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Digging the stumps!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu May 20, 2010 5:40 pm

There are a lot of small stumps in the yard from where they just pushed all the brush and trees up into a big pile. I've been digging them out and cutting them off as I rake and pull the weeds. We had a big thunderstorm on Friday night and again on Monday night with a lot of rain. So, Tuesday we gathered shovel, trowel, saw and loppers and went out to tackle that rather large stump in the middle of the driveway. I've been driving around it but figured with the ground being wet from the rain it would dig easier. Last time we attempted it it was too dry and the shouvel wouldn't dig down enough.
Between dr and I we got it dug out enough to get a saw down under it and saw off the tap root. The tap root was more than two inches down about 18 inches. It left a big hole which we filled in with dirt. That's where the next load of rocks will get dumped. Our landlord is tilling his rather large garden and picking up the rocks and putting them in our driveway. Anyway I won't have to drive around it anymore. We both needed a shower after. I think most of the dirt ended up on us. Mostly I just dig down a little and cut them off but this one wouldn't work that way. We are going to build a new yard for Chance this afternoon. The backyard one is fine in the morning and evening but it's in full sun and much too hot for afternoons. We will put a yard in the front under the trees where it's cooler. It may be an encouragement for us to sit under the trees more, too. There never seems to be a lack of things to do. Tomorrow and Saturday is farm market day and Sunday is a day of rest! (Ha!) The lawnmower is fixed so we can do some mowing up at Bob's place now and some at our place and we have to get that big brush pile burned before it gets too dry and there are burn bans. dooley

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Getting Some Help!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri May 14, 2010 4:11 pm

I think we will be getting some help with the yard and brush clearing. The boy next door got a truck for his birthday and is finding out about gas and insurance prices. We asked if he'd like to mow some weeds and help burn that big brush pile. We won't burn it all at once because it's big. He says, "Oh, weinie roast size." That's about right I guess. It's been awhile since I had a weiner roast. Usually it's just slap them on a grill. We don't eat them any more since they contain a lot of sodium and fat. He's going to work our work in and around school and another part time job. But, that's okay. We have no time schedule to keep. We had to put a fence between the rose bushes and Chance. She kept running over them when she was patroling the fence line. It's been hot and muggy so not much else is getting done at this time. Rain in the forecast for the next week or so. It doesn't come every day because it's those isolated or scattered storms that seem to scatter elsewhere.

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Getting things done

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon May 10, 2010 4:03 pm

We've been getting things done gradually. We doubled the size of Chance's yard and yesterday I planted the climbing roses along her fence since our other fence hasn't getten put up yet. All things will come in time. What we are doing our Landlord is doing in triple since they moved themselves, their daughter and her father. They are also planting a garden about an acre in size. We are getting our driveway paved in rocks they are picking up out of their newly tilled garden.
After getting the roses planted I dug out several big roots that we kept tripping over. I went and cut the brush that was growing back in the front yard. We moved the pots of flowers around. Then, I decided I had done enough outside.
We had strawberries in the refrigerator that we bought on sale last week so I made them into strawberry jam. I now have 17 jars (half pint) of strawberry jam. They set up beautifully and I will put them in the storage cabinet. Strawberry is dr's favorite jam but he doesn't care for the store bought kind. I may make some peach jam when the peaches get here in summer.
Today, I am going to sort the picture boxes and send the boys the pictures of their childhood. I can sort them now and get them sent to them and they won't look at the boxes and throw them out later. I think I am going to discard pictures of people I knew as a kid because I have no idea where any of them are now as I haven't seen them since I was a kid due to our moving so often. It's going to be windy today so I need an indoor project. I have sewing to do too.
The puppies are starting to come out when I go down there. There are six of them. One white, one black and white, one black with white feet, one lt. tan and two brown with black ones. When they are old enough to be neutered (8 wks) we will take them to a shelter to be adopted. We cannot handle 8 extra dogs.

There are too many dogs in the neighborhood anyway and most of them just run around getting into things.
Have a good day, everyone! dooley

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Beautiful day for Outside work

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Wed May 05, 2010 3:32 pm

Today is a beautiful day. We are going to extend Chaance's yard so she has room to run. Right now her yard is small and it's filled with tubs of vegetables and herbs. The clothesline is in that yard too. I got up early and raked all the sticks out of the area. I have all the near backyard finished now. I still have some roots to dig up but that will get done later today or tomorrow. The front yard has regrown some of the weeds and brush so I need to work on that too but later in the week I think. dr made me stop trying to do everything in one day. He said I was getting too tired. I do need to get those roots cut though because we keep tripping over them. Guess we should look down more when we are out there. We are thinking of asking the teenager next door for a little help. Only thing those kids are so busy with school, chores and daily life. He just got his driver's license though and may like to earn a little money for gas, etc.
I think he already has a part time job. We'll see if he has the time.
The house is looking good inside so I'm back to trying to get a little sewing done. We are starting to go to the farm market on Friday and Saturday mornings now. I'm making an apron for the little girl next door. Yesterday I had her come and pick out the material she would like for it. She was awed! She thought I just sold aprons. She never met anyone who sewed things. I have purple thread in the machine right now so when I finish that tote bag I will change to orange thread and do her apron. I may do one for her mom, too. Those things go pretty fast.
Now, it's time to get back to work. Have a good day.

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