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To bed I go!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2007 4:23 am

I am going to go to bed. I think Chance and dr gave up but it's still early compared to when I usually go to bed. I stayed in my recliner most of the day except for riding to the post office and stopping briefly at the library for a book. Wouldn't you know I usually have a dozen books checked out and when I really need one there is none. I wore the brace all day and took the pain/anti-imflamatory today and my knee feels better. dr says I am walking better. He has some errands to run tomorrow and I will go along for the ride. Saturday morning I have to go to that seminar on teambuilding in the morning. The director says it's all sitting or will be for me. dr will go to the flea market and then pick me up about one. We'll see how that goes and decide how many more days I need to "rest" my leg. Got to go have dr put the pillow splint on it and go to bed. Thanks for all the good thoughts. Dooley

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Know How You Always Expect The Worst!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 11:36 pm

Know how you always expect the worst when you go to a doctor. Last night when I was getting ready to go to work I twisted my knee while I was getting into the truck. It hurt like the devil and I felt like getting out of the truck and going back inside. But, all at once it quit hurting so I went ahead and went to work. I had to sit at the reference desk at first and it was okay. Then, I put the books in order and started shelving them. The more I did, the worse my knee hurt. I took some pain medication which didn't help at all. Finally with encouragement from co-workers I quit and came home. Had one more cart of books left, at least. I felt a bit quilty for not staying to finish. I thought with another half an hour I could get it done. The reference desk lady then felt guilty because if I hadn't subbed for her so she could have supper I would have finished. Well, maybe I would just have left that much earlier.I put ice on my knee when I got home and went to bed early. Couldn't sleep. Pain every which way I tried to position my leg. Finally drifted off only to wake because I moved my leg while sleeping and set off the pain cycle. This morning after a cup of tea and a leftover blueberry muffin we headed up the hill to the urgent care clinic which is associated with the clinic where I normally go to the doctor. I dreaded going to the doctor. All sorts of visions were going through my head. I do have arthritis in my knees and have been having some problems associated with my gardening and yardwork. I thought it was the digging that was doing it. dr dug the hole to plant the new butterfly bush. I thought it was the arthritis that was the problem now and he would say that I needed a new knee or would have to quit work (which I like) or something equally dreadful which I'm not sure what that would have been. Anyway, after a "short" wait (is any urgent care wait short) I saw a doctor. Not my own, but an equally nice one the verdict was not so bad as my thoughts of it were.
I pulled the ligaments in both sides of my right knee. It will take a "bit" of time to heal but I don't need a "New" knee yet. I have a nice black neophrene knee brace to wear during the day. It feels a bit weird and tight. The doctor said it will collect the fluid on my knee and make it be absorbed easier. It will provide support to keep the knee from twisting side to side. I will have a "pillow" splint at night to keep it stable. Using a pillow, shape it into a U lengthwise. Add an ice pak both sides and tie it to keep it in place. That doesn't sound too bad except for the ice paks. Doesn't he know cold is a bad word to me. Still, I suppose it will also help with the swelling. Three of the pain medication, twice a day. Now, the part that affects the gardening projects and working at the library. NO squatting,NO stooping, NO kneeling, NO ladders and
or NO stairs. Now, how do you garden without getting down on your knees, crawling along pulling weeds or digging in the dirt to give the plants some breathing room. I have already put a lot of plants in pots. He didn't say no lifting. He probably just didn't think of it though. Oh, well! dr says he will finish the garden projects that I have started. He doesn't think I should start any new ones for awhile though.
After I finished at the doctor I went over to the library to see the director about having some time off. He was very nice about it and though I did not have a definite time period for being off was willing to work it out. He'll ask for someone to work for me while I am gone. I told him that I probably would not be able to shelve books on the bottom shelf anymore but could do the rest if a volunteer could be found to do the lower shelves. He suggested that maybe I could do the desk for awhile when I come back, too. He did wonder if I could come to the seminar on Saturday morning as the city manager has more or less made it a mandatory thing. It's all sitting so I think I can do that. dr says it's a give in the give or take of things. They are willing to give me time and I can give them things I can do. I was really worried about not being able to work anymore. I would miss it because I really like library work. I think if I were younger I would pursue more schooling for library work. So, to Mary, I would say if you can still do it, GO FOR IT. Everyone wonders how I can do the same thing every night without becoming bored with it. So, putting the books on the shelf might be boring if I let it become so but everynight it's different books. I meet different people and check out different books. I get to know each book and where it goes and who reads it. It's not a boring job to me. I would have missed it if I could not do it again. So, I had good news though I expected bad news. I still have pain and probably it will never totally go away. Twinges will haunt me now and again. But life could be MUCH worse that it is now. I have dr and the flowers will still bloom, just with less care. Dooley

