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A cool, windy day!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 2:08 am

It wasn't very warm today. I wore a sweatshirt and a padded shirt outside. I had some things to do outside today and dr was working on the new flower bed that I started before I hurt my knee. It goes down a slope along side of the wood shed. The metal needs painted on the shed but right now it just looks rustic. You could say rusty but I think rustic sounds better. dr divided it into three sections and terraced it so the water won't all run down hill. Tomorrow he is going to plant the African Daisies in it. I'm not allowed down on my knees yet. He put steer manure in the bottom and five LARGE bags of potting soil in it. We have composted mulch to put on it when the daisies are planted. I'm going to plant some annuals around the daisies this summer to fill in until the daisies take over. I really love daisies and never seem to have any. We bought those half gallon pots of them for three dollars each. dr said at Home Depot they were six dollars. I don't know about this new place. It's just on a corner and there is no building. The pots of plants are just sitting on the ground in rows. They cover them at night with some kind of cover. The workers have a tent set up with cash register and a bench. I would not like to work there in the windy weather or rain. They have built a fence and a parking lot so maybe they will add a building later.
Anyway, I got out my MiracleGro and fed all the plants that are in pots and the new rose bushes and the old rose bushes and even put a little on those roots that I planted on Friday. Nothing appears to be coming up yet but it's been cool so I guess it's really stretching it to expect anything. I watered everything with the hose after I fed them. I found a four o'clock coming up in a pot. I think I will leave it grow a bit before I think about moving it. I have 29 glads now. I dug around a little and didn't find anymore. I wonder if that squirrel dug up some of them. I planted 40. Some are getting big and some are just through the ground so the bloom period should last a while. I cut up all the pieces of rose bush and other bits that I had stacked up near the fence. Trash day is tomorrow and the fire department wants everyone to clean up things. I still have some tree trimmings to do at a later time. I cleaned up a pile of grass and dead iris leaves that I have had in a pile for a couple of months. I put those in black bags and stacked them for future use. Chance and I sat in the back yard for a bit so she had someone to show off for. She made a show of barking at everything and chasing off the birds. It made it a bit hard to get a picture of the orioles. I think that is why the black and yellow oriole wouldn't come down. The little hummingbirds had no problem. I was wearing my red hat with flowers and they were buzzing about my head. The other day one of the feeders was empty. A rather large hummingbird was sitting on the grapevine near it when I went to get it. I took the feeder inside, washed it and refilled it. When I took it back out he was still sitting there. I hung it back up and he flew down and started eating before I could fininsh attaching it. There are four other feeders but that must be his personal favorite.
I made macaroni and cheese baked in the oven for supper and asparagus stirfried with the rest of Glenda's mushrooms and two pork loinchops. Ice cream for desert. Maybe, because I had ice cream for lunch. I don't know if it's legal to eat ice cream twice in one day even if it has no sugar added. I have to go and clean stuff off of the table so I can pin those quilts together and get them finished. Enough of this anyway. Dooley

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Friday thru Thursday, long week

