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We are still around but still busy

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2010 5:00 pm

We are still among the living but keeping ourselves busy. Haven't decided just yet what to do about the computer. We're thinking of getting another one but still having our current one fixed. It's thinking about it time though. We have everything moved from the old house and are slowly working on getting things where they belong, well where they fit. Today we flattened empty boxes and took them to the recycle place at the dump. The deck looks a little better now. We are beginning to be able to walk without tripping over boxes. Yesterday, I worked in the morning clearing roots and sticks out of Chance's yard. She helped. If I wanted the yard dug up she was already and then I had to rake the dirt back into her holes. Since I was digging up roots sticking up out of the ground she helped with that too and dug up the little mimosa tree. dr caught her at that so I was able to save it being pulled out of the ground. Guess we'll have to put some chicken wire around it. It lost it's leaves but I'm hoping new ones will come soon. I planted my eggplant in the big tubs yesterday and two tubs of potatoes. I have tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, zucchini, green bell peppers and one melon of some kind. I found it growing along the porch before we moved and dug it and put it in a tub. I have rosemary, marjarom, basil, oregano, lemom balm and bee balm (monarda) growing too. Chance's yard is getting rather full since we also have a clothesline and two lawn chairs in it. So, we'll be entending her yard so she has room to run with out dodging tubs and chairs and herbs. She doesn't seem to mind doing that though. Next week I want to start on the front yard and get it cleaned up. Before we moved we cut all the brush but some of it is coming back from underground roots. I hung a couple of hummingbird feeders out there this morning. We have mockingbirds and cardinals that sernade us all day long. It's really nice but sometimes I feel like yelling, "Shut Up!" at them. I unpacked turtles yesterday but haven't decided where to put them. I guess they will find places to sit by and by. The bears are still in the large bathtub in the master bath. I'm not sure just where they will end up but I'm sure they will find their places, too. I can't post pictures on the library computer so you will have to be patient and wait for us to decide just what it is we are going to do with the thing.

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We are done moving, Hurrah!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2010 8:16 pm

We are done moving. The dogs next door were barking this morning and woke us up. So we got up and went and moved those 12 tubs. We have them all in place along Chance's fence. We walked around the front yard trying to figure where to put flower beds and where to put the patio area. Wannabe bought patio blocks for a sitting area so we have tofigure where to put it and where to put other stuff. We want to build a bigger deck so we have to take that into the decisions too. dr went around the back trying to figure where to extend Chance's yard and where to put a small garden area for this year. Then, we quit and went to lunch and stopped at a vegetable market. Now, we are on our way home to sit in the yard with Chance. There are still things to be done but with the moving done these will come at a slower pace for sure. dooley

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Almost done!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:48 pm

We now have only 12 large tubs of vegetables to move. We moved much of our garden yesterday and today. But, dr says those tubs weigh 75 lbs each so they will wait until morning when we are rested. They are the last things to be moved. The house is empty of our stuff and we are so ready to quit moving. dr says we will take a few days before we decide where to put things and to enlarge Chance's yard and decide if we need anymore garden. I've been trying to get things put away as we moved and the house isn't quite a mess but it's nor organized either. Chance loves her new yard. She has neighbors now and last night I caught her in the corner of her yard looking into the yard next door. There was a small white dog looking back at her. I swear they were having a conversation. First Chance would bark and then the white dog would bark and than Chance. It went back and forth for quite a long time and then then both stopped and went on to other things. I moved some herbs and flowers into Chance's yard and a couple of chairs and she is very happy with it. She is okay with the inside, too.
She has dog neighbors on both sides and sometimes there are kids she can watch and neighbors to keep track of and trucks going by on the road. She can see so much more from this house and it makes her happy. We have the little dogs up the road to feed and water and go there twice a day and feed them and talk with them and tell them how nice they are. I did get to look under the pile of boards at the puppies but only with strict supervision. I didn't stick my hands under or make any overt moves so I only got a few small growls. I think there are five or six puppies. They were rolling around so I may have counted one twice. It will be a few more days before they are out and around, maybe. Goldie keeps check on them and I didn't want to mess with them.