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I'm glad it was Saturday

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2007 3:56 am

I'm glad it was Saturday. I have a day off tomorrow. I work seven and a half hours on Saturday and today it was busy, busy, busy. The school system had an arts and crafts show with things the kids made in class all year. There was music and a fife and drum corp and a band and choir. All school kids. Of course they were in and out of the library along with parents and friends. When four o'clock comes there is normally a few people left that we have to shoo out. Today, we had to shoo out a lot of them and they kept trying to come in as we were locking the doors. Next Saturday we aren't going to open until noon because we have a seminar on teamwork from 8 to 12. That should make a few people unhappy especially the ones who are waiting at ten am to use the computers.
dr didn't go today. This rainy weather has him under the weather. His allergies are bad now, too. That mulberry tree has pollen but it wasn't open enough for the rain to make it drop. Maybe next week because we are supposed to have rain on Wednesday. My knees have been hurting some, too. It rained most on Thursday, but Friday was messed up by it too. I don't remember what I did on my Friday off and it was only yesterday. I guess I'm a bit tired. I was sitting here trying to play a game and I kept getting zapped because I was falling asleep. I finally quit and went and worked on my quilt project. It's embroidery. I didn't even go to sleep and stick my finger. I'm thinking about going to bed when I finish my tea. dr has gone to bed and Chance is sleeping by my chair. If I go to early I wake up in the middle of the night or wee early hours of the morning and can't go back to sleep.
I mailed grandma's Easter package yesterday and finished the picture disc and sent it to Andy. I hope he can figure it out because it looked like a mess to me. I have my pots of plants inside and I covered my spinach. It's just to yucky outside right now. If it gets sunny I will move them back outside tomorrow.
I'll have to walk around tomorrow and see if anything else has come up. I noticed that since I fed the trees that the apple tree is getting some flowers. It's too bad that I will have to pick them off but the tree isn't big enough to support apples this year. The butterfly bush is getting new bright green leaves. The arborvitae that Pondlady doesn't care much for has flowers. I really never noticed that they even had flowers until she posted a picture of them and sure enough there was flowers on them when I walked by yesterday. The lilac bush has buds showing purple. The rose bushes are greening up nicely and I saw a flower bud on one of them. So, I'd like my sunshine back so we can have spring to enjoy what is now growing. Dooley