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 4:23 am

Last Friday, we went down to Phoenix for the first of a two day family reunion. We toured the science museum, one floor out of four anyway. It was hands on displays and the kids loved it, but grownups went deaf, those who weren't already that way when they arrived anyway. Then we went to The Kiddie Casino, Chuck E. Cheese's for pizza and kid fun.
On Saturday Andy and I tried to teach Ben how to play Scrabble. He quickly decided that he and I playing against his dad was a bad idea and he wanted to be on his dad's side next time. I very, very seldom win a game against any of my boys anymore. Ben wanted his dad to go easy on us but we still lost 410-267. We went to my sister's in the afternoon for a picnic. We stayed at her house instead of going to a park. Everyone had a great time. Ben and Jacob went home with a mild sunburn to show that they spent their springbreak somewhere other than Wisconsin.
On Sunday, I rested most of the day and finished a book by Danielle Steel called, "Sisters." I probably watered the plants that hadn't had any water thru the weekend, too. I went to work on Monday night. It was a busy day and there were many books to put away. I didn't get finished. I can't do the books on the bottom shelves anymore. I discussed this with the circulation person and I'll just leave them on a cart for the volunteer. Tuesday, it wasn't so busy and with the help of the circulation person finished everything and my knee didn't bother me too much. Wednesday was busy but I managed to do most of it with the help of a volunteer. She was younger and her knees aren't bad yet. Thursday, there was a lot to do and I didn't get finished. Today, we went up the hill for breakfast and looked for some yard sales. We didn't find much and I'm not surprised. It was cloudy and windy. Thunderstorms are predicted for tonight and tomorrow morning. But, we did find one or two and dr bought some things. Then, we stopped at one coming home and bought a couple of things. I bought a round tray marked WmRodgers. dr says it's silverplate. But, that's okay because I only paid a dime. We went to Spring Valley which is a town smaller than Mayer down the highway about five miles. They had advertised a town wide yard sale for Saturday but there was a moving sale listed in the paper so we were going to go to it. We never did find the moving sale, but some people jumped the gun on the Saturday only sales and there were perhaps a dozen or so. We did pretty well on those. I'll try to get a picture of my finds on Sunday. I was tired when we got home so didn't go back outside. I got two brass planters, one big and one small and a hanging basket holder, macrame type. I bought a corner shelf that matches the outside color of the house and there was even a corner for it. Except there is a hollyhock growing in front of it so whatever I put there won't show much or get much sun. Maybe only ornamental things will go on it for now. In between work and other things, I managed to get those roots planted in a big pot and trimmed a rose bush that was in a pot and only part of it made it through the winter. I added more potting mix to it and gave it a drink of vitamin B water. I watered the new rose bushes and the new butterfly bushes with Vitamin B water too. I bought 10 African Daisy plants on Thursday when we were on the way to work. They are purple and white and we decided we are going to put them in the new flower bed. dr says he will get that finished on Sunday. We have to put fences around our flower beds because Chance thinks we are digging in the dirt to help her out and digs in it too. She can't go in the lower yard now until dr has time to fix the fence because she broke one end chasing a cat. Darn Cat! Didn't belong in there either. I had two hostas come up out of 10 that I planted. Maybe others will still come up but I found a stray cat laying on top of one of them. I had to put big rocks around it to keep the cat off. It was in the yard when we came home this morning. I don't know who it belongs to. I counted 29 glads up now so yesterday, I raked the area and loosened the soil and watered them good. Maybe some more will come up. I planted 40. I have seven asparagus plants up now out of 10 so maybe the others will come. I need to water those again. Probably on Sunday. I finished my quilt blocks and started working on the backing. I was measuring the material and deciding how to do the backing only it was longer and hung over and Chance laid on the end of it. I told her she wasn't helping things. I'll have to get it done while she is outside. I have the batting so I should be finished with that project by the end of the month. But, I sort of told my daughter-in-law that I would make the boys quilts for Christmas. That may mean that I should make one for my granddaughter, too. I thought I would try to make a Greenbay Packer quilt for Ben and Wendy said Jacob likes dinosaurs. Yikes! So, we shall see what develops there. Tomorrow is my first Saturday to work in four weeks so I hope I make it through the day. My knee hurt last night after only three hours but I think I didn't sit at the checkout enough. There is a volunteer to help tomorrow so it should be better. I hope so anyway. I went on the internet and found a series of exercises to strengthen my knees. I will start those on Sunday and see if they help it. I do have an exercise bike and it said that should help, too. Just a slow start and not to hurry it. Guess I've rambled enough and I should get things ready for morning before I head off to bed. dr bought a Yamaha keyboard today so he's trying it and Chance is singing along with it. dr now has two keyboards. I hope it isn't the start of a collection. I found a small turtle today for a dime. I now have at least 10 turtles. I suppose that's how it starts. Another bear moved in today, too. Dooley