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Amid the rain, we got moved!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:12 pm

We are now moved into our "new" house. It rained on Friday and Saturday and Sunday. Rain is in the forecast for today but so far it's just clouds and gray. We did sleep in the new place last night. There are a few barking dogs on both sides but water in a spray bottle works wonders if they are close enough. Chance was so funny, running here and running there and stopping to sniff things. She does like her new yard. It's soft sand and no grass so she's been digging at those pesky roots. When we take down her fence at the old house we will extend her yard and give her more space to run. We do have to do something about shade though because it's all sun right now. We still have a few things to move from the old house but today we have to go to the dump and then to Home Depot for some landscape timbers and maybe a stop at the grocery store. There are still boxes everywhere and my sewing space is overly crowded. I do want to get the living space situated first. We will move the plants from the front porch this week. I'm sure that by the end of the week we will be mostly or all done. Moving, that is. Getting it all fit into the spaces alloted will take more time but the packing and moving part will be done. Then, I can think about finding a place to get my computer taken care of. I'm sure it's not much but Dan says I have to take it to a professional.

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We have electricity!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 4:51 pm

We have electricity now. It was turned on early, Tuesday morning. Tammy's son came on Wednesday and moved our large appliances. He moved in half an hour what it would have taken us all day. He just picked up stuff and carried it out to the truck. Wish I was young enough to do that. I don't recall being able to do that when I was young. Anyway, now we are living in two places and trying to decide what is where. I have currently misplaced my cell phone. It must be somewhere in the new house because I called it's number at the old house and didn't hear it ringing. I'll look for it later today. Brian is building Chance's yard. He has the gate installed. That's the most important part isn't it?
Still haven't seen the puppies! They will be two weeks old on Sunday so I expect they will be climbing out one of these days. I go feed Goldie and Toto twice a day and stop for a chat when I go past at other times.
We'll probably get most of the rest of the stuff this weekend. There isn't so much left in the old house. Then, there's the tubs and pots on the long front porch to move.
This afternoon is our friend's funeral. We won't feel like doing much after that I'm sure.


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More moving

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 3:40 pm

When you get to be our age moving takes time. We have been moving two or three loads a day. We are down to just stuff that needs electricity now so we are mostly at a stand still until Wednesday when the electric company comes back. It takes 3 days to schedule them when you call. They make work orders three days in advance. I guess they could all be sitting on their duff for an afternoon but can't do anything because the work order reads the next day. Go figure! We've been down trying to make sense out of it all and I have my sewing room fixed up. And filled up with boxes again. We moved the recliner chairs yesterday. It took dr and I both to load them in the back of the truck. Down at the house Tammy's son moved them into the house by himself and didn't even breathe hard. It sure takes more energy now than it did when we were younger or we just don't have as much now. Poor Chance is getting so confused. Things keep disappearing and she doesn't know where it's going. We are going to take her for a ride down to the house this afternoon to show her around. Hopefully by the weekend we will have it all done. Tammy's daughter is already moving stuff into the house. Into a room we have emptied out. She has no electric now either and it staying with her grandfather.
I sure hope the electric gets turned on Wednesday. I'd hate to have to wait until next Monday for it.
Tammy said the meter box is fixed so we called this morning at 8 am. Still scheduled for Wednesday but maybe we'll be first in line.

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electric companies, bah!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:09 pm

