still giving advice and I'm still following it. He said over and over during his lifetime. "If they can't be bothered to write a note or include a letter why bother sending a card." So, all of my cards include a short note or a long letter. The problem is to decide just who merits a short note and who gets a long letter. I guess letters go to the ones I don't write to on a regular basis or talk to regularly all year. Some are friends that I write only occasionally. But, it always takes me too much time to get the cards done. I used to do them on Thanksgiving weekend or at least start them but I guess I've fallen down on that lately.
Let me see, cards, cookies, small bears, presents, keeping the table cleaned off. Have I forgotten anything. Oh, that pile of cedar branches and the pine cones left on the front porch. I should do something with those and I sort of want to try to make a fan out of some of them. What should I do with it? Then, there is the Christmas party for the Writer's Guild on the 15th. I need to make rolls and ambrosia for it. That can be done that day though so it can wait. Now, that doesn't say that we won't go and do some Christmas shopping either. How can I make a Christmas tote or apron or whatever for dr when he lives here in the same house.? He has already bought presents for me but he orders things from the almost daily catalogs that come in the mail.
Oh, I almost forgot the dollhouse that our neighbor bought for two little girls. dr is refurbishing it and I have to think about decor and furniture. I found a pattern for making a sofa, chair and beds. No tables though. I will watch the thrift shop to see if anything shows up there. I have a small table but it's still too big for a dollhouse. Maybe that's what I should do with today. Get out that pattern and see how difficult it will be to make those things. After all today is December 6th and time is going past at a faster rate than I move these days. I will soon be 69 and will have caught up to dr again. One of these days I will have to think about taking a day off.

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