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Another short blog

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 6:14 am

I was going to go to bed but decided to do a short blog first. I went back to work tonight on my regular schedule. Only three hours. The first 45 minutes was sitting on the checkout or reference desk. It was busy. They were checking in stuff all evening. I didn't get everything put away and I found the shelves were a mess. They didn't get fixed either. That will take some time. They had good people working for me, but not all of them care if the books are in the right order or the shelves are messy. I can't do the bottom ones either. I did shelve a couple but I couldn't see if they are in exactly the right place. Large print and non-fiction will be there tomorrow night. Monday's are always busy. We went up a bit early because I had to go to the pharmacy and get some prescriptions and stop at costco and pick up the pictures I ordered online last night. They are pretty cheap that way. Wannabe and Maxine are coming up tomorrow and I wanted one to give them to take home with them. The family picture didn't come out too well. They cut off part of Jacob and he wasn't much in it. I have to find out who else has one. I think Dan has one on his camera. I told him to e-mail me some of his. Wannabe has some but she won't have hers until she gets home and puts them on her computer.
I only watered some flowers today because even though they forecast rain it isn't usually enough and it wasn't. The ground isn't even wet if it rained here while we were gone. I think it was more north and east of us. We picked up some stones at WalMart to fix the new flower bed. The kind that you put along the edge of flowerbeds. We have to terrace it because it goes down a slope.
When we was in Costco, we bought some Monteray Mushrooms. We know they are going to be good because they are from Glenda's workplace and she inspects each package that goes out the gate. (LOL). We like the baby bela's. I bought these big ripe strawberries and some salad stuff for lunch tomorrow. I think I will make a blueberry coffeecake in the morning. I'd better quit and go to bed or I will oversleep in the morning and still be snoozing when they get here. Dooley

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Another day at the reunion

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2007 9:43 pm

I got us up to Saturday when I blogged last night. Dan and Laural came down on Saturday morning. Andy and I were attempting to teach Ben the fine points of playing scrabble. Ben and I were playing against Andy. Now, I must tell you that I very seldom get close to winning when I play against Andy. But Ben thought we could do it. We didn't. Ben decided that next time he would be on his dad's side. We went to my sister Maxine's about noon. We had decided to meet there and go to a park. It was a beautiful day full of blue sky and sunshine with a temp in 80's. We looked at everyone and all the chairs, tables and food to be transported and decided to stay where we were. We helped set everything up on the patio for eating. We all chipped in and bought chicken already cooked instead of making a lot of work trying to grill. Since no one from California showed up there were only about 30 of us and it made a nice sized group. Ben and Jacob were the only little boys and the girls weren't sure if they should include them. For a while it was boys in the front yard and girls in the back yard. But, Jacob isn't one to be excluded from where he wants to be and soon he and Ryleigh were playing in the back yard. Soon, the other girls sent Jacob to get Ben to come play. There were some children in the yard next door and soon a sort of volleyball game developed over the five foot high fence. They could only see each other by peeking through a knot hole in the fence. They invented lots of other games that included balls and running and Jacob was getting quite red in the face until someone thought to think they might need sunscreen. Sure enough, not all of Jacob's red face was from running. Ben didn't get red like Jacob but he was a bit pink. There were games like scrabble and yachtzee for grownups but all were too busy talking and taking pictures to play games. Food entered into the equation as eating went on from the time we arrived until the time we left. Dan and Laurel had some other plans for the evening, Andy and Wendy had to go back to the hotel and pack and spend a little time with her aunt. They were leaving at 9 am this morning. Back to the cold weather. They left Wisconsin on Tuesday. I'm glad they didn't wait until Wednesday because their airport was closed by seven inches of snow and wind.It was supposed to rain their yesterday and warm up into the 50's so they were hoping it would be gone by the time they got home.
We left about 5:30 and got up the hill before dark. Chance was very happy to see us. Our neighbor fed her and talked to her and gave her treats but Chance says he doesn't play squeaky. The first thing she did was bring her squeaky to dr.
Today, it is windy, cold and cloudy. Tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be thunderstorms. Then, back into seventies for the rest of the week. I wanted to go out and water but it's so windy that I haven't wanted to go out. The wind is blowing pollen all around and my eyes are itchy and watery. dr's allergies are bad today, too. So, we are staying inside and resting up from our trek to the valley. I do miss the nice weather from yesterday. Wannabe and Maxine are going to try to come up on Tuesday. Wannabe said they would come early and go home when I had to get ready for work. I hope it is better weather than today. Wannabe doesn't go home until the 24th so maybe I will get back down to see her one day, too. Dooley

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Where do I start?

