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More cleaning!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2007 7:57 pm

What with this and that happening this year I've fallen behind in so many things. Now, I've started "fall" cleaning and have so many projects started it's hard to know what to do when. This morning I took a look at the dining room. After all, Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and we are having guests. Guests certainly wouldn't fit in that dining room. So, that's where I started today. Last week when we went to a yard sale I spied a box of those containers that you put magazines in for storage. She tossed them in with what we were buying because she wanted rid of them. So, I filled up five of them. Right now, they are under the bears tea table. I think they will be moved because I'm thinking the bear's tea table might be moved before Thanksgiving to make more usable space. I've cleaned out the tea closet. Yep, I have a tea closet. It's just a set of shelves with a curtain on the front. It holds a dozen or more kinds of tea bags and tins of loose tea and maybe a dozen or so teapots. I drink a lot of tea as you might suspect. I start in the morning and finish up after work in the evening. I like strong black tea mostly but in between times a bag in a cup serves it's purpose. Now, that's all sorted out. How did so much other stuff find it's way in there? Someone must be sneaking in while we are not here and filling it up for sure. Couldn't have been me. I've tossed a bag or two of old newspapers and assorted oddments. I believe I can get the vacuum cleaner around the table now. I've been working in there at various times to clean off the wood box. We haven't needed a fire yet this year but you never know. Right now it's about 78 degs. outside and the doors are open. I had to take my sweatshirt off early on today. Now, I'm thinking about lunch/dinner. We usually have a combined meal about two or two-thirty. Stir fry, I think with chicken. I have some leeks that maybe will find their way into it. Ginger for seasoning. Chance will have chicken, too, but not the stir fried kind.
The other girl who works with me has been sick since Friday last week so it's been really hectic there. I went in an hour early yesterday. So far, they haven't called so maybe she will come back today. I hope she doesn't come too early because she thought she had strep and we really don't need that here. Not at this time of year or any time of the year.
So, nine people for Thanksgiving dinner. I think I have room for them now. Have a good day. dooley

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Busy day off!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 3:12 am

It's been a while since I blogged so I thought since I was sitting I would write a bit here.We've been using my Friday's off lately to do medical stuff. That's doing mostly okay now. I had the radiation treatment and there's nothing to do with it until I have to have a hormone count and doctor visit in December. It goes up and down and some days makes me feel not so good but until it levels out there isn't much to be done about it. Last week I had that MRI on my knee that I hurt last spring. They said at the time I hurt it that I pulled a ligament and it would heal itself. I didn't worry about it because it was getting better though slowly. I can do stairs now if I go slow. I can kneel a bit at a time and walk farther. But, when I went to the doctor in September he thought it should be all healed so he thought I should have the MRI. Well, I had it on Monday. It took 45 minutes. It's cold in the room so they provide this nice fuzzy blanket. I had a nice nap while it was doing it's thing. I went to the doctor on Thursday. He said I didn't pull the ligament, I tore it. I also have two small tears somewhere else in the knee. I can't find where I put the paper and I don't remember the medical terms. I also displaced something but they couldn't tell where it went. The doctor said it wasn't life threating so if I wanted to wait to have it repaired I could or I could not do anything at all. I asked if it would heal itself and he said the tears wouldn't repair themselves but it could be done microsurgery in outpatient. I told him I would wait until spring. No sense in ruining the holidays by being layed up with knee surgery because someone made a mistake and it needed more than they thought. That's what happened the last time I had knee surgery. They said I'd be off a week and It ended up being closer to two months and I did a whole summer reading program on crutches.
Last week, I ask Dan what he thought about me doing a couple children's programs a month at his library. He thought it would be a great thing. So, the Thursday before Thanksgiving we'll have Turkey Day and make a variety of turkeys and have some stories and a finger game. Then, the Thursday after Thanksgiving we'll have Countdown to Christmas and make red and green paper chains so they can take a link off each day until Christmas and we'll make trees or stockings with windows and they can open a window and put a sticker in it until Christmas. Of course there will be Christmas stories to start the season off. In December, we'll do Christmasy things. I miss doing his children's programs since I started working at the Prescott Valley library. I don't work in the children's dept. there.
So, today we decided we would stay home. We went and got the paper and was having breakfast when dr saw that Ace Hardware was having flu shots today and we hadn't had one yet. So, I bet you can guess what we did. We went up and got a flu shot. We stopped and dr bought a stereo that will play cd's and cassettes. Most only play cd's now. He's been buying some cd's lately and the old player didn't sound too great. Now, he's got Johnny Cash playing. Chance likes Johnny Cash. She's laying there listening to it. If she doesn't like what he's playing, she sings along. Sounds terrible! After doing a bit of this and that I decided I'd clean my sewing corner and try to make some space for a few more bears that were displaced by the new stereo. We "borrowed" a set of shelves out of the big shed. They belong to Dan. That will teach him to store things with us. Anyway, I now have a large mess that needs sorted out and either disposed of or a new place found for it. My sewing corner is growing ever smaller. One of these days I will have to sew with my arms held tight against me and no where to put anything. dr said he would have to "find" his room stretcher to make room for anything else in here. I'm not the one that brings all the bears to live here. I did buy a small one on Friday and he bought a small one on Saturday. It's when we buy large ones that problems develop. We found an assortment of small chairs on Friday, too. Now, it's nice for the bears to have their own chairs but it's beginning to look like a classroom in here. I'm trying to write a family history for my youngest sister's boys. She is much younger than the rest of us and missed out on a lot of history. So, she can't tell her boys and our parents died before her boys were old enough to remember them much. In fact, her youngest was born after they died so he doesn't know them at all. I had to stop and check with Wannabe on dates but I'll get back to it. I think this is probably long enough and I'd better finish my tea and see what other mischief I can get into before bedtime. dooley

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