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Short rain blog

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 7:03 pm

It was actually raining when we got up this morning. I had to use the wipers when we went to the post office. I'm having trouble with my computer this morning. First, in the middle of a post Firefox decided to update. Blew me back to my desktop, off the internet. Then, the electric went off. There went everything again. No Thunder now so am trying it again. Chance is glum. She is a sunshine dog. Some dogs just can't stand to get wet. Everytime she sees me get the hose out and turn the water on she goes inside until I'm finished. I never spray her but she connects it with getting wet. dr made a fire this morning and Chance was on her blanket first thing. Now, she's by my chair. It got too warm by the fire. I think I will put my plants inside before I go to work, just in case it decides to get cooler than the weather forecast says it will. I'd hate for them to get frost on them. The pansies and dianthus and daffodils will be okay. They are planted in the ground so it would be a little hard to move. I tried to grow a trumpet vine once. The first year it got about 4 ft tall and had small flowers. It died back to the ground in the fall. Last year it got about six inches high and quit growing. Nothing else. It died last fall. This year no sign of it yet. Maybe I will have to get another one. I wanted it to grow on the trellis. Does anyone know how long it takes hosta roots to come up? I planted mine about three weeks ago and I keep looking but haven't seen anything. I water them so the ground isn't dry. Maybe it's a case of watched pot never boils. I hope the rain helps. The new asparagus roots haven't come up yet either but the ones from the "old" bed are coming up now. One is tall and the others are all short. I may have to cut the tall one and use it in stir fry. Glads aren't coming up yet either but I only planted them on Sunday so I guess they really haven't had time to grow. I plant something and immediately start watching for it to come up. I guess it doesn't happen overnight. I think I will go and see what I can make for supper though it isn't quite time yet. I don't have to work until 6 tonight. I was thinking of soup but what kind. dr bought me a soup cookbook and I got it out and looked at it. But, wouldn't you know every recipe calls for something that I don't have. Mostly fresh ingredients that I don't always keep because if you don't use them they don't keep. dr went shopping last night for onions and carrots and a couple of other things. He went to two different stores because at the first store onions were $1.99 a pound for plain yellow onions. They were $1.29 at the second store. I figure it was because they were stored onions and it's coming up on a new season. He only bought a few. I have dried onions from the health food store but somethings really call for the fresh ones. We try to buy USA things first because our economy needs boosted too. If we can't find it, then we will buy other stuff but it's harder in winter. Even though we know the things grow in California and Flordia and some even here in Arizona stores find it cheaper to carry only foreign stuff in winter. Health foods stores usually carry stuff and it is usually higher in price but sometimes it's worth it. Oh, well!
I've been reading a Celtic Folklore Cookbook. It has recipes, but also folklore connected to the recipes and food. Very entertaining. I now know how to attract fairies to my garden except you have to collect the flower petals facing east at sunrise on a dewy morning. Okay! We don't have many dewy mornings here. I have an everything blogging book checked out but I'm having a hard time wading through it. It will be due back before I half finish it. Guess I will look at the bookstore to see if I can buy it. No, I'm not planning on starting a blog site but I've been trying to read more about computering and that book was one I had to shelve so thought I'd bring it home and see what it was about. I have to wait for Dan to have time to help me figure out how to burn those pictures to disc. I got into the program and down to step three and the computer told me it couldn't find the pictures. I typed the address in the space but it probably wants it more specific that I put there. Oh, well! That's getting old I guess. It takes me longer to figure it out. I have a whole book of step by step instructions from things Dan has shown me. If I don't write it down I forget it the next day. I guess this isn't about rain anymore so Good bye. Dooley

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Dare I say short blog?

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2007 6:12 am

I'll try to keep it short. It's past my bedtime. I got up early this morning. I had my tea and some cereal, checked on gardenstew and went outside to work in the yard. It was nice but I put on my jacket anyway. I put ironite on all the trees, roses and shrubs. There was an ironite place up the road in Humboldt but it quit last year and they gave all the employees the ironite that they hadn't shipped yet. A friend of Dan's worked there and he gave me two 40 pound bags. So, I put that on the plants and watered it in good. Then, I watered all the flowers and what is left in the garden that the birds haven't eaten. That took most of the morning. We stopped and went to the post office and the bank. I got another garden catalog but they have me mixed up with someone else because I can't afford their prices. Threw it in the trash can so I wouldn't even be tempted. I ate a bagel when we got home and then went and started putting those plants in pots. I filled 14 pots and one small square bed. I planted petunia's, pansies, alyssum, dianthus and baby snapdragons. I had 12 paks of six flowers each. Dan came to help me burn a disc of the family pictures that I've been scanning into the computer. Somewhere along the line I got a wrong box checked because instead of being in jpeg they are saved as bit maps. Dan says Andy will be able to change them. So now I need to get a mailer and send them off. I didn't reduce them in size so I decided not to e-mail them. Andy said to make a DVD slide show they needed to be big anyway.After we finished that, I finished the flowers. I had to come and shower and change because I had to be at work at 6pm and we had an errand to do first and then we stopped and had a piece of pizza at Costco. We had to buy some dog food for Chance too. Not canned, but dry. It was very busy at work tonight. That was to make up for how slow it was last week. I didn't get everything finished. I still had large print books to do. I did adult fiction and paper back books twice though. They just kept filling the return box. We couldn't get them to leave. I had to tell that last man that he was getting locked in because I was locking the door now. He left. We stopped and bought ice cream to go with our strawberries left from last night. I resized the pictures and loaded them to gardenstew and now, I'm going to send Chance to bed and then I'm headed that way myself. Dooley

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Finished, almost, well not quite!