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2007 4:25 am

I guess I can start with Wednesday. Anticipating the kids arrival we were up early and getting last minute things done. When they arrived we hugged and all talked at once except the boys. They were a bit shy because they hadn't seen us for two years and Ben was just seven and Jacob was just three. Now, Ben will be nine in August and Jacob will be five in July. Ben is more outgoing than Jacob but he remembered us some and Jacob didn't. We walked around the yard and stopped at the fence to see Chance. We couldn't let the boys into the yard because Chance jumps on people. Just enthusiastic greeting but too much for little boys. Jacob very much likes dogs and enjoyed putting his hand by the gate so Chance could lick it. Ben is afraid of dogs and didn't want to go close. Jacob would like a dog but Ben doesn't want one so they've been putting off getting one for Jacob. Ben told Jacob he could have a dog if it's just a little one. I think he meant one that would stay little, not a puppy who will grow big. We decided to go to the Sharlott Hall Museum in Prescott. Prescott was the Territorial Capital of Arizona. When Arizona became a state, the capital moved down to the valley. Sharlott Hall Museum was started, of course, by Sharlott Hall who was afraid all the early history would be lost in the new statehood. There's the first governer's mansion and several other houses, a school and the gift shop. Jacob was interested in seeing everything but Ben didn't want to see anything. Andy said he had an attitude because they discovered the hotel had a swimming pool and they wanted to go swimming instead of going to grandma's house. We went to lunch and then drove over to Camp Verde to Montezuma's castle. That's a set of cliff dwellings. They are high up in the rocks. Of course, our camera was at home but Andy had his. I hope he's sending us some of his pictures. We picked up a Golden Passport. It only costs ten dollars and is good for any Federal Park or Monument or Sightseeing place. It gets in 4 adults and children are free with it. It is good for lifetime. It's for seniors and disabled people.
We came home then because it was getting on toward evening and they had promised the boys they would take the swimming before they went to bed.
Thursday, they spent with Wendy's Aunt Mary. They went to the Phoenix zoo and to an amusement place that Mary thought they should visit. They finally got to go swimming in the pool at Mary's Community Pool which is heated. The pool at the hotel was not heated and the boys found it too cold.
On Friday morning we got up and drove down to Phoenix. We had to stop at Maxine's to drop off eggs and cookies. Maxine is my next youngest sister. Wannabe(Rosie) is my next oldest sister. They were getting ready to go to get their hair done. Maxine's daughter is a hairdresser with her own business. We got on the freeway and made our way across the city to the hotel. It is called Wingate Inn. Everyone was up and dressed and the boys were busy playing with things Mary bought them on Thursday and things they got at the amusement place. We found that our camera which we had remembered to take needed new batteries. So Andy and Brian went to the shopping center across the way and bought batteries. We all loaded into their rental van and went to the Science Museum. It's hands-on and kids love it. Adults, too. They reserve one Friday a month just for adults. It was instant noise from the minute we walked inside until we left several hours later. It is a place where school children visit in large groups. They rum pell mell from one exhibit to another trying everything. They do it at the top of their voice. Ben and Jacob joined right in with them. Wendy accompanied Jacob and Andy went with Ben. They tried everything, everything that is, that was on the first floor. There are four floors. But, we had to go to the I-Max and see the movie about the human body which was educational. It was a bit strange to say the least but it was mostly loud and in your face. The boys were not thrilled with it. After we wanted to have lunch but didn't know the area so we got on the freeway and went back to the hotel. We had lunch at a place called, "Islanders" Lots of loud surfing music and noise. Then, we went back to the hotel and we checked ourselves in and put our suitcase, etc in the room. By the way, that's where our camera resided all day. We tried to remember what the address was for ChuckE Cheese's was and finally decided it was on the West side and we were on the East side so it was a forty minute drive and of course since we were supposed to be there at four o'clock it was 4:05 when we got started. We found the place but it was not next door to a new Super WalMart which is what we were told to look out for. It was next to a Super KMart which is just called KMart. Everyone had to get a stamp going in the door. It was an invisible stamp. Going out the door, the girl runs an ultra violet light over the stamp. The children's stamp has to match the parent's stamp or the children can't leave with them.
That place was another wild place with children running pell mell here and there with tokens for all the game machines and there were play rides and what looked like extra large heat ducts that were painted bright colors running all over up near the ceiling. These were accessible at different areas and would around and up and down. There were down slides and port holes and cargo nets and all sorts of traps for the wary kids. But they loved it. It's the first thing Ben and Jacob wanted to do. The kids put tokens in the game machines and play the game and the machine spits out tickets according to the points they won in the game. At the end of the evening they trade the tickets in for prizes or toys. dr called it training ground for casino's. Wendy's mom calls it the "Kiddie Casino's" What ever it's called it's done with extremely loud noise on the part of the children and the machines. The pizza is mediocre and mostly cold. As we had just had lunch we refrained from eating and just had sodas. Our camera of course was still residing in the hotel room. At o'dark thirty we went back to the motel. Oh, all the niece's and nephews and an odd assortment of kids were there and a lot of other people, too. Back at the hotel Andy and I played Scrabble. Ben was fascinated. He thought he could do that and wanted to be included in the next round. I got beat 365 to 257. Off to bed we went. My knee was hurting pretty bad because I had been on it all day and half the night. Took extra pain medication. So, that brings us to today. More on that tomorrow. It's been a very tiring day. Dooley