We are moving along at a steady pace with our moving. But, some people just don't do their job and it holds up everything. Yesterday the electric company was coming out to read our meter and leave the electric on in the landlords' name so the well and pump would continue. He was then to install the meter and turn on the electric at the new place. He couldn't install the meter because the electricians who installed the meter box broke one of the connections. Now, they have to come back and install a new meter box. They said they'd be right out. No one showed up of course so Tammy called them again today. After they install the new meter box we have to call the electric company and schedule the meter installation again. Three to five days is what that takes. So, it will be one day next week before that gets done. So, I will take some time to unpack some stuff and get the sewing center set up. We moved brush this morning where Howard cut it. This is where the fence on the lot line will go. Howard will do that when he comes back from his work. He drives big truck across country so is gone four or five days at a time. We leveled the deck and have steps now so no more going up and down the ladder.
we had bad news this morning. Our good friend and neighbor Bob who has been in the hospital for two weeks died. How we will miss him!! We have inheirted his two small dogs, it looks like. That poses problems because they won't want to leave there. They will keep going back. We can move their food and bed but I doubt that will work because they are used to sleeping out where ever they are at. They have never been fenced in any where. Well, we will see that they have food and water and a place to sleep and maybe they will move to us in their own good time. They are good little dogs. Goldie runs the toll road with a slice of bread for a toll and Toto is her mother. One is white and shaggy and the other is black and smooth. Both are small dogs. Goldie has just had puppies so I expect we inheirted them too. I will have to go and inspect the garage and see where and how many there are down there.
We planted our tomatoes in large tubs, 27 of them. I planted 12 green bell peppers and zucchini and cucumbers. I planted two tubs of verbena and several pots of petunias and begonias. We have alyssum with marigolds and marigolds by themselves. I have lemon balm, manarda (bee balm) oregano, marjarom, rosemary and pansies. dr says it will take about four or five trips to get all of my plants moved. We have to have a fence first because of Tammy's grandchildren and dogs, etc. Deer too of course.
Well, time to get back to stuff.

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Still Moving

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2010 5:21 pm

We are still moving. Everyday we take a load or two or three down to the house.
Then we stop and sort and try to put it away. Yesterday dr fixed the Hoosier cabinet and the china cabinet so I can put things into them. He will put the pegboard on the shelves today or tomorrow and I can use them. Now that we bought shelves to put into the laundry room to hold excess stuff and canned goods I can move more kitchen stuff.
The electric meter will be installed on Thursday and we will move the refrigerator, washing machine, freezer and stove. Then, we can move the rest of the kitchen stuff. We can't move the bedroom stuff until the fences are put into place.
That will probably be on the weekend. Once we can move the dog then we can move the bedroom stuff and she will have a place to sleep. Us, too. After that, it will be move the odds and ends and the stuff from the porch and all of the tubs and pots of plants and flowerws. Looking at them that will take a week of Sundays for sure. I'm planting those tomatoes this afternoon if I have to do it in the rain. But, so far the sun is still out there. I found a place to take the computer and will accomplish that as soon as we can. Oops! I forgot to call the phone company. I knew there was something I didn't do yet. dr says he lies awake making plans for the next day and we always end up doing something entirely different. Last night I shortened the sheer curtains to go under the ones I made for the living room on Saturday. I made curtains for the laundry room since it doesn't have a door. I'll get them up later today or maybe tomorrow if it is going to rain tomorrow. Then, I need to make some for the dining area since none of the ones I have are the right size. I may be able to adapt them though and tie them back and put some across the middle to hang down to the bottom of the window. I'll have to look at my stash of material which is at the new place. The sewing machine is still at the old place. Well, I've got to go and do something else. The library is going to be closing for lunch soon. dooley

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Moving day, moving day, moving day!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:53 pm

It seems like every day is moving day now. We are not rushing it. We move two loads a day and then try to get things where they belong.
We can't do it all at once because there are still things to be done like fences for Chance. You want me to take pictures of the mess? Not likely! We don't have the electric changed yet. There are still some things that need doing in the house before we do that and we have to co-ordinate with Tammy because the well is on our electric and she has to have it turned on when we have it turned off
The fence still needs to go in and that can't be done until they turn the deck around. Four guys came and done it in the dark and it's sideways. No steps either. We're going up and down with a ladder.

We do have three rooms emptied. Another one was empty but now it's holding clutter. The stuff I'm not sure what we will do with yet so I needed another place to hold it until I decide. It's moving along though not too fast.
I'll be back. I know I will.
Yesterday a man gave us 30 large tubs to plant things. I'm putting tomatoes for a start. I think I will not get things in the ground this year as it's getting late for that.

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