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:05 am

I was trying to make a new flower bed by the wood shed. The area has been a repository for rolled fencing since we moved here. Some chain link fence was already there and off and on more was stored there until needed. Tall grass grew up through the fence and little animals made nests there, etc. So, of course, when I started to dig out the grass my knee decided it didn't like me digging anymore. So, today, deciding I was going to get it done I got the little rolling cart and set it in the flower bed area and got out my long handled trowel and started digging it. Since it is on a slope, I soon found that I had to block the wheels everytime I moved it or I rolled down hill. Then, there was the problem of it rolling uphill when I wasn't ready to move it yet. I ended up sitting on the ground so I had to block those wheels, too. Chance helped but not helpfully. She was checking out where the critters had been. After I had it about done I decided that I wasn't going to transplant those hollyhocks out of the garden into that bed. I looked at the amount of hollyhocks growing there and looked at the size of the new bed and decided to leave the hollyhocks where they are growing. I, also, decided that since the hollyhocks are growing pretty thick in the garden that I didn't need to rebuild that section of the terrace. So we took the big wood beam sort of pieces of wood and moved them over to the new bed and the two just fit in the space. dr tied the pieces to the fence posts with wire so they won't fall and tomorrow he will put up the fence. Maybe! We never seem to get things done when we think we will. When I packed up my trowels and clippers and diggers into the little wheeled cart and moved them to the shed I walked around looking at things. I noticed the lemon balm was coming up so I got the clippers and cut the old stems and raked old leaves out of the bed so it has a chance to grow. I raked out the little square bed where the columbine should come up. It's not there yet. I checked and the thyme is getting new leaves so I trimmed out the old dead stems. The Russian Sage is starting to get leaves so I trimmed it, too. I couldn't find any new growth on the oregano but I cut it back to about an inch from the ground. The sage is doing well and starting to put on new growth. I didn't trim it. The apple trees are getting tiny little leaves. The butterfly bush is starting to grow. It's more than doubled in size from when I planted it last spring. I watered a few plants with a pitcher. It was getting too late to drag out the hose. So, my number one job tomorrow will be to water things. dr smoked some beef ribs and now they are in the Nesco Roaster. Supper will be a tad late as we were both working on the flower bed and didn't check the time. Then, of course, we stopped to chat over the fence with our neighbors. Frank, not our gnome, was trimming bushes and trees, too.
This morning we went to Golden Corral for breakfast. There is a Basha Store in the same shopping center so I went to look at their plant section. We saw the truck delivering plants yesterday. I bought 12 six paks of flowers. Alyssum, dianthus, petunias and baby snapdragons. That's 72 plants. They are sitting in the exercise room waiting. The pansies that I planted on Thursday are doing okay. They need water, too. I keep forgetting that plants in pots need water more often than plants in the ground. I moved my inside plants into the exercise room too because I think it is just a tad too cool for them to be outside at night. It's been in the 80's this week but it's going downhill on Tuesday with rain predicted Wed. and Thurs. Then, it will go back into the 70's. We've been having some record breaking weather for March. Our apricot trees bloomed and the bees were really buzzing around them so I hope it doesn't freeze and kill the little fruit now. Our neighbor has a huge nectarine tree. It is blooming now and the bees have moved over there. I hope he gets lots of nectarines. Last time he gave me some for jam. He's hoping we'll get lots of apricots because he likes apricot jam. Of course, he expects me to make it.
We stopped at the flea market coming home and I found a set of shelves that just fit the space between the sidewalk and house by the front door. That's where the inside plants will set during the day and then in the summer. They are black and sort of like a baker's rack. I'll see if I can get a picture soon. We went to some yard sales on Friday and bought a few things that dr took to the flea market on Saturday to sell. I worked 8-3:30 yesterday and it was very slow. I started putting the paperback section in alphabetical order according to title. So, far it's just been by author.
I guess, I should to and check on the ribs and finish supper. We also bought the first strawberries of the spring and we're having strawberry shortcake. Dooley