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I went back to work

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2007 5:12 am

I went back to work tonight. I had help from the lady who has been working in my place. I felt like I had five moms. They just wouldn't let me get the job done. I had to set at the reference desk for half an hour so the reference lady could have supper. Then, I put fiction books in order and they would only let me put books on the shelving cart top two shelves. None on the bottom shelf so I wouldn't have to bend to get them. I couldn't shelves books on the bottom shelf, I had to take them back for the other lady to do. Every time I came back I had to take a break. My knee is a bit swollen but not any more than it usually is at the end of the day. I bet out of the three hours I didn't work half of it. I have two days off now and will work two days and have three off and then be back on my normal shift, Mon-Thurs and Sat. I only work 20 hours a week. I felt like I was just visiting and they let me shelve for practice. But, it was nice that they were concerned that I would do too much. I was good all day and rested so I would be able to work tonight, too. Oh, well! Next week, I'll be on my own and maybe they won't be so momish. Dooley

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A restful day

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2007 5:07 am

We had a restful day. We did a lot yesterday so today we were going to stay home and rest. I watered the flowers that are in pots. They dry out quickly. Then, I watered the flower bed where the glads are. There are two up now so hopefully the other 38 are going to make an appearance soon. I now have three hostas out of ten up. Only two asparagus plants though. dr wanted to go mail a letter so he asked me if the post office was open today. No, it wasn't. Our post office puts out mail but it doesn't open windows on Saturday. I think they don't do much mail either. So, since his letter needed to go out today we went up to Prescott Valley to their post office. I thought I knew where it was and the sign said Prescott Valley, Az post office. But he couldn't mail his letter because it was a commercial post office, what ever that is. Never heard there was a difference. But they told him where the retail post office was located. I know the corner but never knew there was a post office on that corner. When he came out of the commercial post office there was an outside mail box so he put his letter in it. It said mail went out at 4 pm today. Then, since we were so close we went to the flea market to just walk around. It was so crowded and there were so many cars that it was hard to see anything. I only wanted to buy one thing and the man must not have wanted to sell it very badly because the price was way too high for a flea market. I came home without it. We started to go to a yard sale but with traffic being so bad we just came home. Didn't need anything anyway. I read for awhile and dr was cleaning in the bedroom. I started putting bears in a big box to be stored until company goes home. dr came and moved the box. I put the two little white lawn chairs outside. I'm trying to decide if I want to leave them out. I've sat a plant on each chair and put the chairs by a table. I've moved this and that and now there is seating available in the living room. Still need to dust a bit and run the vaccum. Dining room needs vaccumed and the table needs cleaned off AGAIN. I think the table has a big magnet under it. It pulls everything in the house to it. How else can it be cluttered ten minutes after I clean it off? I read a bit this afternoon and worked on my quilting project. I've almost finished the monkey. I think I will have 9 out of 12 done. I think I will take one apart. I don't like the way I did it. I know it won't matter but I'll know it's not right. I did buy quilt batting for it yesterday. Couldn't find the right size and when I got home I noticed the store sold it by the yard. I didn't see it but maybe I didn't look very hard. I did find the prepackaged kind and it will work nicely. I went out and walked around with Chance and we took some pictures. I resized them and loaded them to photobucket and put some here on gardenstew. I made ahi tuna and rice and salad for supper. dr bought a small leg of lamb for tomorrow. It's called semiboneless. So does it have a bone or not. dr says there is a lamb out there with a semi-bone. I had to take a antihistamine tonight due to the mulberry tree pollen and the wind. It was quite windy this afternoon but not windy enough to blow the pollen away. It was forecast rain for tomorrow but now I see it's just going to be cloudy.
I guess it's an early bedtime since I took that antihistamine it's made me sleepy. Chance went to bed early but I think dr is still reading. Tomorrow is Easter. It will be a quiet restful day. No Easter baskets and rabbits here. Dooley

