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Nothing much new here!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:02 pm

Nothing much is new here. I just keep doing the same old things. It's been hot and humid so we try to stay somewhere where there is air conditioning. We bought a small window unit for the sewing room and both Chance and I enjoy it. Sewing is relaxing so I try to do some of it each day. Some days it doesn't fit into the schedule though. We haven't been doing much outside because the neighbor boy keeps the yard done. There isn't much left to the garden due to the heat. We still go on Friday and Saturday mornings to the farmer's market. The weekly paper did a picture display of the farmer's market the last week in June so that helped us a lot.
I've had ladies come specifically to buy aprons. I tried a new style of tote bag that is wider than tall and it is doing well with ladies wanting something they can take to church that doesn't look like a tote bag. It looks more like a large cloth purse. With the garden aprons, kitchen aprons, children's aprons and the original farm aprons I keep busy sewing. I do have a good display every Friday and I do try to have several new items.
This week I was busier than normal. We had a problem with wasps being in the house and we couldn't find where they were coming into the house. Tuesday we discovered they were all over the kitchen cabinets. We sprayed which I'm not fond of. I usually just grab the fly swatter and knock them down and throw them out the door.
We found they had a nest in the vent for the range hood over the stove so we sprayed that. As soon as we don't see any more dr will clean it out and screen it better so they can't get back in it. But, since I sprayed in the kitchen I had to scrub everything, stove, counters, appliances, sink and all the dishes I had stacked in the drain. It was hot and I had a fan going before this started and I forgot to turn on the air conditioner. We decided to take the afternoon and go for a ride. We turned the a/c on in the living room for Chance and went down to College Station and spent the afternoon. Wednesday, I worked morning and afternoon in the library as one of the ladies had hurt her leg and needed to do more sitting. I volunteer on Monday and Thursday mornings anyway. I had a project I was working on and I finished it up between yesterday and this morning. Now after a few errands I will go home and spend some time in the sewing room. I have had a pm from Delly and she will come to the farmer's market tomorrow if things work out like planned. We can do lunch after we're done. I hope it works like that anyway. So, I'd better go and get started on errands and have some lunch. Have a good day everyone. dooley

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