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Some new plants!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 5:27 am

Today, dr wanted to go up the hill early. It was good to get out of the smoke, too. After he did his errand we went to Home Depot just to look around. They had some roses, acutally they had a lot of roses in big bins. We bought three climbing roses, one red, one white with pink edges and one yellow. We are going to put them down in the lower yard where dr is going to put the lattice fence. They probably won't fill the fence this year but in a few years it will. Then, I bought three six paks of pansies. I have a pottery dish and a step bed to put them into. Not much else is out yet. Everyone knows it's going to get cold again. I did buy a plant for a hanging basket. It's called Lysimachia Nummularia, Goldilocks or Creeping Jenny. It has round leaves that are a shiny golden green. That's what it says. Golden green. I thought it was pretty and I've never had any. I'll find a hanging basket for it. I have that nice pole that I bought last week at a yard sale. I'll hang it in the backyard by the bridge. It says full to partial sun.
What did I do today? Not much. Wrote a letter to grandma so I could mail her Saint Patrick's Day card. Sent a cheery card to Heather. Took the pictures and resized them and loaded them to photobucket. Cooked lunch and went to work. It was so slow at work that I had all the books shelved by 7:30 and then I shelved video's which I don't normally do and then, I went and rearranged shelves and put books back in order. dr did some shopping while I was working. I think on Friday, which is my day off as you know, that instead of going to yard sales we will go sight-seeing. We want to go to Camp Verde to Montezuma's Castle, which is an Indian Ruin. We want to buy a Golden Eagle Passport so when Andy comes we can go to the Grand Canyon and the entrance fee will be cheaper. I looked on the internet and the closest place to get one is at Montezuma's Castle. It's probably 50 miles one way, but we can also go to Cottonwood which we like to do sometimes. They have a good organic store there. Camp Verde also has a variety store that I like and maybe a place for lunch. So, that's about all for tonight. Dooley