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Dreary day!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 4:23 am

It's been so sunny and pleasant here this week but today was overcast and dreary looking. It was warm, near 80 but no sunshine. After working all day yesterday, I didn't do much today. We need to go shopping tomorrow. I did have a staff meeting at the library. It was postponed until next Friday so I won't be able to go as I'll be in Phoenix on Friday and Saturday. Don't exactly know what we'll be doing. I talked with Andy last night. They'll get to Phoenix late on Tuesday. They'll come up on Wednesday and then on Thursday, they'll spend the day with Wendy's Aunt Mary. Friday night it's pizza at Chucky Cheese's for all the kids. Grownups, too. But mostly for the kids. They should enjoy reunions, too. Saturday is up in the air since my sister just had the hernia repair. A cookout is planned and the weather is supposed to be sunny and 80's. I haven't finished typing the stories I was supposed to have done. I've been doing things outside and working on the quilting project and reading. When I found I was going to be home for a couple of weeks I ordered a lot of books through our county library system. We can order books from any library in the county and they are delivered by courier to our library. I was hoping they would come one or two at a time but there was 12 when I went yesterday. I read the new Maeve Binchy book called Whitethorn Woods. That was quite good. I enjoyed it. Now, I have a mix of romance and thrillers and a couple fantasy. I don't usually read fantasy but wanted to see what this author was like. Not sure I'll order any more of it.
Yesterday, the compost fairy left a pile of compost by our front gate so with buckets, dr and I moved it around all the trees and bushes and flower beds. I was tired and my knee ached so today the only thing I did was dishes and a bit of reading and some work on the quilt project. I'm going to go to work Monday, 6-9 pm. There will be another staff person there to help and the manager said I could leave early if I needed to do it. Actually there will be five other people there but the one has been filling in for me and she will be there all next week because I had planned on being gone some of the days. I will only work on Monday and Thursday.
I found another hosta today so that's two out of ten that have come up so I'm hoping the others will be along soon. I, also, found one gladiola so the other 39 may be just waiting to come up. The birds have been eating the little flowers off as soon as the appear. They don't seem to see that owl sitting in the middle of the area. So far no more asparagus has emerged and I did water it yesterday. I only have a small patch from before so I can't pick it all. Maybe one more time. Otherwise it won't come back next year. I cut the big squash today and took out the seeds. There is a whole cookie tray full. I have to send some to Tom and some for myself and some to send to friends. If you don't remember the big squash from last fall I'll recount the story. I planted about 40 squash seeds last spring and they all came up. But, the birds and bugs apparently don't like squash because they didn't eat them. As I have limited space they were pretty mixed up. There was zucchini, yellow crookneck and one called butterstick which is a straight golden zucchini like squash. All summer varieties. Well, of course they cross pollinated and I had some pretty weird looking squash. They all tasted just fine though. Tom wanted me to let some grow and save the seeds. He thought it would be interesting to see what kind of squash grew from them. So, I let two grow. One I have misplaced. It was in the laundry room but when I cleaned the laundry room it wasn't there. It either got threw out with the trash or put in the shed with other stuff. I hope it's threw out with the trash. I'd hate to find a smelly squash in the shed but maybe it's dried up by now. I guess I should really go and look. Anyway the squash was about two foot long and a mix of golden yellow and a dark green. Tom says we should get some yellow, some green and a mix of both of them. If you would like a few seeds let me know. I can send a few until I run out of them. Time to go now. Dooley

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Roses are planted!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 3:43 am