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Short blog tonight

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 5:47 am

I think I will just write a short blog tonight. I am about ready for bed. I went to bed late last night and slept late this morning. I read a little this morning. About ll:30 I decided I'd better go and get those glads planted. I had 40 corms. So, with my trusty trowel, I dug 40 holes. I put one corm in each hole and had two left over. I couldn't believe they miscounted when they packaged them so I counted my holes again. Sure enough, it was me who miscounted the holes. I dug two more holes. No great job, they only had to be six inches deep and a couple inches across. I covered all the corms and they are planted. Then, I took the allysum and marigolds and zinnia's that I bought in boxes mixed with vermiculite? last week and mixed those and spread them over the whole area. They will fill the spaces that the glads don't fill, I hope. Glads don't last too long. I didn't plant them every week like you do if you don't want them to bloom all at the same time. Then, I hooked up the hose and watered everything. I hooked up the hose in the back and watered the apple trees too. Pippens are a late apple but there are little thingies on the ends of the branches so I thought maybe they needed some water. I ran out of tree food this week so I need to buy some for fruit trees I guess. That's about the extent of my gardening today. I was going to water my peas. Yesterday they were about an inch high. But, today they aren't there at all. I suspect the neighbors birds ate them. He feeds all kinds of birds, mainly sparrows but he has a list of birds that have come to his feeders and its pages long. He said there were yellow waxwings this week. There is the biggest cardinal and of course those scrub jays and mocking birds and thrashers. But, I bet it was the sparrows that ate my peas. I did a search for earwigs and only found a few very small ones under one rock. I found a slug and a snail. I took care of them. The swiss chard still hasn't come up. I'll have too look for row covers for them or the birds will eat those too. I bought some little plastic cups at a yard sale last week. I'm going to use them for earwig food. I have some all mixed up already. I wonder if snails and slugs would like it too. I've about decided to leave the hollyhocks grow in the garden. I'm having trouble digging. It hurts my knees. If the birds are just going to eat the stuff anyway I might as well let the hollyhocks grow there and plant other things in my new flower bed. It's still too early to set out anything but cool weather plants. I have 15 daffodils blooming now. I keep check but haven't seen any hosta's yet. I planted two bleeding heart plants in pots. I got the plants at the Dollar store for two dollars each. I see one has sprouts coming out of the ground. I moved the pots to the front yard because the book says all parts are poisonous to animals. Chance does eat some things. Grass and grapevines and walnuts. Dumb dog!
I trimmed the dead leaves, etc. out of the geraniums this morning, too. They are looking good. All but one anyway. It's still green but has no leaves to speak of. I think the sun and water will help it grow some. I'll add a little plant food tomorrow. I still have some miraclegro. I did some maintainence work on the computer, updates and defrags. I still need to do the antivirus tomorrow. Always something. I need to scan the pictures for the disc I'm sending Andy so he can add them to the DVD slide show he is making for the reunion. dr ask me how I was going to label them. Label them? I have to label them! He says I may know what or who is in each picture because we took them but the rest of the family won't know. I think I'll stick a number in the corner of each picture and make a list for each number and then I won't have to write on the picture before I scan it. He can do it on the computer when he makes the dvd. I think he can anyway. I have way to many things to do. I thought I was retired. Now, I have a part time job evenings and Saturdays and a long list of things to fill my spare time. Spare? I think I need to drink my cherry juice and go to bed. Maybe! Dooley

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Didn't get finished today!

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 5:26 am

I didn't get finished today. I wanted to get the glads planted today. Didn't get it done. I started to spread the manure/compost blend but thought I would water it after. So, I went and hooked up the hose and turned it on and went back to the side yard. Then, I decided while I had the hose I would water the daffodils and the hosta and ended up watering everything in the front and then watered the roses and the trees and then I went into the backyard and uncovered the spinach and gave it some water and watered what I have planted in the garden and watered the butterfly bush. I had to come in and have a snack and some tea by then. Dan came and we went over the scanner stuff and he showed me shortcuts and how things work. I did some other computer stuff. We went to the post office. Then, I finally had to rake the side yard before I could put the manure blend down. I cut off the dead parts of the mums. They are coming up from the ground again now. I raked up two piles of old leaves from the apricot trees. Still need to bag them or something. I did finally get the manure blend spread out and found the rake and raked it and spread it around. Only found two centipedes. Dark gray ones about two or three inches long. They are no more. Did in an earwig too. I lifted two flower pots that were sitting there all winter and they were under them. They were cold or I'd have had a harder time stomping on them. I'm glad I moved the pot though because a tulip was coming up under one of them. It is all yellow. I hope being in the light will help it bloom. I don't know how it was growing under that pot. There was no place for it to go. I had to quit and go shower and get ready for work. We had a couple of errands to run before work. We stopped at In and Out and had a cheeseburger and fries and since it's right next to WalMart we went to see what plants they have. No flowers yet. But they had a rack with herbs and BIG tomato plants. They were $4.82 each. Where do they get the odd prices? Most places would charge $4.99.
We filled our water bottles and then it was time for work. It wasn't busy tonight but we practically had to toss one guy out when it was closing time. He just wouldn't leave. He kept saying he had two more minutes. But, we don't get paid past nine and we still had computers to shut down. We can't do that until the doors are locked. One lady said she wanted to ask him where he worked so she could go hang around while he was trying to go home. Marge finally shut the lights off so he couldn't see to read the book and had to check it out. This is spring break so we didn't have all the kids doing homework. dr said they were hanging around outside with their skateboards. They were riding them down the handicapp ramp from third floor to ground level. Making a pest of themselves. dr stood and stared at them until they left but they just went around the other side of the building. The city doesn't think we need security at night. The building is closed except the library and usually it's just four or five women there. We all leave together at night. dr stays while I work and reads or writes. About ten minutes before closing he goes down and checks out the parking area and waits for us to come out. Only one time was there someone there that he didn't think should be there. He just stared at the guy until he got nervous and left. dr is good at staring people down. He has a sense of humor, too. One night a guy pulled up in his car and said, "May I ask why you are hanging around here?" dr told him,"yes." The guy sat there and waited and finally said, "You aren't going to answer me are you?" dr told him, "You didn't ask yet. You only ask if you could." The guy said something derogatory and sped away squealing his brakes.
There was a man in on Saturday that had the same sort of sense of humor. He came in and wanted to know if he was still on file because he hadn't used his card for awhile. The girl on the desk said she could look it up. She asked, "Do you have a driver's license?"
The guy said, "yes" and just stood there. Finally, the girl asked, "May I see it?" He said, "Yes" and took it out and gave it to her. dr would have done that same thing. My boys, too. They used to drive me batty doing things like that.
We added an answering machine to our phone to screen calls because they were calling from work wanting me to come in early or work extra time and I really didn't want too do it. Anyway the boys have been calling and when the answering machine comes on they hang up. I called them and said if they would just say their name before they hang up I would call them back. I told one of them when I call their house and get their machine I always say, "This is your mom."
He said, "Well, he wasn't much into saying This is your mom when he got an answering machine. Smarty pants! I need to go and put Chance to bed and make my cherry juice. Dooley

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I didn't get much done today!

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 4:41 am

I had a list of things to do today but I don't seem to have gotten much of it done. Since DR bought me a scanner yesterday, I spent most of the morning trying to figure out how to install it and how to make it work. I'm not very computer literate and Dan wasn't around today. I think I figured it out and I scanned and e-mailed two pictures to andy and one to wannabe. I hope they got them. After I finally got it all figured out I quit and went outside. I finally got that big leaf pile moved from the front yard. I put them all in a huge black plastic bag and stuck it in a corner in the side yard for now. Then, I raked the front patio area. I'd like to work on the waterfall but I know that though it's in the 80's now it doesn't mean we are out of the cold weather. I have several daffidils blooming and the tulips in front are doing well. The ones in the side yard are being eaten by something. After I came inside we went to the Dollar Store to return something and I bought a St. Patrick's Day card to send to grandma. I've been buying things to send her in a package for Easter and I found a little wind chime with pink butterflies on it. She can hang it in her room for some color. We came home and I made some popcorn and read one of the Sunday papers. The other one will wait until tomorrow. Most of the news is the same anyway. I cleaned out the little bedroom. There is still a box or two that I'm not sure what to do with. The shed is getting a bit full. Now, I have the dining room and the living room to clean up. Then, I have my quilt project to finish. But, not tonight. I talked to Andy, my youngest. He lives in Wisconsin. Then, I talked to Tom. He's my oldest. He lives in California. I talked to my granddaughter too. Tom had some good news. Kirsten and he are having a baby in August. He says things are going fine. August 15th is the due date according to the ultrasound. I wonder how it figures that out. We always counted backward when I was having babies. That was weird too. So, I'll have four grandchildren then. They told the doctor that they didn't want to know what sex it was going to be. They want to do it the old fashioned way and be surprised. I talked to my sister in Phoenix for a bit. Her husband isn't doing well and was sleeping. She's trying to get the yard cleaned. They are digging out the grass and putting in rock and then they have to have termite treatment along the house. The porch had to be replaced because it had termites. Isn't it always something? After I talked to her I made supper. Now, I'm probably going to go to bed. It's going to be nicer tomorrow and though I have to work 6-9 I think maybe I can get a bit done outside tomorrow. My peas are up and the spinach is really growing. It has it's second set of leaves now. I'm still keeping it covered up. I put some plants outside today and I didn't put them in tonight but I don't think it will get frosty. It's only supposed to go into the 40's. Guess that's enough of my day. Dooley

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