We did get those three climbing roses planted today. Dan dug the holes when he was here yesterday. This morning I mixed some MiracleGro and fed the spinach and the flowers. Then I dragged the hose around and watered all the plants and flowers and trees and bushes. I sat everywhere and moved the chair when I needed to move the hose. We soaked the roses and dr planted them and I put vitamin B water on them. I had to trim some leaves off of my new Royal Red butterfly bush. The frost nipped some of the leaves. There are new green shoots so I didn't do much. I still have a couple of areas to water but I was getting worn down by the time we finished with the rose bushes. I got dr to move a couple clumps of morning glories to the arbor in the side yard. I walked around and looked for stuff to be coming up. There are purple and white iris coming up down by the lower driveway. That trailer was parked there so I couldn't see them but the neighbor moved it back to his house and there they were. They will open any day now. There is fleabane blooming. Those are wildflowers and you can't tell where they will come up. The hosta isn't coming up yet but I watered it good and it's supposed to be in 80's rest of the week and next week so maybe it will decide to grow. I checked on the new asparagus today and found some new shoots of the ones I just planted. I need to fill in the trench now but decided to wait for more of them to come up.I'll water them tomorrow. The hollyhocks are coming up everywhere. We haven't finished the new flower bed yet but I haven't gotten anything to put in it yet anyway. I saw the lemon balm is growing and the columbine is peeking through the ground. The thyme is getting new leaves and the sage is getting new growth. The parsley is coming up but I haven't seen any oregano yet. The mint is coming up and the chives are about a foot high. I'm debating on whether to keep in in a pot or move it to the garden. If it stays in a pot, it will need a bigger one. I need to put the petunia's down by the bridge. They are in front right now. The bleeding heart bushes I bought at the Dollar Store are growing great and one has three little hearts on it. So, things are beginning to come up and fill in some spaces. There is a lot to be done. Just before I hurt my knee I cleaned out some small flower beds by the back of the side yard. One has Russian Sage in it and it's doing well. Lots of new green growth. The honeysuckle is beginning to climb the fence and the Jasmine is blooming away on the little yard fence. I noticed the grape vines are beginning to leaf out. dr will have to get the trellis reenforced before too much longer. He wants to build another deck for Chance and take the dog house and put it somewhere else. I wonder about that because Chance doesn't use it for sleeping and maybe a cat will move into it and Chance won't like that.
Dan is in the process of moving and said I could have the big flower pots that he had roses planted in. One rose died and one is doing some growing. I think I will move the rose somewhere else and find another use for the big pots. He wants some pots of iris to put beside the patio where he is going. He will still be at Mayer Library but he will be living a few miles away instead of right next to us. He has a girlfriend and needs more space. I like her. She has two children, teenagers. I haven't met them yet.I have four tulips and some grape hyacinths and some daffodils and pansies, too. I almost forgot about them. And the minature snapdragons and allysum that I put in pots. Andy, Wendy and boys will be here next Wednesday. They are arriving in Phoenix Tuesday evening but are going to stay the night down there. I don't know what we will be doing. He says he thinks going to the Grand Canyon will be rather much for a short trip. It's about 3 1/2 hours from our house and another hour up from Phoenix.
I've been working on my quilting project all week and have over half the blocks finished. I need to look for some quilt batting now so I can get them finished. I still need to do some dusting and move some bears somewhere (where?) so there will be room for people to sit. I wonder how I can accomplish that sitting with my feet up. Long handled dust mop I guess. Oh, well they aren't coming to see how clean my house is going to be. I hope not anyway.I guess I've about wound down for tonight. Dooley

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Not much tonight

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2007 5:00 am

I wanted to write a blog tonight but there isn't much to write about. This wasn't a great week, but it could be worse. My sister next younger than I am is in the hospital with a hernia. It's going to get repaired in the afternoon tomorrow. I was going to try to call her, but decided to wait until morning. Wannabe was going to call her tonight. Her kids will probably all be around or calling so I will wait. I talked to Maxine on Friday when I called her and she saw it was hurting. Her daughter took her to emergency last night. Seems they almost never do anything on Sunday.
My knee seems small potatoes compared. I'm home anyway and can get around. It's not painful tonight. I'm still taking the painkiller/anti-inflamatory medicine. I think I will start tapering it down tomorrow. It doesn't pay to get too used to it. I went to the flea market with dr today. He took the lounge chair and it's cushion so I could stretch my leg out. It's not so swollen so I'll live with it.
I took my quilt blocks and have six almost finished now. I finished the tiger and almost have the elephant done. This is on project two. Project one is finished almost. It just needs some tweaking. If I have to stay home from work this week I should probably get most of the rest of it done. dr won't let me do things in the yard. He got on about me being out today without my walking stick. Andy and family is coming on the 10th and I do want to be able to do things with them. I don't know how Maxine will be feeling by the 10th. Wannabe will be staying with her. But, Maxine has four kids and several grandkids old enough to help out, too. It's not a good time but nothing ever happens at a good time. Just when it's supposed to slow you down. I think I'd better to to bed. I still don't have much to say and I'm just typing whatever comes into my mind. It isn't much. Dooley

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